Peter sighed as he put his pencil down and rubbed the back of his head. He then proceeded to rub his temples. He was starting to get a headache and he was starting to hate Math as the pain was refusing to abate. Peter groaned. He then growled. This was becoming ridiculous. The whole notion of him being able to magically cure the sudden headache and make it go away with a halfheartedly done massage was ludicrous and the worst part was that he had to make it disappear. The reason for his urge to be freed from that vicious creature was because he had to study for a stupid Math test and he could not do it with an invisible knife splitting his head into two.

Peter closed his eyes. He then reopened them and looked at the clock. Another small groan escaped his lips. He had been studying for two fucking hours and it seemed that the more problems he solved the more he could not understand which irritated yet bemused him greatly. He knew he was no stupid. He was far from it actually so then why was studying for an annoying yet not unexpected or unusual test proving to be so difficult and strenuous? Honestly Peter did not know. Perhaps exhaustion was finally taking its toll on him. He had not been able to sleep well for a few nights and he had just come back from a mission three hours prior. Maybe fatigue would soon take him into a blissful world where there were not any tests, annoying teachers, demanding bosses, problems, difficult yet meaningless challenges people have to overcome if they want to choose the path that is right for them or


annoying roommates that were also your teammates suddenly walking into the room when you were mentally bitching about the setbacks you were forced to endure.

Peter groaned when Sam walked into the room and started opening wardrobes, drawers and what not in order to find or search for something. Peter did not know and honestly could not care less. All he wanted was to lie down and forget about the world and hopefully catch some well deserved and much needed sleep in the process. Of course, fate had other plans for him.

The crashing and loudness of Sam's moves and steps were becoming more and more annoying. The noise soon proved to be unbearable and after a few minutes Peter's patience was running quite thin. He rubbed his temples furiously as he prayed to every deity he knew and God multiple times to ask him or simply anyone who was listening to make Sam stop and finally notice that he was not alone in the room. Unfortunately, his prayers were fell on deaf ears. Peter sighed. He closed his eyes and tried to relax. It did not work. He snapped.

"Will you fucking stop already?! Just cut it out okay, dude? You're not alone in this room and I would highly appreciate it if you stopped being selfish for one full minute and fucking noticed someone else aside from yourself!" Peter yelled startling Sam.

The latter immediately halted and turned around. His eyes widened as he looked at the boy before him. Sam took off his headphones and was about to make some sarcastic comment because he had been able to hear half of what Peter had said and he was certain the boy had said something Sam being a selfish ass(which he was not, most of the time) when he saw it. Peter's eyes were squeezed shut as he was furiously rubbing his temples. His clothes were slightly scrunched and ragged and his hair was in disarray probably from all the pulling Peter had no doubt been doing for quite some time before Sam had entered. The latter frowned. Normally he would've enjoyed the fact that Peter was finding it hard to deal with a certain task especially if it was in some way connected to school but seeing his leader, roommate and dare he say it friend Sam could not help but empathise with him. After all, if someone knew how troubling prepping for an examination or test could be, it was Sam.

"What's wrong?" Sam bluntly asked as he approached Peter, forgetting about their previous little escapades during the day. Even though they had been walking on thin ice all day with trying to make the other snap, now was not the time to continue a useless dispute. Peter was obviously in some sort of predicament and Sam would be damned if he did not help him. After all, Peter had proven to be quite useful when it came to missions and academics sometimes(most of the time) and Sam just could not help but feel as if he owed him.

Peter was surprised by the sudden change in attitude but could not help but be grateful for it. After all, Sam caring or showing any kind of positive emotion towards Peter was a rarity. Peter tried to ignore the small sting he felt at the bitterness those words were drowning in.

"I'm finding it hard to concentrate." Peter explained vaguely. He decided not to chance it and show any weakness in front of Sam if he could avoid it. For all he knew the other might use this small moment of vulnerability to his advantage in the future. How, however, Peter did not know. The groan that escaped the tight hold of his lips proved otherwise. Peter mentally cursed. His blatant lie was exposed if Sam had actually fallen for it but judging by his next question, he had not.

"Got a headache I presume?" Sam questioned to which Peter nodded. The former sighed as he requested, though it came out more as an order, "Get up."

"What?" Peter enquired somewhat surprised by the bluntness of that statement.

"You heard me. You're in no condition to be doing anything remotely requiring intellectual effort or over thinking and Math is something that most of the time demands both." Sam explained as he motioned for Peter to rise from his chair and go to the bed.

Peter silently did as he was told. He was far too tired to argue with Sam as it was. He might as well save himself the 'intellectual effort'. Peter mentally chuckled as he replayed their small conversation. It seemed these orders were Sam's way of saying – let me help you. Peter just wondered what had altered such a change in the boy's demeanor. Normally they would be bickering about something pointless right about now.

Sam sat right next to Peter. He did not ask for permission. He simply started massaging very softly Peter's scalp. The other yelped in surprise. Apparently he had been given the fright of his life. Sam immediately withdrew his hand as he said:

"Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm simply trying to help you."

"Not that I don't appreciate it or welcome it but why?" Peter asked.

A sigh was heard before an answer came:

"I guess I don't like to see you so… down."

"Down? Why do I appear down to you?" Peter questioned as he suppressed a chuckle.

"You look as though someone kicked your puppy." Sam simply explained before asking with his hand right above Peter's head, "May I?"

Peter swallowed hard but nodded, nonetheless. He ignored the awkwardness at first and simply welcomed the relaxation that soon followed. Sam's fingers did their magic trick and after a few minutes the pain started to lessen. Though it did not abate completely, it was partially soothed and Peter could not help but feel content with the way Sam was carefully touching and running his finger through Peter's hair. His touches were feather like. He was being so gentle and thoughtful as though it were not him but someone else entirely soothing Peter's pain and helping him when no one else had come. Perhaps only Sam could do this or maybe it was just Peter's imagination playing tricks on him. Whatever it was Peter could not help smiling when the pain disappeared almost completely and sleep befell him making all the worries and problems vanish completely for a little while.

Sam sighed as the body before him started losing its perfect sitting position more and more. Soon the boy realized Peter had started falling asleep. Sam ignored the urge to laugh at his leader's antics. Despite the rarity and ludicrousness of the situation, Sam could not help but smile warmly as he continued his massage. He soon felt the weight of Peter grow heavier by the second. Sam's eyes widened slightly, but despite the unexpectedness, he managed to lay Peter down gently on the bed. There he continued the massage easing Peter's headache completely.

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