Chapter 23: Preview

"Ino I don't think this is a good idea" pleaded Hinata

"Oh come on Hinata this will be fun" said Ino with a wide grin

"I'm pretty sure you are violating at least a dozen laws right now Ino-pig" said Sakura

Ino waved absently;

"That's only if we get caught and besides rules are meant to be broken"

"Quoting Anko-sensei is not helping your case" countered Sakura

"Ino-chan maybe we shouldn't do this" said Hinata "I don't think it's nice"

"We are shinobi"

"Shinobi-in-training" interjected Sakura

"That means we must excel in all aspects of espionage and information gathering. This is just another training session."

"This doesn't really cover a training session" said Hinata

Ino sighed; she needed to convince her friends. She had no interest in doing this by herself. Just then she had a thought;

"So what you girls are saying is that you are willing to let me get caught doing this by myself"

"Blackmail is a crime" said Sakura

Ino smirked;

"Not in our line of work"

Hinata sighed;

"There is no point trying to talk you out of this is there?"

"Stubborn blonde" groaned Sakura

"You love me that way and you know it" said Ino cheekily

Rolling her eyes Sakura said;

"Fine so what's the plan?"

"Yes girls what is the plan?"

All three girls stiffened with one thought on their mind.



"Welcome to the Final Round of the Chunin Exams!" exclaimed Anko

Naruto groaned;

"Okay I take partial responsibility for this"

Sasuke twitched in anger;

"Partial? This is completely your fault Dobe"

Sai tapped his chin thoughtfully;

"Well technically the blame for this goes to both of you. I was content to let things flow. You two however decided to give the Hokage a piece of your mind"

Sasuke growled;

"Not the time Sai"

"Funny that's what I said"

Sasuke sighed heavily. He was in no mood for any of this. He really thought he was past this. But yet here he was. The only good side of this is that he will get to see what she is capable of. From his observations she seemed like someone who could handle herself in a fight. And honestly he was dying to see a girl his age fight like a real shinobi.

"Can you stop thinking about your girlfriend?" asked Naruto petulantly

"She is not my girlfriend" hissed Sasuke

"You do know that you didn't deny the first part of his question right?" asked Sai smirking

"What is this?" gritted Sasuke "We have a tournament to focus on"

"So why are you thinking about your girlfriend?" asked Naruto

"Now for our first match!" said Anko

'Finally' thought Sasuke

When the boys heard what Anko said they gaped.

"What did she just say?" asked Naruto in shock

"Sozen Sasuke and Sozen Naruto VS Darui" said Sai gaping

Sasuke saw Darui land with his massive sword. Turning to Naruto he growled;

"I'm going to kill you after this"

"That is if Kakashi's final test doesn't do it for you" remarked Sai


Rei groaned as she came to. Her head felt like lead and her whole body ached. Taking a quick self-inspection she discovered no serious injuries. When she opened her eyes she expected to find herself in Konoha's hospital. She didn't expect to find herself in a dank cell. Jetting up she inspected the room looking for an escape route.

"Don't bother you won't be able to leave"

The voice sent a chill down her spine. She turned face the owner and came face-to-face with a ghost. One look into those pitch black eyes was enough to scare her silly. But she was a kunoichi and she refused to show her fear.

"Homaru-san you are supposed to dead"

"I was but my master revived me" said Homaru with a dead tone

"The Hokage will know I am missing"

Homaru blinked and nodded sagely;

"That's why there is someone taking your place"

Fear gripped Rei with cold hands.

"What?" whispered Rei "What did you say?"

"Is your hearing damaged?" asked Homaru genuinely "I was ordered not to bring you harm"

Rei gulped;

"You kidnapped me and replaced me with someone else"



"My master ordered me to"

'Danzo Shimaru has a copy of her close to the Hokage. Oh crap.'

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