Warning: Spideynova.

Sam rubbed his eyes furiously as he got up. He yawned and stretched. He then looked at the clock and his eyes widened slightly. It was only 8a.m.?! Who the hell had had the audacity to wake him up at 8 fucking a.m. on a Saturday morning?! Oh someone was going to die and it was certainly going to be the person who had pushed the suspicious piece of furniture successfully knocking over something else in the process.

With great effort Sam managed to rise from the bed. He yawned a dozen times as he got dressed. The boy sighed as he looked in the mirror. His hair was disheveled. His eyes were drooping the more time elapsed and the best part that completed his wondrous appearance were the unusual dark circles adorning the weary flesh under them. Sam frowned. Normally his tiredness would not be that palpable. He hated it when his weaknesses were that evident. He was just hoping his friends would be far too preoccupied with their usual antics to notice something that was plainly obvious. His eyes widened. He was doomed.


Sam yelped when he was jerked out of his musings. Who the hell had been stupid enough to put an abrupt hold to his thoughts?! Oh he or she was going to die unless it was aunt May. She would live but that woman was too proper and careful to do such an idiotic thing or crush so many priceless objects. Most of the pieces of furniture that occupied the house probably were of sentimental value. Therefore she would have done such a monstrous.

Sam exited his room and went down the stairs intent on finding out what had happened. He was soon in the living room but his investigation was cut short and his movements were ceased abruptly when his eyes fell on Peter. Sam frowned. The usually happy go lucky attitude he was used to in the mornings was long gone. Peter was sitting on one of the chairs, his fingers were trembling, his legs were shaking and it seemed that no matter how much he tried he just could stay still. There would always be a sudden jerk or clasp. The word motionless appeared to be foreign to Peter's body.

Sam's eyes widened slightly. He was just about to walk directly to Peter and demand an explanation when the teen started laughing hysterically. It sounded so strange and unusual that it soon started to worry Sam. His concern soon melted away, however, when Peter calmed down and looked at him. His eyes lit up as he rose suddenly from the chair and almost ran over to Sam. He waved at the boy enthusiastically as he said:


Sam cringed at the loud voice and fast speech pattern Peter had just demonstrated as to be a part of his behavior. Sam eyed his friend suspiciously. The boy noted how jumpy Peter was. His suspiciousness only grew when he realised that at least a good fifteen minutes had passed since he had entered the room and Peter had yet to cease smiling goofily at him. With a deep sigh Sam pinched the bridge of his nose and asked:

"What did you do?"

Peter seemed offended at first, but soon he giggled. Sam's head immediately shot up at the unfamiliar sound. Peter had giggled. Peter had giggled. Peter had giggled?! Peter never giggled. Sure Sam had heard Peter chuckle, laugh, grumble, snigger, and even snort. There had even been a few occasions on which Sam had heard Peter cackle. It was neither a pretty sight, nor was it pleasant to the ears, but giggling…..? That was the sound Sam had never witnessed come out of his leader's lips.

With another giggle at Sam's astonished face, Peter simply said:


Sam was taken aback at the speed those were said in. He looked at Peter again with a perplexed expression marring his usually smiling face. Some time past before Sam managed to translate what Peter had said into a language normal people could understand. Once the information of that simple statement had sunk in, Sam's eyes widened. His voice was fraught with fear and astonishment when he whispered:

"You've drunk coffee."

Peter only nodded before he giggled again and said:

"You're funny. Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face?" After he had said that Peter walked to the mirror, checked his brows, his cheeks, his nose, his forehead, and his lips and then took his time while he examined every inch of his teeth carefully. Once he was finished, he turned around and added, "I don't see anything wrong with my face or teeth."

He then jumped and landed right in front of Nova, successfully scaring Sam. The latter yelped and plummeted to the ground because of the sheer force of the landing. He resisted the urge to rub his backside. The boy instead decided to focus his attention on the matter at hand. He closed his eyes, took in much needed gulps of air and then released them. He then opened his eyes once more only to be met with the smiling face of Peter Parker, which was a mere inch away from Sam's own. Sam yelped once more and fell backwards. The victim of Peter's strange movements this time was Sam's back and if either Sam or his back had to be honest, neither of them liked the circumstances one bit. But another part of Sam quite appreciated the closeness. It was elated when Peter chose to continue his pursuit, which appeared to be Sam's face.

Blue eyes scrutinized every last bit of Sam's face. As those eyes of doom traveled up and down their current object of interest and examined each and every detail of it, Sam could not help but take a closer look at Peter's face. He noticed the curious fire burning in those familiar blue orbs. Sam could not help but smile at the quick pace they were jumping from one part of Sam's face to the other. Nova smiled slightly when Peter decided that he needed to get even closer in order to get a better look and ended up brushing his nose against Sam's.

Suddenly Peter jerked up and started running around frantically, while his eyes were searching the room for any sign of danger. Sam managed to fight down the blush that had previously been threatening to invade his face. He then overcame the initial shock and resisted the urge to complain, pout or dare he say it whimper, when he lost the enticing and pleasurable warmth Peter's body had brought him when it had been on top of his own. With a frustrated huff Sam got up and walked directly towards Peter. He was about to grab hold of the fidgeting body, but was forced to withdraw when Peter jerked yet again and nearly sent Sam flying towards the wall. Instead Sam found himself on the floor again.

Peter was moving frantically from one end of the room to the other, trying desperately to take control of his spider sense, but no matter how much he tried, everything was in vain. The stupid alarm would not shut off and currently his head was like the inside of the clock where an old man was residing and kept repeating – danger! Danger! Danger! Spidey there is danger – when there was none.

"Damn it PARKER!" Sam screamed as he clutched the back of his head before he moaned and managed to grumble out after he had let go, "Why'd you have to do that?!"

"Sorry bucket." Peter yelled as he immediately went back to tossing his head from left to right. He then shook it repeatedly, while Sam simply went up into a sitting position and watched dully as his team leader was suffering from the consequences of having too much coffee. Sam resisted the urge to rub his head and growl again as he started counting in his head just how many things were irregular when it came to Peter's current behaviour compared with his typical one. Except for the constant fidgeting and tremendous amounts of energy, what stood out the most was how the web-head's spider sense or danger radar as Sam liked to call it, was reacting to the existence of such a substance in the hero's bloodstream. With a deep sigh Sam pinched the bridge of his nose before he began rubbing his temples. The only thing that was peculiar was the closeness the two had shared.

Sam sighed contentedly once he had finished his massage. He was just about to reopen his eyes and continue his contemplation about Peter's need to examine Sam's face and be rather touchy today, when he heard a lout crash once more. Sam's eyes snapped open, the boy shot up from the position he had been in, while he had been occupying the floor, which had turned into his favourite spot today, and immediately rushed to Peter's side. The boy was clutching the back of his head as he whimpered. Sam's shaky hands went up to the place that was now bleeding slightly. He watched in horror as blood started oozing from the wound and proceeded to coat Peter's hand and his hair.

"What the fuck happened?" Sam whispered as he gently wrapped his fingers around the hand that was busy savaging what was left of Peter's balance. Sam then led them to the couch and carefully helped Peter sit down. He then released the hand he had been holding, when Peter's shot forward and grabbed it, refusing to let go.

"It's okay. I am just going to check how bad the damage is, alright?" Sam questioned carefully. His voice was so soft as though Peter were a small child that was about to run away because he had just been stung.

After some time passed Peter finally managed to calm down. He shakily let go of Sam's hand and allowed the boy to take a closer look at the wound. Peter waited patiently but could help cringing when he heard Sam gasp.

"How bad is it?" Peter managed to whisper, though it came out more shakily than he had intended. He waited patiently once more as his heart started pounding, though this time the reason was not the caffeine, it was the nervousness and worry.

"Not too bad." Sam whispered as he continued looking at it. He cringed when he noticed that a few glass shards were embedded in the skin. He sighed as he said, "Sorry for my reaction. It was uncalled for. It's just…"

"Just what?" Peter asked as he withdrew his head slightly to look Sam in the eyes.

Sam seemed hesitant at first, but then chuckled lightly, thus managing to ease some of the tension in the air. The smile that soon bloomed on his face surprised Peter, but what Sam said next almost completely shocked the teen.

"It's halfway gone." Sam uttered.

"What?!" Peter yelled, making Sam cringe once more. The teen then abruptly rose from the couch and nearly ran to the mirror. He tried to look at the wound, but could not only because it was directly in the center of the back of his head, but it was also still covered in blood.

A pair of hands landed on his shoulders and started massaging them lightly. Peter was hesitant at first, but soon surrendered to the feather like touches that were now running up and down his neck and then back towards the ends of his shoulders. A contented sigh escaped his lips and a peaceful expression settled upon his face. A small smile soon formed as well.

Suddenly the hands were gone and something was pulled from his head. Blood began dropping, but it was not too much. Peter only felt a small tug at the back of his head, but it was not fatal. He was astonished at how small the wound now felt. Peter was surprised when Sam left and went back to the kitchen. He then came back with a piece of cloth that smelled faintly of alcohol. Peter shot him a questioning glance, to which Sam merely rolled his eyes and motioned for Peter to stay still. The latter huffed, but complied. He guessed that Sam needed to clean the blood and disinfect the remainder of the wound, but had probably been too lazy to find something else and had just picked the first bottle of alcohol he had found.

The next few minutes were spent in Sam cleaning up the dried blood and Peter humming quietly to himself. Soon Sam was finished and the cloth was disposed of. He put the rug on the table and was about to get up when Peter turned towards him and asked, "How did you know what to do?"

Sam was slightly baffled by the unexpected question, but after he had retraced his steps, he understood what Peter was referring to. With a deep sigh and a lowered head he answered, "I didn't. I simply took my chances."

Peter's eyes widened before he almost screeched, "You mean to tell me that you risked my life when you pulled that piece of glass out of my head and did not call an ambulance?"

Sam stared blankly at Peter before he answered, "Yup."

The boy then got up and started cleaning up the mess Peter had made. When the latter did not move and continued to stare at Sam, the boy could not help but sigh exasperatedly, stop whatever he was doing and look directly into Peter's eyes when he explained, "I know that your DNA is…..different from that of normal humans. If I had called an ambulance, I might have risked blowing your cover. I know it's a long shot someone finding out that you have a mutated DNA, but still… it was a risk I could not take."

Peter nodded and continued listening to the rest of Sam's explanation tentatively. The latter walked towards the couch and sat on it before going on, "As for the other part of your question…. I noticed that your spidey sense was going overboard. I think it was detecting possible dangers, but not real ones. That's probably the reason why you smashed the glass vase in the first place. It could've fallen on the ground and hurt either me or you, though that is a bit unlikely to happen. But considering what an airhead you can be sometimes, I should not be too surprised by the outcome."

"Less insulting, more talking." Peter said simply as he waited for Sam to continue.

Nova sighed, rolled his eyes before he itinerated, "I remember you getting hurt during one of our missions. Had it been me or Danny or Ava, we would have probably had to lie on a hospital bed for at least three, maybe four days, but you…. You managed to recover in less than a day. I guess your mutated DNA has something that helps you heal faster than normal. And considering your spidey sense was stronger, I figured I would not be too far off if I thought the same would happen to your other abilities."

Peter listened carefully. He sat there, silent, for a while, before he said, "You know I really should not have drunk that much coffee."

Sam stared deadpanned at Peter before he managed to recover and said, "Incredible conclusion Parker. I am surprised your brain was not damaged when it kissed those glass shards. But I should not be too surprised. There's probably not much in there to begin with."

Peter was dumbfounded and could only stare blankly at Sam as the latter went about and picked everything that had been broken and put it in the bin. He then returned all the pieces of furniture that had been rearranged to their original places and/or positions all the while wearing his trademark smug smirk, which was the best way to show how satisfied he was for succeeding in making the chatterbox Peter Parker speechless for more than just a few seconds.

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