The Supernova & the Guard

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello everyone! This story I wrote long time ago and thought it would be nice if I shared with everyone here to know what others would think of it , the pairing is VERY unusual , but I have always been a fan of it , so I decided to take my chances and write a story about them . Mature content will be included; you have been warned .Reviews are much appreciated. Enjoy :)

His footsteps echoed throughout the dark corridor as he ran panting. "Sir, the Marines caught a Supernova! They're sending him to us now." Yelled Hannibal at the top of his lungs as he made his way hastily through Magellan's office, only to find the office empty.

"S….Sir?!" wondered the Assistant Warden confused, looking around the room.

A toilet's flush was heard behind him "That damned diarrhea! "Said the angry Magellan as he walked out of the toilet. "Why were you yelling Hannibal?" asked the annoyed warden as he rubbed his belly.

"Oh ummmm…..It is the Marines , sir" started the shorter man "They caught a supernova and they're sending him to the Impel Down now." Continued Hannibal in a formal, yet shaky tone, swallowing the lump that formed in his throat slowly.

Magellan narrowed his eyes at his subordinate "Interesting" whispered Magellan to himself.

"And who did they capture? I hope they caught that pink haired beauty." Continued the horned warden with a lustful look as he thought about Jewelry Bonney.

"Unfortunately sir they didn't." replied Hannibal quietly "I'm afraid the caught a rather more dangerous one." Continued the assistant warden seriously, gaining his superior's attention "They caught Massacre Solider Killer, sir." Spoke Hannibal in an almost frightened tone.

Magellan's eyes widened in shock "WHAT! How is that?" yelled the warden.

"I believe they caught him after a hard battle against the Kid pirates." Answered the assistant warden.

"Anyhow , this isn't our issue now , what matters now is that we welcome him right when he arrives." Said Magellan in an evil voice.

During the next three hours, every soldier, guard, and officer in the prison was running around following orders. Killer was indeed a strong , infamous pirate , so the Impel Down had to be fully prepared and secured before his arrival . An attempt to avoid failures of the past.

The ship from the Headquarters arrived with the Supernova on board. As the ship reached the Impel Down, Killer saw his hosts waiting eagerly for him 'Guess this is going to be fun' thought the masked pirate to himself as he saw Magellan, Hannibal, Sadi-chan and Domino.

"Sir." Magellan saluted the high rank officer who walked off the ship, followed by soldiers holding Killer.

"Is this … him?" asked Magellan, taken aback by the appearance of the strong criminal.

A tall, muscular, blond man with scared arms and an iron mask stood quietly in front of the warden. His eyes weren't shown so it was impossible to know where his gaze was directed. He didn't try to escape, or even launch a surprising attack on the officers, maneuver lots of the captured pirates tried before. He was calm yet dangerous; terror was so intense that it could be smelled in the air surrounding everyone at the prison's gate.

"Yes warden, this is him. Allow me to introduce you the infamous supernova, Killer." Announced the high rank officer proudly. "It is your duty to keep him locked here." Continued the marine officer.

"Yes sir." Replied Magellan. "Domino" said Magellan to the blonde female guard standing behind him. "From now on , I want you to keep an eye on this prisoner." Continued the Impel Down warden as he made his way back to his office.

"But sir…" spoke Domino softly, but was interrupted by Magellan's rough tone; "NO BUTS" Yelled the warden.

"You are a guard in this prison and it is your duty to make sure that prisoners stay here." Continued Magellan strictly.

"Yes … yes sir." Replied Domino, sighing briefly. "Follow me you two." Ordered Domino angrily the two male guards who held Killer, as she led them to the cell where Killer would be staying , she led them to the sixth level of the prison. Killer looked around and smirked a little when he realized where he was going.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Taraaaaa ! end of the first chapter xD hope you enjoyed so far . Reviews , Ideas , Criticism and anything else that crosses your mind will be much appreciated .

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