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Chapter 1: The Forsaken

(Around 800 years ago)

Sunlight bathed a small village that was secluded from the world. Women of various ages gathered around the entrance as they talked unable to resist the excitement in the air.

One girl in particular looked around the crowd grey eyes full of curiosity. The girl appeared to be around 13 years old. She had a flawless pale complexion that contrasted with her midnight black hair that was tied in a ponytail. She wore a black sundress with matching black sandals.

"What's going on mother?" the girl asked looking up at the older woman before her.

The woman was beautiful with black hair that flowed down her back with a blonde streak. She wore a yellow and black sweater with white pants.

In her hands was a small baby girl who was enjoying a nap in her mother's arms.

The woman smiled down at her daughter black eyes full of love as she answered.

"The grand witch has called for a meeting. Apparently there is some big announcement to be made."

"Like what?" Arachne asked tilting her head but her mother only offered her a shrug.

"I'm afraid I can't answer that Arachne. I guess we'll have to wait and see." The mother explained.

"Can we go home yet?" another voice asked from the mother's other side.

"I'm afraid not Medusa. The grand witch rarely calls for a meeting and when she does it's always important." The mother explained causing the young blonde haired girl who looked no older than 7 to make an annoyed sound through her throat.

It was at that moment that the crowd suddenly went silent. Standing before the crowd was a rather short elderly woman. Her graying hair was tied into a bun as she stared at the crowd over her glasses. She wore decorative robes and held a staff that was about as tall as she was.

"My fellow witches!" she called out in a voice that was surprisingly strong for someone her age. "Today I bring wonderful news! Today we have the honor of hosting not one but two sorcerers!"

There was a moment of stunned silence before the crowd burst into excited chatter.

"Sorcerers?! No way!"

"I can't believe it!"

I've never seen a sorcerer before!"

"I thought they were legends."

"My sister is out of the village for vacation. She's going to be so upset when she learns that she missed this!"

Standing by her mother and sisters side Arachne was shocked at the news that the grand witch just announced.

"Did you hear that Shaula? We get the chance to see a sorcerer." The mother whispered to the baby sleeping in her arms.

"An actual sorcerer?" a wide eyed Medusa asked.

"Wow." Arachne muttered to herself.

She had heard about sorcerer of course. What witch hasn't?

Witches were powerful female beings who were able to manipulate magic. However they were affected by the sway of magic which tended to pull a witch to more destructive behavior. It was because of this that they were so feared and hated around the world.

Sorcerers though were all male and were immune to the sway of magic. According to the oldest tomes it was believed that it was sorcerers who had originally gifted the knowledge of magic to witches. Because of this and their power and knowledge that made sorcerers so revered among the witch population.

Arachne and Medusa grew up listening to stories about sorcerers but never would she think that she would get the chance to actually meet one.

It was at that time that three people walked through the village gates causing the gathered witches to gasp. Arachne looked at the new comers studying their appearance.

The first was a woman with long red hair and violet eyes. She wore a simple green dress. However the think that stood out to Arachne was the amount of magic she could sense coming from her. It was obvious that she was a witch and a strong one at that.

Standing by her side was a tall man with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. Eyes that spoke the volumes of knowledge and experience that this man possessed. Arachne wondered if all sorcerers' eyes were like that. She swallowed a bit when she tried to sense the man's power and felt like she was drowning in an ocean.

The final member of the group was a young teen male who was probably her age. He greatly resembled the man who she assumed was his father. He had the same spikey blonde hair and while his blue eyes did not have the same amount of wisdom or strength as the older man it was obvious that he was talented in the magic arts. Turning her sensor ability towards him she saw that his reserves were higher than most witches his age, even herself and she was considered a cut above the rest of her age group.

"Greeting Grand Witch. My family and I would like to thank you for allowing us to stay and rest from our travels." The man said bowing to the elder witch in thinks.

"There is no need for thanks Namikaze-dono. It is an honor for us to house your family." The grand witch said. "May I ask the name of your wife and son?"

"Of course. This is my wife Kushina." He said wrapping an arm around the red head's shoulders. "And this is our son Naruto."

"A pleasure to meet you." The grand witch said bowing her head to them.

"It's nice to meet you too. Thank you for your hospitality." Kushina said with a smile.

"Nice to meet ya! Thanks for letting us stay here. All the traveling was starting to be a pain in the ass." Naruto casually stated as he studied the surrounded thereby missing his mother's annoyed look.

He also missed the fist that sent him sprawling to the ground.

"That it no way to speak to our hosts!" the red head mother scolded as Naruto stood on shaky legs massaging his sore head.

"R-Right…sorry." Naruto winced casting a fearful glance at his mother before turning towards the grand witch. "Thank you for your hospitality ma'am we really appreciate it."

"Think nothing of it. Like I told your father it is an honor. Please follow me and I will show you and your parents where you will be staying." The elderly witch said as she led the Namikaze family away from the crowd of witches who were staring at the two males in fascination.

"Thank you." The older blonde, Minato, said as he and his family followed.

Arachne watched them as they followed the elder witch before Naruto turned around to get one more look around and blue eyes met grey. The two just continued to stare at each other before Naruto smiled and waved. Arachne's eyes widen a bit before she offered a small smile and gave a tentative wave. She watched as the youngest of the three turned around and followed his parents.

"So those were sorcerers. I expected something more…I don't know cooler?" Medusa said with a frown. From all the stories she heard she expected something more impressive but the two males looked like normal people to her.

"Never judge a book by their cover Medusa." Their mother said causing Medusa to cross her arms with a huff.

"You may not have been able to tell but they were strong." Arachne told her sister as the crowd around her began to disperse.

"And how do you know?" Medusa scowled. Even as a young child she had a bit of an attitude problem.

"I was able to sense it. That Kushina woman was obviously a powerful witch and Minato…his magic reserves were so high it seemed like I was drowning." Arachne answered as her younger sister looked skeptical.

"And what of their son. Naruto was his name right?" their mother asked curiously.

"It was very strong for someone his age. His reserves are even higher than mine." She admitted frowning a bit in annoyance. She was considered a prodigy among the witches and she was proud of it so it irked her a bit that this new guy could be stronger then her. But she hasn't seen how he was in battle and strength wasn't the only thing that mattered in battle.

"Impressive." Their mother commented shifted Shaula in her arms as the baby stirred a bit as she awoke from her slumber. Her eyes gained a mischievous glint as she smiled at her oldest daughter. "It seems like he noticed you too. Don't think I didn't see you two wave at each other before he left."

Arachne nodded absently as she thought back to the blonde teen. She remember how bright his eyes were as he smiled at her and her own lips twitched upwards. "Yeah…he's kinda cute when he smiles."

"What was that?" the mother grinned causing Arachne to startle a bit. Apparently she did not know she said that out loud. "Is my daughter crushing on the new boy?"

Arachne's eyes widened and her cheeks turned pink which was more noticeable due to her pale complexion. "W-What?"

"You better work fast dear. Chances are you will have a lot of completion." Her mother teased.

"We can talk about Arachne's boy trouble later. Can we go home now?" Medusa whined not wanting to listen to this.

"B-Boy trouble?" Arachne stuttered the pink on her cheeks getting darker.

"Don't worry dear. You already have an advantage. Out of everyone in the crowd it was you he noticed." Their mother continued.

"It's not like that!" Arachne yelled her face crimson red. Why did her mother have to embarrass her? The fact that her baby sister was laughing in their mother's arms did not help.

It seemed like little Shaula found amusement in Arachne's embarrassment.

Her eyes twitched as she heard her mother's laughter joining Shaula's. Hell even Medusa was snickering a bit. She may not have cared about the sorcerers but she enjoyed seeing Arachne all flustered.

"Oh that's fine just laugh it up!" the black haired girl huffed as she stomped away from her family.

"W-Wait Arachne come back! We were only teasing!" she heard her mother say trying to control her laughter but she would release an amused giggle every now and then.

(Present Day)

Confided in a room of darkness and solitude a blonde man sat on the floor leaning against the wall. He wore a short sleeved black shirt and orange pants that a prisoner would wear. Wrapped around his left ankle was a collar that was attached to a ball and chain. The man had spikey blonde hair but it was impossible to tell what color his eyes were due to the blind fold he was forced to where. Around his wrists were handcuffs with special runes engraved into them that cut him off from his magic. As long as he wore those he couldn't even cast the most basic of spells.

How long had it been since he had seen her?

How long had it been since he had seen anything?

He had lost count after 500 years.

It was part of his punishment. Forced to where the blindfold so he would live the rest of his life in darkness. The damn thing was enchanted so he couldn't remove it. The witches who imprisoned him hope he would lose his mind and go insane after years of living in a world of darkness.

The room was small. Only enough room for him to lay down and a toilet to do his business.

Which wasn't easy considering he was blindfolded.

He stretched his neck a bit flinching a bit at the sound of his bones cracking. It had been centuries since he got to enjoy a good night's sleep on a nice bed.

Damned wardens couldn't even spare him a pillow and blanket let alone a mattress or sleeping bag.

With nothing to do the blonde man sighed before smiling as he lightly hummed a familiar tune. The guards who stood by his door rolled their eyes when they heard him humming. This became something of a ritual. Ever since his first day of imprisonment the blonde man always sang the same lyrics at least once a day.

"The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout." He quietly sang. A few tufts of blonde hair shifted a bit as a small black spider crawled out of its hiding spot but the blonde man was not bothered by it. The spider had been his companion for years. It had been the only thing he had to remind him of her.

And until he she came back he would keep the spider by his side.

"Down came the rain and washed spider out." He continued with a frown. He always hated that line. It reminded him when she was defeated by Death's hand. The spider in his hair crawled out of his hair and began traveling down his body until it reach the floor. It continued its path and headed for the door.

"Out came the sun and dried up all the rain." He continued moving his head a bit as he followed the spider's path. It was almost like he could see it despite his blind fold. Just as the spider reach the small square hole blocked with iron bars he smiled as he sang the last, and his favorite, line.

"And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again." He finished as the spider escaped the room through the window that was meant to give him fresh air.

Just like the spider in the song she would come back and when she did he would be by her side.

Because he was Naruto Namikaze 'The Forsaken' and his place would always be besides 'The Heretic'.

It was only a matter of time

End of Chapter

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Almost all Naruto Soul Eater crossover's I've read have Naruto as a meister so I decided to try something new. Naruto is a sorcerer who was alive during the witch hunting era. How will this change things? Well you'll just have to wait and see.