The morning' sun seemed too bright for her under rested eyes; Domino sighed as she opened her eyes to the bright rays penetrating her window.

A Den den mushi next to her bed echoed throughout the small room , she jumped off her bed to answer the annoying snail.

"Hello" spoke Domino lazily.

"Uh... You still didn't get out of bed?" asked Magellan in an annoyed tone.

"S….Sorry sir "apologized the blonde beauty.

"There is no time for apologizes, get your ass over here immediately , that new prisoner is scaring the shit out of every guard." Yelled Magellan angrily, the thought of scared guards made him lose his temper.

"Yeah! He is intimidating! Who do you think I am not to be intimidated by him "wondered the guard silently inside her head before a sigh escaped her lips

"I am on my way sir." She replied before her boss hung up on her.

After a quick shower, Domino put on her uniform and grabbed a cup of coffee on her way out. Her room was small, consisting of an average sized bed, a bathroom, a closet, and a simple table accompanied with a pair of chairs. Not a luxurious place to stay in, but that what the jail offered to his employees. She was glad she lived close to where she worked.

At the Impel Down , guards were whispering about how frightening the new prisoner was; a strong hulk who slaughtered people whenever his crazy captain ordered. Domino listened quietly to their conversations, she didn't agree with her mates though.

She stood front of Magellan's office door and knocked politely "Sir" she spoke quietly as she entered.

"You finally decided to show up, Domino" spoke Magellan strictly yet calmly. Domino didn't reply and hung her head low instead, an unspoken sign of apology.

"Listen, you have to interrogate the Supernova about where his crew mates are." Spoke Magellan in a serious tone.

"What?! This was never the job of a guard. Sir, the marines handled this kind of things not us." Replied Domino with objection.

"No one can come near him. It is true he didn't try to hurt anyone, but threat always lingered in his words. So I thought maybe it would be wise if a woman spoke to him, you know how filthy can those pirates be." The wrong words left Magellan lips; his attempt to convince her with the mission failed.

"So because I am a woman, it is alright to use me! "Spoke Domino with fury coating her words.

"IT IS AN ORDER!" Yelled Magellan at her "Since when do guards discuss their orders! "he continued with mad words. Domino, once again, didn't reply and bit her lower lip to control her frustration.

"Yes, sir "answered the blonde guard as she saluted her boss, before leaving his office & heading to the prison cell where her prisoner stayed.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: A detail filled chapter , I know :P but I hope I was able to show how frustrated Domino is :D Anyway, hope it was enjoyable enough though. Reviews are much appreciated :)