NarutoxDragon age

Five years after the fourth great shinobi war and he leaves the leaf village (not nuke-nin just turns his headband in) Sasuke walks into some ruins and finds an Eluvian mirror and without knowing what it is and does he walks through it. When he comes out into the cross roads he follows an elf through another one and comes out into a forest.

Sasuke must have the eternal mangekyo sharingan

Sasuke can either come out during the first blight and get frozen in time after it inside a time spell in a keep (like that mission in the desert in inquisition) and gets found by scouts or during inquisition

His chakra can be changed into mana or keep it chakra

Not yaoi

Can't be a fucking pansy and afraid to kill people

He can either join the inquisition or be a mercenary

Helps fight the blight

No other Naruto characters allowed in this

Can use his hawk summons

He must have the kusangi

Uses jutsu only when needed to

Doesn't explain his life story to every fucking person he meets he's a fucking ninja/assassin/mercenary they don t tell people their life story only incompetent people do that