The Death of Albus Percival Wulfric Brain Dumbledore via Farts!

Dumbledore was sitting in his office munching on his lemon drops and thinking of his grand scheme that ends with Harry's death. Now most people would think that since he's a light lord and headmaster of a school he shouldn't be planning the death of a light wizard or student. But alas he has gotten power hungry and the only way to sate that hunger is to kill Voldermort and become even more famous. Only to be disrupted by that blasted potter child coming to his office.

Harry Potter had done it he had completed the potion. He spent the last few months working on a potion that would make his farts so deadly that it could kill people. So with that done he drank the potion and headed up to Dumbledore's office to kill him. Now you might be thinking 'Why would Harry want to kill Albus?' well the answer is simple. He knows the truth about his parent's death and the truth about why he was beaten and starved as a child. Albus orchestrated everything so he decided to kill him while also humiliating him.

When he got to the gargoyle guarding the entrance to the headmasters office he said the password Gummy worms and walked up the stair case. When he was called into the room he walked over to Dumbledore where he was sitting in his hideous robes, eating his lemon drops with a god damn twinkle in his eyes. He sat in the chair and looked at Dumbledore watching him like a hawk.

"Harry my boy. What are you doing up here this late at night?" asked Dumbledore in his grandfatherly voice. Damn how much he hated having to use that voice, but it must be done for the greater good.

"Well sir, I wanted to show you something interesting that I found." said Harry while grabbing a wrapped bundle with a book inside that he had Hermione enchant to look like the book of the holders greatest desire.

When Dumbledore un-wrapped the bundle, he nearly let go of his grandfatherly fa├žade in front of Harry. This was a book of necromancy that he had been looking for to revive his dear sweet sister Arianna.

While he was looking at the book harry stood up on the chair and pointed his rear end at Dumbledore's face. He called Dumbledore's name and when he look up Harry farted a long wet fart. Yes, harry farted in Dumbledore's face making him choke and cough before falling to the ground dead.

Harry started laughing the great Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was dead via a fart in his face. Fawkes looked at harry like he was an idiot before he started singing a tune to of sadness about his partners death.

That is how Harry Potter stopped being Dumbledore's pawn and could make his own life decisions. Before he was killed a year later in his seventh year after killing Voldermort. He died because Ron Weasley found out the truth about Dumbledore's death from a drunken Harry Potter.