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"I do regret what I did," the Jabberwocky began, "I had no real quarrel with the people of Hightopp. Your Hatter friend may have left this out of his tale, but there were very few there who died. Also, I did not attack them by choice."

Alice frowned, confused, "But you said you didn't work for the Red Queen, and she's the only one who would've wanted-" "Do not interrupt," the Jabberwocky growled blandly, "I'd like to finish this explanation and be done with it, without any interruptions." Alice ducked her head in apology.

"Also," the Jabberwock admitted reluctantly, "you are incorrect. I told you I would never want to work with the arrogant, large-headed hunam. Unfortunately, I had to."

"What! Why would you possibly-" "HHhhhsss!" "...Sorry."

The Jabberwocky growled and continued, "One of our traditions is, that if someone saves your life you are indebted to them and must do as they ask... until they release you from the debt or one of you die."

Alice's eyes grew wide, but she didn't speak. Her response was plainly visible in her disturbed expression: 'The Red Queen savedYOU? How?! Whhyyy?!' The Red Queen didn't seem like the sort to help anyone, and how on earth would the Jabberwocky have ever needed rescuing?

He grimaced. "I was careless once, while fighting one of the weapon's bearers. In a forest, by a small cliff. I'd been," and here he chuckled briefly, "allowing the hunam to chase me for a short while. It was quite entertaining to watch." He smirked, reveling in the memory.

Alice found it hard not to agree. She stifled a grin at the image she got of a tiny little hunam chasing after the amused Jabberwocky with absolutely no chance of catching him. And the Jabberwock himself flying lazily along, untouchable, taunting him from the sky. It really was quite hilarious!

The amusement faded back into more usual seriosness as he continued, "I'd swooped low over a forest, to taunt the hunam, but my claws grazed the treetops and became caught in some I-Vines... Nasty, moving vines that resemble ivy and enjoy tangling up anything that comes near." He wrinkled his snout in irritation, and Alice did the same as she pictured it.

"The bearer eventually caught up as the I-Vines were calming down. They stop moving and eventually retract after a few dubeks if their quarry stays still. But the bearer came around the side, avoiding them, and climbed onto my neck where I couldn't reach him with my flames."

The snake-like tongue flicked out with an angry hiss of disgust, "He was going to attempt to slash open my throat. Beginner's luck, the fool. I'd killed the previous bearer just six days before. In any case, he abruptly fell off and tumbled down the cliff- unconscious, I assume- along with the weapon. Standing where he'd been a moment before, and holding some sort of round metal object, was that large-headed hunam."

The Jabberwock huffed, "Not yet the queen. Still a young girl. I wanted to believe there were good humanoids, and to hold onto whatever was left of my people's sense of honor. The hunam did not ask for much then. If anything, she rarely called for or bothered me, and it was mostly company she wanted. In later years though, she demanded I help overthrow her sister."

"I had nothing to lose and couldn't care less about humanoid politics," the Jabberwocky huffed. "The red one had already gathered a small army, including that vile knave, and," he snarled, "-ordered me to attack the location the white queen was currently at."

His head drooped as he snarled tiredly, "It was wrong. I should have refused. Our people would've never ordered such a thing, and never expected anyone else ever would when they made the law. Either way there was no changing it. The hunam'd get her precious crown, and I'd never again have to battle the Vorpal one."

The frilled head drooped further. "Of all the hunam settlements in Underland, this one I had the least quarrel with. You were correct," he growled grudgingly, "If anything, it was the most... sssimilar to my own race's. I hated what I was doing, and killed as few as possible." {1}

"Not that it did much good. Afterwards I told the hunam this was the last time I would do such a thing," he snarled, "On only one more occasion could it request my help, and after that I would never aid it again. That 'one more occasion' ended up being the battle between you and I." He growled again and looked at Alice, "Does that answer your question?"

She nodded, almost sheepishly, "Mostly. You said you killed the least possible; what about the person wielding the Vorpal sword?"

The Jabberwocky hissed, "I'd have preferred to fight fair, on a battlefield, but had no choice. Besides, anyone bearing that weapon knows that they make themselves my enemy, and consequently, that they forfeit their life."

He glanced at Alice before turning away and snarling, snapping his jaws together. They didn't speak again for the rest of the flight.

After half an hour, Linomil coasted back to report that the place they were heading to, where they'd find the next Jabberwock, was just outside a tiny village. It was on a hilly field of grass, with a few small trees, mostly on an empty plain but near a small forest.

"I could attempt to scare away the hunams first," he offered, adding nervously, "...You are certain the weapon is elsewhere?"

The Jabberwocky nodded, head-frills pricking, "Yes. And I believe you were right: this effect is more complex than I'd thought. Perhaps..." He looked down in thought, then shook his head, "Never mind, you're right; go ahead." He gestured at the small group of houses all bunched together.

Linomil gave a wriggle of excitement and dove, unleashing a loud, long shriek. The older Jabberwock flapped lower to watch. {2}

The blue reptilian swooped past the roof-tops of the little huts, spinning and screeching. People poured from the doorways, some fleeing immediately. Others simply ran outside to look or stuck their heads out the windows.

Linomil twisted nimbly, in and out between the roofs and up and down so that he was almost skimming the grass. Then he soared higher and flew in a spiraling circle, shooting out a continuous blast of lightning.

Alice, along with the older Jabberwocky, watched. She did feel bad for all those fleeing, terrified people... But Linomil wasn't going to hurt them, and it was kind of funny to watch. And the young Jabberwock's antics were impressive, and meant that he was having fun, which he deserved.

More hunams fled the area, though some paused to watch the display. The older Jabberwocky, who was flying lower and lower, gave a mild roar, which hurried the people along. Again, it was kind of fun to watch.

Finally, when most had evacuated to a safe distance across the wide open plain and the rest were following, Linomil cruised down and landed lightly on the grass. He stretched a bit and began pacing excitedly, swishing his tail.

The Jabberwocky flew down as well, coming to a less gentle stop on a small hill and placing Alice on the ground. Almost instantly he lay down, sides heaving as he rested his wings limply on the grass. The younger Jabberwock trotted over quickly, asking what was wrong.

"Nothing," the older one grunted, still panting, "Simply tired. I've not... flown very... often. Recently."

The younger's expression was aggrieved. "How in all the worlds did you GET in this condition?!" he asked disbelievingly, then hurriedly corrected himself, "Aah, my apologies, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude..."

The older creature shook his head, grinning wearily. "Don't worry yourself, youngling... You were entirely correct. I am not young, and," he added with a snort, "was never an aerial performer, as you were."

"I still am," Linomil assured, more confident now, wriggling his wings up and down. Then his frills pricked and he swung his head around to face the evacuated village. Both Jabberwocks growled almost simultaneously: a few hunams were sneaking back and watching them.

The younger Jabberwocky hissed and raised his wings, crouching down and baring his teeth with a snarl. He lunged forward a few feet and the hunams darted away. The blue Jabberwock sent a final grumbling snort at them, and went back to pacing.

Alice stretched her legs a little. It was made a little difficult by her armor, so she took some off and stretched her arms, then cracked her spine a little. Finally, after a few minutes she finally asked, "How long are we going to wait?" She remembered how the Jabberwocky'd waited both times, before reviving Linomil and Savierka.

"Rrrmmm," he mumbled, his head resting in the grass, his ruby eyes closed, "Less than a rillot." "How long is that?" "One and a third hours," Linomil answered, still pacing, looking bored. "Why are we waiting?" Alice asked.

"There are specific windows of opportunity for when the Effect will work for each individual," the older Jabberwock explained, not opening his eyes, "The time between them depends on how much time passed between each one's death. This one was killed roughly two years before Savierka, so there is more time between her revival and his than hers and Linomil's."

Alice shrugged, "Alright. Well..." She trailed off for a moment, "In the meantime, I have some things I need to do." The Jabberwocky raised his head tensely when the human began walking towards the village, but she assured him that she'd be right back.

After a few minutes, she did indeed come back, sighing aloud with relief that the village had indoor plumbing... And toilet paper.

The look on both Jabberwocks' faces was one of the funniest things she'd ever seen.

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{1} It was particularly painful/ hard for him to destroy the town, especially then, because Jabberwockies really enjoy happy music. And one of their favorites would be something like cheerful, medieval-sounding Hightopp music.

{2} He's flapping lower to see better because Jabberwockies don't have the best eyesight, since their eyes are kind of small. It's also why the sense of smell is so important for them.

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