Gibbs/Allison Series:

Choosing Between Old & New # 5

By: MchakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 2

It took Gibbs almost two hours to calm down and Tobias spend the whole time in the kitchen watching him pace the backyard. He wanted to go out and comfort his partner but he knew that this was something that he had to work out himself, just like he was still working out his feelings over Emily's non acceptance of Ali. Although Emily understood why Allison acted the way she did she was still uncomfortable around Allison when she was Ali so for now she didn't come over. It hurt that he couldn't have his two girls together but he understood that Emily needed to work this out herself just like Jethro needed to work out Jack's reaction.

Granted he'd hoped that the older man would have been a little more understanding about it but what done was done. Now he needed to support Gibbs with whatever decision he made and be there for him and Ali when the time came. He knew in his heart that Gibbs was going to stay with Ali, he just hoped that sometime in the near future that could include both Jack and Ali but if it didn't they would adjust. He just hoped that Ali's feelings weren't hurt so badly that she withdrew from them both. He knew that she was really sensitive to new people finding out about her Adult Infantilism and was afraid of just Jack's reaction.

It had almost broken his heart once again to watch her leave out the door with a bag and not follow her but he knew that Jethro needed him more right now. He just hoped that she would give them both a chance to pick up the pieces and start again. Jethro had told him about his and Ali's promise that if something happened not to just take off and run, and even if she did he had a feeling that he knew where she would go, the beach house.

While Gibbs was pacing the backyard and Tobias keeping watch Jack took an impromptu tour of the house that Jethro, Tobias and Ali shared. It was a very comfortable three story house with the two men obviously sharing the master bedroom and Ali in the room across the hall. Her room looked just like any other bedroom until you took a closer look at the bed, dresser and closet. Her bed was pushed up against one of the walls and one side of the bed had a drop down bed rail. Her dresser was divided into two sides, Allison or Ali. The top drawer on the Ali side had diapers, wipes and all the other things you would need to change a diaper. The second drawer held socks and her sleep tops, while the third drawer held her sleep pants or shorts she wore when company came over.

The other side was Allison, which held the normal female items that Jack expected, after quickly opening each drawer he moved to her closet to find the same thing. One side was Allison the other Ali. Allison's side held business suits and pants, with coordinating shirts and jackets. On Ali's side it was totally different. She had many sets of matching tee-shirt dresses with capri pants or shorts, and even some sundress in bright and colorful colors all in an adult size. He could tell that who ever had bought her clothes wanted her to look pretty because they were all in the bright colorful shades and fabrics that were favorited by children.

After going through the rest of the house Jack made his way downstairs and stopped to look at the pictures hanging on the mantel above the fireplace. He was surprised to find several pictures of Jethro, Shannon & Kelly, along with a couple of pictures that he assumed were of his partner and his daughter. The rest of the pictures were of Jethro, Tobias and Ali doing different things, playing in the backyard, on a carrousel at a fair, playing in the sand in front of a beach house, and even a couple of Jethro and Ali fishing, and horseback ridding. But the ones that surprised him the most were the formal portraits of Jethro and Allison, Tobias and Allison and then the group picture of the three of them. There was also a matching set of the same pictures of Allison as Ali.

They really looked happy and he begrudgingly admitted made a nice little family. All three complemented each other in their height and features and even the pictures of the woman as Ali he could tell that she still eluded a quiet strength about her that fit with Jethro. She was a woman who had probably seen some hard times but had used her inner strength to get through them, and while Allison as Allison broadcasted that inner strength to the world, Allison as Ali was just the opposite. Cute, playful and just bubbling with happiness. Something had caused her to revert back to her childhood and while he wasn't sure what had happened or was sure he could understand he felt bad about his reaction to her.

Normally he was an opened minded man, given the fact that he had just been confronted with the fact that his only son had a male lover. He couldn't say he was really surprised because he had a feeling early on that Jethro might swing both ways, but since his younger days he thought Jethro had swung towards woman. Now he knew he was wrong, which sort of made all his failed marriages make since. After losing Shannon and Kelly Jethro had tried and failed to find a replacement for his true love, after that it didn't really surprise Jack that he'd turned towards men. He had a feeling Jethro was now looking for someone to be an equal partner to him and not someone that he had to take care off. Someone who was strong enough to put up with all his bull shit but could be loving and tender just the same. In Shannon he had found the perfect combination of strength and tenderness and it looked like he had finally found it again in this man.

What he wasn't sure of was what he got out of his relationship with Allison or Ali. He knew that his daughter Kelly had meant the world to him, and he could tell by his reaction that he had very strong feelings for this woman as well. What he didn't know was if he was just using this woman to relive his daughter's missed childhood or if it was something more. For her sake he hoped that his assumption was wrong and that they both got something out of the relationship, he also hoped that Jethro would explain. He knew that talking wasn't one of the easiest things for Jethro, he tended to bottle things up and try to bury them deep down, but even that had seamed to change he just wasn't sure if it was attributed to his relationship with Tobias or Allison.

Tobias had told him to wait, that he would talk later so now he waited and the longer he waited the more curious he got about this woman named Allison Grayson. Finally he heard the sliding door open and soft voices coming from the kitchen. He turned around to face a calmer but still noticeably upset Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

"You three take quite a nice family portrait Leroy" said Jack as he looked at his son then back at the pictures over the mantel piece.

"You want to talk, let's talk but no more snide remarks about Ali. You may not consider her my daughter but to Tobias and I she is the daughter of our hearts and carries our names" said Gibbs as he sat down on the couch and waited for the next move from the older man.

As Jack looked at his son he could see a the change that had come over him, he was no longer haunted by old hurts and seamed to be happy with the way his life was. He had a feeling that a lot of that had to do with the woman Allison. As he sat down across from his son he noticed Jethro reaching for the other man's hand.

"You've changed son" stated Jack as he looked at both men sitting on the couch hands intertwined.

"It's all because of Ali and Tobias. When I first meet her I was a lonely bitter man, not willing to let very many people into my life. With her, I found that I had a second chance at happiness again, helping her regain her childhood and doing with her all the things I didn't get to do with Kelly"

"But she's not Kelly, Leroy" said Jack softly.

"I know that dad, and I'm not trying to make her take Kelly's place either. With Ali I have another little girl to raise except that she's already gone through all the childhood problems, puberty and teenage years. Allison is a very well established lead agent in the Special Ciphers and Decryption Department. She has multiple masters degrees in several foreign cultural and languages and is fluent at last count at least eighteen languages"

"Then why does she practice that...that Adult Baby thing?" asked Jack.

"That's the complicated part Dad, and I need you to understand that what I'm about to tell you can go no further" answered Gibbs as he looked at Tobias, then at his father.

"Of course Leroy" replied Jack honestly, and he knew what he heard he would never tell a soul.

"Her full name is Allison Desirae Grayson, she is the eldest daughter of a retired four star admiral who is currently an ambassador to several foreign embassies. When Allison was ten years old her father was deployed for 18 months and her mother didn't take it well, pretty much leaving Allison alone to take care of herself. When she found out she was pregnant, she had the baby but left it for Allison to take care of. When her father came home they were happy again but he was soon deployed again and Allison was left with another baby to raise."

"This happened twice more before her father came home early to find her wife drunk in their bedroom and Allison asleep wearing her siblings diaper and drinking from a bottle. Well as you can imagine he wasn't to happy and told her that if she wanted to act like a baby should could have them, then took his wife and abandoned Allison and his three younger siblings. The problem was that the Admiral Douglas Grayson wanted the perfect son so he kept having children only to abandon them to Allison when his wife couldn't cope with them."

"Allison has six younger siblings ranging in the ages of 45 to 35, none of which want anything to do with her because as soon as they could talk the Admiral started bad mouthing Ali to them, telling them that she was the reason their mother left them. Ali uses Adult Infantilism as a coping mechanism to deal with the stress and trouble of her adult life, going back to a time when she felt loved and cared for. As for what I get out of the relationship I get to give the joys of childhood to another little girl who never had a chance to have a childhood of her own." explained Gibbs then watched his father's face as he digested all her had told him.

Different emotions were playing around in Jackson's Gibbs head and heart, something between extreme anger at the father who could do that to a child of his, and pity for the woman who's childhood had been so savagely ripped away from her all in the name of getting the perfect child. He could understand how lonely and overwhelmed Allison must have felt having to raise her siblings at such a young age. He remembered feeling the same way when while he was trying to raise a young Leroy but luckily he had L.J. and his job to help work off his frustration, while Allison had been alone.

"Was there no one she could have asked for help?" asked Jack hesitantly, hating to judge her but wondering

"No, Admiral Grayson was and still is a very proud man and if Ali tried to get help he would threaten to take the kids away. Ali is very family oriented and to have her siblings taken away from her would have killed her, so she took everything on herself and to them became nothing more than a blood related nanny"

"And what about now, do her siblings talk to her at all?"

"Not since her mother's funeral when they tried to take this house away from her. Luckily her mother sold it to Ali several years earlier and had the title changed over to her name. This is the last thing she has that is associated with the Grayson's or Abrahams'. Ali has completely cut all ties with both families and except for at work and on legal documents uses Fornell-Gibbs as her last name" replied Gibbs with a smile as he retook the hand of the man sitting next to him. It left good to know that no matter what happened with Jack that he still had someone beside him.

"Well, you've given me a lot to think about Leroy and I think that might be best done back at home, besides it looks like you have a little one to take care of. I just hope that one day she will forgive me and let me into her life. I've missed hearing the laughter of a little one's voice and while the body may take some getting used to I can tell from the pictures that she is a joy to be around when she's Ali"

"Thank you Jack" said Gibbs softly his voice choking up with emotion, after Jack's initial reaction he had been afraid that he wouldn't accept Ali and that he would have to choose between his old family and his new. What he really wanted was a mixture of both and this was a good start.

"Any time son, now you take care of that little one for us and give me a call when you get things straightened out. I just hope that this old man's reaction hasn't caused to much damage, and when you find her let her know that I'm sorry." said Jack as he struggled to stand then gratefully took Gibbs' hand as he helped pull him to his feet. As he looked at his son and the man standing beside him he smiled, and extended his hand. "You were right Tobias"

"How's that?" asked Tobias as he took the older man's hand.

"When you said it was probably the best thing he'd ever done. Now take care of my boy and that little one of yours. Hopefully I'll be back again soon and we can start over" said Jack as he ambled out the front door and to his truck.

As Tobias and Gibbs watched Jack's truck pull away their thought once again turned to Ali. Was she safe and where had she gone. As Gibbs sagged against Tobias he felt the comforting arms of his lover encircling him and couldn't help but get caught up in all the love he felt for this man. After a few minutes he raised his head and looked at his lover.

"Tobias, we have to find her, did you see the look on her face when she told us goodbye. If she..." started Gibbs but stopped as his voice became heavy with emotion.

"I'm sure she's fine Jethro, If I know Ali she's probably headed towards the beach house to hide out for a little while" said Tobias as he gently started rubbing Gibbs' back.

"But it's getting late and she couldn't have packed a whole lot of clothes in that small bag she was carrying"

"Then let's hope she's only gone to a hotel and will be back soon. Why don't we give her some time to calm down then we'll start looking for her. I'm sure she's probably very upset over what just happened. I know she's been wanting to meet Jack for some time now but I'm sure she didn't mean like this" replied Tobias as he once again let Gibbs to the couch.

For the rest of the evening the two men sat on the couch cuddling in each other's arms wondering just where their "baby girl" and "little one" was.


As Gibbs and Tobias were cuddling on the couch Allison Grayson was checking into a hotel about forty-five minutes away. She didn't bother to try and hide from them because she had a feeling that they were going to at least give her tonight before they started looking for her. After the fiasco that had happened in their living room she knew that each of them needed some time to themselves. Gibbs & Tobias together and her by herself trying to see if she wanted to continue to be Ali, so here she sat in a four star hotel suite with a small over night bag on the verge of tears not knowing what to do. All of a sudden it hit her and as she moved off the bed she rummaged through an old address but that she just happened to grab looking for a name she hadn't thought of in years.

As she dialed the number with trembling fingers she put the phone on speaker then laid down on the bed curling up to wait for an old familiar voice to answer.

"Chandler" came an older woman's voice who sounded slightly distracted.

"Auggie" called Ali in a small trembling voice mumbled around the thumb that had slipped into her mouth.

"Allison...Ali? Oh my God baby girl, what is wrong?" called Augustina Chandler as she instantly picked up the phone and focused her full attention on the small voice coming out of the phone.

"Auggie, I need you. Daddy...Papa..."

"Oh baby girl, are you alright. Where are you?" asked Augustina as she started moving around the room searching for her purse and personal items.

"Uhhhh... I left...I'm at the Hamilton Palace"

"Oh baby girl, what happened. Can you come to my office?" asked Augustina as she sat back down at her desk and then started to search for the Hamilton Palace hotel.

"No Auggie, my tummy and head hurts and I don't know how to get there from here"

"Okay baby girl, here's what were going to do. Why don't you stay there until tomorrow then I'll come and get you and we can go back home and..." started Augustina but was cut off by Ali's scream.

"NO! I can't I told Daddy I wouldn't run away but I had to get away. He was saying such hateful things about me and I just could take the look in his eyes anymore, it reminded me of father when he first found me. I'm sorry Auggie, I shouldn't have called but I just didn't know who else to call and I didn't think I could make it to the beach house tonight"

"It's alright baby girl, I'm glad you called. And I think the beach house is a really good idea but I really think we ought to call Gibbs and Tobias and let them know your alright"

"No Auggie please...I promise I'll be good...I promise..." whimpered Ali

"Okay...Okay baby girl listen too me. Ali...are you listening" asked Augustina as she gripped the phone tightly, she knew that if she pushed to far right now Ali would hang up and withdrawal and she would never find out what happened.

At Ali's slight "Uh..huh"

Augustina continued. "Now here's what were going to do. I want you to stay the night at the hotel then in the morning I want you to tell your daddies where you're going. Did you bring your iPad with you?"

"Yes ma'am" answered Ali softly

"Good girl, then you need to make a voice recording and send it to them tomorrow, after that you need to go home and pack some clothes for your trip to the beach house. Do you think you can drive down or do you need to find cab or private car to take you?"

"I don't know Auggie, it tummy hurts if I sit up for a long time" answered Ali truthfully.

"Okay then I'll find a private car to drive you down. How about I have them meet you at you're house about ten o' clock tomorrow is that okay?"

Yes...Auggie?" asked Ali shyly

"Yes baby girl"

"Auggie can you come down and stay with me?"

"Ohhhh...I wish I could baby girl, but I just can't get away right now"

"Ohhhh...I understand" said Ali softly with a slight hitch in her voice.

"Allison Desirae Fornell-Gibbs you listen to me. I can't get away right now baby girl but here's what I can do. When your daddy fixed up the beach house I assume he put in cable and the internet right?" asked Augustina quickly

"Yes" answered Ali quietly

"Good then I will meet you every day at ten o' clock over the internet. We can have one of those video conferences you like to do so much. How about that?" asked Augustina then waited with baited breath for Ali's answer. If she said no then she would just have to cancel all of her meetings and drive down the Chesapeake Beach. There was no way in hell that she was going to abandon her baby Ali.

"Auggie?" asked Ali after a few minutes hesitation.

"Yes baby girl"

"Are you going to tell Daddy and Papa?"

"I think they have a right to know don't you baby girl, after all it involves them to doesn't it?"

"Yes Auggie, but do you think I can ask them for a few days to think before they come down and get me?"

"As long as you promise me to take care of yourself and I see that you are when we talk. At the first sign that you're getting sick or not taking care of yourself I'm sending them down is that understood little one" said Augustina sternly.

"Yes Ma'am, and Auggie...thank you" said Ali with a little sigh as she relaxed a little. At least she was going to have some time to think.

"You're welcome baby girl. Now I want you to go take a shower and get ready for bed, then after that make your recording and send it to you're daddies. Have you eaten anything tonight?"

"No ma'am" answered Ali shyly.

"Allison..." started Augustina sternly then softened as she heard the slight hitch in Ali's voice. "Then the first thing I want you to do is order your dinner, then do everything else. Do you remember what I want you to do?"

"Uh..huh. Shower, get ready for bed, then make the recording for Daddy and Papa then go to bed."

"Good girl, and remember you need to be back at your house and pack by ten o' clock tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am. Auggie...I love you" said Ali hurriedly then hung up.

As Augustina Chandler looked at the phone in her hand she once again was amazed at the change in her little Ali since she meet Leroy Jethro Gibbs. It was said that little ones take on the traits of their parental figure even if they are not blood related, and that was surely true in Allison. When she was first assigned her case Ali was soft a pliable bending to anyones will just to please, but now she still wanted to please but she would actually speak up and ask for something if she really wanted it. That meant she felt safe enough with Gibbs to actually speak up for herself and that was a big step for Ali.

As she replaced the phone in it's cradle she quickly closed out her search engine and signed into the Psychological Data base to get all the information she could on Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Tobias C. Fornell. Technically she knew that she shouldn't be doing this, since Allison Grayson hadn't been her case in almost twenty or more years but there were just some cases and people that you couldn't let go and Allison or Ali was one of them, so with practiced ease she by passed all the security protocol and got the information she was looking for. After clearing away all traces of her search she went down to the archives to find an old case file of hers that started this whole roller coaster adventure that she'd been on for the last forty of so years.

As promised Ali ordered her a light dinner, then showered and changed into her night clothes. While she was in the shower she thought of what she wanted to say to Gibbs and Tobias and after several tries she finally got the recording that she wanted. After that she called Tim and asked him to help her send the voice recording on a delayed timer to Gibbs and Tobias. When she'd finished sending Tim the file she settled down to try and sleep in an unfamiliar bed. It seamed longer but it actually only took her a few minutes and Ali was drifting into a tired in not fitful sleep.