Gibbs/Allison Series

Choosing Between Old & New # 5

By: MChakotayParis (R. Mason)

Chapter 28

By the time the seasons started to change Ali was back to her normally bubbly self-spending her weekdays as Allison and her nights and weekends as Ali. She still carried her gun during the day but there was never any reason for her to use it again. Since the last time Ali had pulled her gun she'd never had an occasion to use it again.

As the weather turned colder Abby, Ziva and Ali bought or ordered more dresses for Ali with a slight modifications. For the colder weather they added three quarter inch sleeves and lengthened the skirt to wear it came down to the middle of her lower leg. They even had a black long formal dress made for Ali because in December there was a big DOD and Military event that SEC Nav had personally requested they all attend.

In October Jack returned to D. C. to spend time with Ali, Tobias and Jethro and got to experience firsthand Ali's enthusiasm for the holidays. As usual Ali, Tobias and Jethro didn't celebrate Halloween but did end up decorating for the fall season early so Jack got to help. It was during one of their weekend shopping trips for decorations that Jack go it first experience of holiday Ali. They were at their home depot getting fall plants and their normal fall decorations when Ali all of a sudden gave a shriek running to a display of an indoor/outdoor porch swing.

"Oh Daddy look, don't they look so pretty I wish we had a place to put on inside so I could swing when it's cold outside" called Ali as carefully sat down on the swing and gently started it moving.

"It's very pretty sweetheart, but you already have a bench swing on your play set" reminded Tobias

"I know I do Papa and I love it but when it's cold outside I can't use it much as I would like" said Ali

"Well we'll see what we can do about maybe finding a place for you to get one, so are you ready to go get the plants for the front and back yard?" asked Gibbs

"Yes Daddy, may I help pick the flowers out?" asked Ali as she stood up from the swing

"Of course princess" smiled Gibbs as he put his arm around Ali's waist and led her towards the plants.

As they picked out the fall plants and flowers Jack got a germ of an idea that he wanted to share with Jethro and Tobias. As soon as they got home and the plants were all safely planted in the ground Jack told Gibbs and Tobias of his thought while Ali was down for her nap. They were sitting in the living room watching a game of television when Jack brought up the subject.

"Jethro, now that the weather is getting a little cooler, where does Ali go when she wants to play?" asked Jack

"Well mainly she just plays on her mattress in the living room or in her room mostly. If it's not to cold we usually let her go outside with a jacket on why?" asked Gibbs

"Well today at the store when Ali saw that swing, I had an idea, this house has an attic right?"

"Yes, a full length one why?"

"Well I was wondering if maybe we could turn part or the entire attic into a play room for Ali. Somewhere she could play when it's cold outside, and the attic would be perfect because the heat rises and it would stay nice and warm up there for her" suggested Jack.

"You know I've never thought about it Dad, but your right. Ali does really need somewhere to run and play during the winter months and the attic would be perfect. Care to go check it out with us now?" asked Gibbs as he stood and turned off the television.

"Love to son, and maybe we could buy or make a swing for Ali so she could use it while she's indoors" suggested Jack happily as the three men headed towards the stairs.

As the three men came to the small trap door that lead up to the attic they stopped at looked around.

"We'll have to put a permanent staircase here, I don't want Ali climbing a ladder to get upstairs" said Tobias

"Shouldn't be a problem, there's enough room here to put in a small staircase and we could even build a wall or partition so a door could be put in" said Jack as he smiled at the two men.

They both were really getting into the idea of turning the attic into a play room for Ali.

"Sounds good, let's go see what we've got upstairs shall we?" said Gibbs as he pulled down the string and the small folding stairs came down.

Gibbs when up first and found the light then Jack went next with Tobias behind him. As they stood in the attic they all were instantly hit by the size and space, the attic ran the entire length of the house and there was at least a good six to eight feet head space running the entire length of the attic. With the exception of a few things that they'd stored up there themselves the attic was virtually empty and they all could see that it would make a wonderful space for Ali to play.

All they had to do was insulate it, sheetrock the walls and maybe put in a few extra insulated double paned windows and it would be the perfect place for their little girl to run and play during the cold winter months.

"I think its doable Tobias, what do you think?" asked Gibbs as he looked at his partner.

He could tell that Tobias was in visioning Ali playing up her just as much as he was and when he turned to face him he had a big smile on his face.

"Let's do it Jethro, let's make this Ali's Christmas present from us, hell let's include the whole family if they'd like to help" said Tobias with a smile.

"I hope that includes me as well?" asked Jack

"Of course Jack, it was your idea and as often as you can come down your welcome to help" said Tobias with a smile.

He could tell that Jack was a little leery about suggesting major changes for Ali but since he'd seen a present need he'd thought of a solution that they hadn't and they were glad for the suggestion.

"Why don't we ask the rest of the family if they'd like to help then we'll have to tell Ali" said Gibbs as they headed back downstairs.

"I was thinking it would be a surprise for Jethro" said Jack

"Oh the play room it's self with be Dad, but if we're going to do some major changes to the house Ali's going to notice" said Gibbs with a smile.

He could just imagine Ali trying to sneak upstairs and find out what was going on while they were working. The family could do some of the work but a contractor would have to brought in for the major work and they didn't want Ali getting in their way.

"You're right, knowing our little girl she'd try and be right it the thick of it and get herself hurt" said Jack with a smile.

By three-fifteen Ali was awake and after that they spent the rest of the day either watching television or playing with Ali outside. The next weekend the whole family was over and once again while Ali was down for her nap they had a family meeting.

"Guys I wanted to ask if you'd all be willing to go in together for a big Christmas present from all of us" said Gibbs

"Sure boss man, what did you have in mind?" asked Abby as she looked happily at the two men. She loved build with and for Ali and would happily work with everyone to do something for her again.

"Well it was actually Jack's idea, he suggested that we turn the attic into a play room for Ali so she would have somewhere to play during the winter months." said Tobias

"I think that's a wonderful idea Jackson, Ali really needs somewhere to run and play during the winter months and her attic is certainly big enough for it. How do you suggest we do this Jethro?" said Augustina

"Well I think it would be best if we tell Ali that we are going to have some work done on the attic for a surprise. That way she won't try and sneak up their while we or the contractor are working. After that I think we can work with the door closed and if we have some people distract her I think we might be able to pull this off" said Gibbs.

"Count me in for distracting duties Jethro" said Ducky quickly

"I'll help as well Jethro" said Augustina

"I will as well Gibbs" said Ziva

"Great then the rest of us can help with the work and hopefully we can get it done before Christmas" said Gibbs.

After that the rest of Ali's nap time was taken up with the planning of Ali's play room. By the end of October Gibbs and Tobias had found a contractor that would do the needed work to transform the attic into a playroom for Ali. They first spent the last weekend in October as a family weekend moving all of their stored stuff out of the attic and then by the first of November the actual work started.

Ali was actually very good about staying out if the workers way and by the second week of November all the major work was done. Gibbs and Tobias had hired out a contractor to do the electoral, insulation and sheet rocking work plus had them put in several more double paned insulated windows so that the attic was filled with as much natural light as possible. They also had a contractor refinish, stain and seal the floor so Ali could have a safe place to play in just her socks.

After that the family started working on painting the walls, hanging window blinds and curtains on the windows and building a window seat so Ali could curl up and read if she wanted to. Gibbs and Tim searched the internet and found the plans for a bench style swing that they could hang from the ceiling rafters so Ali could have her swing while indoors. The rest of the room was left open so Ali run and play with her balls or Frisbee if she wanted to but they did put a patio table in the corner for when she wanted to be quiet.

With everyone working the attic was finished before Christmas so after a few last minute finishing touches, mostly a run to the toy store to buy Ali some indoor toys for the attic, the attic was locked up until they showed Ali on Christmas Eve. They'd decided to reveal her family present then since everyone was already over that night and then have the smaller individual presents from the rest of the family as usual Christmas Day after morning Mass and breakfast.


Thanksgiving had whizzed by but everyone had been over for their usual Thanksgiving Feast and football game and by the time the December DOD & Military Gala came around Ali was once again getting nervous. All the Directors and Head of Departments were to be there so natural Allison was required to go.

Auggie, Abby and Ziva bought Ali a formal long black dress with matching black velvet cape to wear for the occasion but as it grew closer Ali was getting cold feet. On the night of the Gala Gibbs asked Abby and Ziva to pick Allison up at work to ensure that she would be home in time to get ready. As they brought her into the house Ali all but ran into Tobias' arms who had gotten home early and was waiting for her. They both knew that she would need at least one of them to be home when she got there or she would definitely talk herself out of going by the time they arrived.

So Tobias made arrangements to leave work early to beat Allison home and Gibbs would be home as soon as he could. As he held his little girl in his arms he could tell she was upset, she was shaking slightly and even had a few tears running down her cheeks.

"Ali baby, what's wrong?" asked Tobias gently as he rubbed her back

"I'm scared Papa, I don't think I want to go to the Gala anymore" whispered Ali against his shirt.

"Oh I wish it were that simple sweetheart, but SEC Nav has asked us personally to make sure you were there. But you don't have to worry, your Daddy and I will be with you the whole time, along with Director Vance and SEC Nav. Jethro's even worked it out where Tony, Ziva and Tim will be on security duty so everyone will be there tonight" said Tobias

"What about Grandma and Grandpa Ducky?" asked Ali softly

"Well I think Auggie is coming as a guest of Psychological Services and if I'm not mistaken I think she's bring Ducky as he plus one" said Tobias with a smile.

"Really?" asked Ali as she finally looked up at Tobias from his shirt front. As usual when Ali got upset or scared she buried her face in their shirt front and usually left a wet spot just across their stomach.

"Honest baby girl, the only family that isn't coming is Jimmy and Abby, and Jimmy is spending the night with Breena and Abby is here now to help you" said Tobias

"Oh okay I guess, but Papa?" asked Ali quietly

"Yes baby girl"

"Can we maybe take pictures so Abby and Jimmy can see?"

"I'm sure there will be someone taking pictures little one and I'll make sure and get some copies of all of us okay?" said Tobias with a smile as he pulled Ali back into his arms.

Even though she was still dressed as Allison, and would have to be Allison for the whole night, Ali was still shining through. Not wanting even one of her extended family to miss out on the festivities.

"Now are you ready for your shower so we can turn you into the beautiful Allison Desirae Gibbs-Fornell?" asked Tobias

"Yes Papa" said Ali, then turned to both Abby and Ziva who were standing a few feet away "You both won't go anywhere will you?"

"Of course not Ktantonet, we will wait down here until you are finished with your shower, then come in and help you get dressed okay?" said Ziva as she came over to the woman

"Okay, thank you Ziva, thank you Abby for helping me" said Ali as she and Tobias headed up the stairs.

"You're welcome Ali" called Abby.

Before Ali's shower was done Gibbs came home and saw both women waiting in the living room.

"How's Ali?" asked Gibbs as he came over by them. They'd asked both women to make sure that Allison got home in at least one piece and hadn't freaked out.

"She's upstairs taking her shower with Tobias Gibbs, and as for how she is. Well you know Ali, she's excited, scared and happy all rolled into one" said Ziva

"You mean her normal self for one of these social functions. Damn I really wish we didn't have to make her go but she's done so well out as "big" Ali and SEC Nav asked personally" said Gibbs

"I'm sure she'll be fine Gibbs, just make sure that at least one of you stays with her and Tony, Tim and I will watch her from afar. You don't expect any trouble do you?" asked Ziva

"I'm not expecting any, but you never know when it concerns Ali and this will be the first governmental gala that she's attended since the three of us got together" said Gibbs

"We'll I'm sure she'll be fine, go upstairs and take your shower, Tobias should be through with Ali soon and then the two of you can have some time together" said Ziva as she looked at her boss.

He was just as nervous as Ali if not more because as he said this was Ali's first governmental function since they'd started their father/daughter relationship. Normally all three avoided these type of functions but when the Secretary of the Navy asks personally for you to be there, you had better be there.

"Your right Ziva, and thank you both for picking up Ali and helping her get ready tonight" said Gibbs as he headed towards the stairs

"Not a problem Gibbs" said Ziva as she watched him climb the stairs then go into their master bedroom

A few minutes later, Tobias came out of Ali's room slightly wet and dressed in sweatpants and a tee-shirt.

"Was that Jethro I just heard?" asked Tobias as he came over to stand beside the upstairs banister

"Yes Tobias, Gibbs just went into your room to shower and get dressed. Might I suggest that you do the same, although it looks like you have already taken your shower" said Ziva

"Very funny Ziver, Ali's dried off and diapered and waiting for the two of you" said Tobias as he quickly headed towards their bedroom. If he was lucky he might be able to jump in the shower with Gibbs and have a little fun before the festivities began.

As Abby and Ziva watched Tobias head towards the master bedroom they both smiled then started up the stairs. Those two were really and truly in love with each other and no one who saw them together could think otherwise. Ali was extremely lucky to have found not only one but two men who would accept her just as she was and could give her the stable, loving relationship that she needed.

The one thing that Ali had always lacked in her life was the constant loving relationship of a parent, someone who would love her unconditionally and discipline her when needed. Well she'd found that in Gibbs and then again in Tobias and even though neither man filled the woman's placed in her life Ali really didn't need them too. Abby, Ziva, Auggie, Rachael and even Breena were more than willing to fulfill any female needs that Ali might have so all Gibbs and Tobias had to do was be the loving father's that Ali had never had. And they did that to perfection, for there were no two better men for the job than Tobias C. Fornell and Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

As they entered Ali's room they saw her sitting on her bed still wrapped in her towel. As Ziva neared the bed she spoke softly, knowing that Ali was still very scared by the prospect of going to the Gala.

"Alright Ktantonet? Are you ready to become even more beautiful?" asked Ziva as he took Ali's hand.

Together Abby and Ziva walked Ali to her dresser and got her undergarments and then went into the bathroom to help Ali get dressed. Twenty minutes later Ali emerged out of her bathroom a picture of quintessential elegance. Ali had just had her hair cut and styled the week earlier so that it was still short but cut into a very elegant bobbed style. Her dress was a simple scooped neck black satin dress, with three-quarter length sleeves and a full floor length skirt. They had found a matching black velvet cape with a hood for her coat and a double lined satin shawl to go over her shoulders for the inside. To finish off the look she wore her black high heel shoes, with her open hearts necklace and charm bracelet.

"Oh Allison, you look absolutely beautiful!" exclaimed Abby as she slowly walked towards her.

"Really Abby?" asked Ali in a shy voice

"Yes Ktantonet, you look like a princess" said Ziva

"Thank you guys, I just hope Daddy and Papa like it" said Ali

"Hope we like what baby girl?" asked Gibbs as he and Tobias stepped into the doorway of Ali's room

Both men stood there with their mouths literally opened staring at the beautiful woman who was standing in the middle of their daughter's bedroom. At that moment Ali looked like an angel, although she was dressed all in black. Gibbs was the first to recover and he slowly walked towards her, taking her hands and turning her slowly around.

"Allison Desirae Gibbs-Fornell you look absolutely stunning" said Gibbs

"He's right princess, you look beautiful" said Tobias as he came up behind the pair.

"Really Daddy, Papa. It's not to much?" asked Ali as she looked down at herself. Ever since she'd gotten the dress she'd wanted to try it on but was afraid because it looked so elegant. Now she finally had a reason to wear it and she was wondering if it was too elegant.

"Princess you will be the bell of the ball in that gown. I'll even bet the queen of England would be impressed" said Tobias

"Tobias, don't go scaring her like that" said Gibbs with a laugh in his voice. "Don't worry baby girl, the queen of England isn't going to be at the event but you do look beautiful"

"Well you two aren't anything to sneeze at either you know" said Ali as she looked over her father's with an appraising eye.

Both men wore tailer black tuxedo's with pin-tucked white shirts. Tobias wore a black vest over his shirt while Gibbs only wore the jacket along with a black tie, either way both men looked really good. The three of them would make a quiet a little trio when they entered the event this evening.

"How about some photo's right now guys" suggested Abby as she turned and started downstairs

"Abby there will be someone taking pictures at the gala" reminded Gibbs

"I know Gibbs but what better picture that the descending the stairs pose, it's a classic Gibbs" said Abby

"Alright, but let me get my jacket" said Tobias as he left the room to retrieve his jacket from their bedroom.

When he returned Abby had Gibbs and Ali on the stairs and was waiting to pose him in the perfect position for their decent down the stairs. Once positioned to her liking Abby quickly went downstairs and waited for them at the bottom, her NCIS camera in hand.

"Alright guys, walk down the stairs slowly. Gibbs you need to be a little closer to Ali, Tobias just a little more to your right" called Abby as she started snapping pictures in rapid secession. As they stepped of the last of the stairs Gibbs put a halt to the picture taking by raising his hand and gently taking the camera from Abby

"Enough Abby, it's late and we need to get going"

"Oh your right Gibbs, well have fun and be careful. And remember I want lots of pictures!" called Abby as Gibbs helped Ali on with her cape and handing Ali a small gold clutch purse that Auggie had sent over.

"Oh Daddy, it's lovely thank you" said Ali as he took the purse from him and held it in her hands.

"Auggie sent it over as a gift from her and Ducky, said you would need something to carry your gun in although you will not be carrying it tonight young lady" said Gibbs with a smile

"With all the security for SEC Nav, the Director's, and Head's of Departments I doubt my little gun would do much good so I don't mind not carrying it tonight Daddy" replied Al

"Good girl, now if you're ready we need to be going before we hit a lot of traffic and it makes us late. Ready Tobias?" asked Gibbs as he looked at his partner.

Tobias looked good enough to eat and if the looks he was getting from him were any indication he didn't look that bad either. Tonight was going to be a very interesting night to say the least.

"Ready Jethro, let's get this show on the road" said Tobias as he grabbed the car keys from off the hall table, tossed them to Gibbs then took Ali by the arm and lead her out to his car. It was really the only one that would hold all three of them comfortable and with it being on old FBI car he knew it was safe.

"Don't forget to lock up and turn the alarm on when you leave Abby. I'll see you at the gala Ziva" called Gibbs as he followed Tobias and Ali out to the car.

As usual the drive into town took about forty-five minutes and this time Ali didn't have anything to do until Tobias noticed her getting antsy and reached back and handed Ali her iPad.

"Oh thank you Papa, I wanted to bring it but since I'm suppose to be Allison I didn't think it would be right"

"You only need to be Allison inside the gala sweetheart, in the car you can be Ali if it makes you feel comfortable. Although I wouldn't lay down in that dress until after the Gala" said Tobias teasingly

"Oh Papa don't be silly, I'll ruin my dress" said Ali with a smile

"Yeah Tobias, she'll ruin her dress" said Gibbs with a smile and a mock look of horror on his face

"You be nice Daddy, or I'll cuddle up to you and ruin your tuxedo when we get home" said Ali

"You can have it baby girl, I hate this monkey suit" said Gibbs as he turned back to the traffic

"Well I think you look very handsome in it Daddy, both of you do"

"Thank you sweetheart, but I think this is a one time shot for both of us" said Tobias with a smile. Even though his tuxedo was tailor it still wasn't something he was comfortable wearing all the time and he knew that Gibbs felt the same way.

"Oh, I thought maybe we would wear them again when we took our formal pictures?" said Ali softly

"We'll see baby girl" said Gibbs as he looked at Ali in the rear view mirror.

She really did look lovely in that dress and together with both of them in their tuxedo's it would be a very elegant family picture. Ever since the third or fourth year they'd been together as a family Gibbs had a formal family picture of the two of them, then the three of them when Tobias joined their family right after the holiday's. In the spring they had another family picture taken this time it was one of them with Ali, then Allison.

As they near the hotel where the gala was being held Gibbs looked back and smiled, Ali was so engrossed in watching one of her movies or shows that she hadn't even realized they'd arrived. Well at least that was a good beginning, because if Ali was relaxed then the evening would probably go smoothly, it's was when Ali got all flustered and upset that things got out of control.

With a smile Gibbs called out "Allison, were here sweetheart", then saw Ali quickly stop her iPad and place it back in her bag on the floorboard of the backseat.

As Gibbs pulled up in front of the hotel, three men approached the car each opening a door. With a shy smile Allison took the offered hand and the young man helped her out of the car then walked her to the curb, handing her over to Gibbs and Tobias.

"Thank you" said Ali to the young man as he gave her a smile then left to go to the next car.

"You ready Allison" asked Tobias as both men offered her their arm.

"I'm ready, Jethro Tobias" answered Allison then took their arms and together they walked into the DOD & Military Gala.

The rest of the night was a whirlwind of activity for Allison, Tobias and Gibbs as except for when they escaped onto the dance floor they were never alone. Someone was always coming over to them to say how beautiful Allison looked, or to thank her for either her's or her department's help on solving a case by deciphering a document for them. Even a few times someone came over and asked Allison to dance but she always refused saying that she was brought up to dance with the ones who brought her. So for the whole event she stayed with either Tobias or Gibbs or both. Only twice did she leave their side and that was when Ducky and SEC Nav asked her to dance.

By the end of the gala Allison was glowing with confidence and pride at the many complements that she received. But by ten o' clock Allison was being to get tired and it showed because while she was dancing with Gibbs he laid her head on his shoulder something she usually never did in such a public place. Almost everyone in D. C. knew about the rumors but never had a definitive idea who Allison might be involved with but with that little gesture knew at least one member that Allison Grayson was involved with. Although by the end of the evening most people had figured out both parties, because it was obvious to anyone who looked that Tobias Fornell, Jethro Gibbs and Allison Grayson were involved somehow in a relationship.

So as Tobias, Ducky and Augustina were talking Ziva quietly comes up to Tobias and taps him on the shoulder and whispers something in his ear. At her words Tobias searches the dance floor quickly finding the pair on the edge simple swaying back and forth to the music as Gibbs holds Allison in his arms.

"If you will excuse me, I think I will retrieve our daughter and call it a night. I think it's past someones bedtime" said Tobias with a smile.

"I think you're right my friend, tell our Allison goodnight and that she's never looked more beautiful" said Ducky as he watched Tobias head towards the pair.

After a few brief words in Gibbs ear they were leading Allison towards the coat check and then outside to wait for the valet to bring their car around front. As the car pulled up once again two men opened the front door and back door for Tobias and Allison, as the young man who drove the car up got out and handed the keys to Gibbs he bid each of them a goodnight them smiled as Gibbs got in and drove away.

Ali made it almost to the outskirts of D C before she gave up the ghost and pulled her pillow from the floorboard of the car and laid down in the backseat. Once Tobias say this he smiled and asked.

"Can you find somewhere and pull over Jethro, I need to check Ali before we get home?" asked Tobias as he turned slightly in his seat. He'd seen out of the corner of his eye Ali wavering and wondered how long it was going to be before she gave in and turned back into Ali.

As Gibbs found an empty parking lot, he parked on the edge and turned on the inside light as Tobias crawled into the backseat with Ali. She was wasn't wet so to make her comfortable Tobias just took off her shoes and put her feet on the seat then put a blanket over her giving her her pacifier and stuffed toy to sleep with. He found her iPad and turned on her sleep music then climbed back into the front seat just as Gibbs pulled out of the parking lot.

"You think she enjoyed herself?" asked Tobias as he looked back once again at their daughter.

"Tobias look at her, she's exhausted but still glowing from all the complements that she received tonight. And if that wasn't enough she felt confident enough in herself that she pretty much told the whole of D C that we are a threesome" said Gibbs

He'd known how much courage that took and was very proud of her for doing it, as it turned out most of the high ranking governmental people knew anyway or had a pretty good guess as to who Allison was with. Since they'd redacted "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" most of the governmental officials didn't care what you did with whom as long as it didn't compromise your job or your loyalties. And since all three, especially Allison had proven herself to be loyal and non compromised they really didn't care, and the ones that did worth the time of effort to worry about. Wither Allison Grayson/Gibbs-Fornell knew it or not she and all three of them for that matter had a lot of high ranking governmental friends that would step up to bat for her if need be.

The rest of the drive was quiet and by the time they made it home both men were feeling the effects of the night. As Gibbs pulled into the driveway, Tobias looked back and saw that Ali hadn't move since he'd covered her.

"Do you think we ought to wake her to just carry her inside?" asked Tobias as he unbuckled his seat belt.

"I'll get her, you just make sure you bring in all her stuff. I don't want to hear about how she lost something in the backseat of the care because Papa forgot it" said Gibbs with a smile, then leaned over and stole a quick kiss from Tobias before climbing out of the front seat, then into the back and picking up his daughter to carry her inside.

With a smile Tobias exited the front seat and opened the other rear passenger door, searching for all of Ali's belongs before following the pair into the house. Gibbs had already taken Ali upstairs and had her laying on the bed when he entered her bedroom.

"Help me sit her up so I can unzip her dress then you can undress her and change her while I fix her a bottle" said Gibbs, then together they gently pulled on Ali's hands until she was sitting up.

While Gibbs held her Tobias carefully unzipped her dress then pulled down her bodice and unfastened her bra. Before laying her back down Tobias carefully put on one of Ali's sleep tops then laid her down and gently pulled the dress and slip off of her. After removing Ali's stockings Tobias quickly re diapered her the was pulling the covers up over her as Gibbs returned with her nightly bottle.

Before Gibbs gave Ali her bottle she gently wiped the make up off her face with a baby wipe then handed her the bottle. As Ali took the bottle she turned over and moved into her sleeping position, bottle resting on the pillows with on leg bent and propped on a pillow.

"Good night sweetheart" whispered Gibbs as he gently kissed the side of her head then stood up and moved back as Tobias came to the edge of Ali's bed

Tobias carefully sat down in the recently vacated place where Gibbs had been and gently reached over and stroked his daughter's hair. She'd look beautiful tonight, the elegance of Allison and the innocence of Ali both shinning through tonight. She'd done them proud and he was once again in awe of the woman that he called his daughter.

"Sleep tight baby girl, Papa loves you" whispered Tobias as he leaned over and kissed the side of her head. As he stood he pulled up the baby rail, then both he and Gibbs left Ali's room turning on her sleep music as they left.

In their own room they undressed quietly, down to their boxers then climbed into bed and contemplated the events of the night. It was about ten minutes later that Gibbs felt Tobias' hand on his chest and gently pulled the man closer to him.

"You're not upset that Ali "outed" us are you?" asked Tobias softly as he gently played with the hairs on Gibbs' chest

"No, not really. But it does give our enemies another thing they could use against us" answered Gibbs

"We've always know that Jethro, ever since we both got into this relationship with Ali we've know that if someone had us followed they'd find out about her and could use that against us. At least now with most of the high ranking officials in D C knowing about us we have some strong leverage we can pull should the need arise"

"Your right Tobias, I just don't like putting her in the line of fire like that" said Gibbs softly

"Neither do I Jethro but it's as much a part of her job as it is ours. And remember we can also be used as leverage against her. Although I pity the person who tries it" said Tobias with a small laugh

"You and me both love, so what do you think about pulling out those monkey suit once more for our formal pictures in January?" asked Gibbs as his hand slowly started to wander down Tobias' back

"I'd say, whoo hoo. Bring it on pretty boy" said Tobias as he carefully climbed on top of Gibbs and tried to capture his lips.

"Oh really now" said Gibbs, then that was the last words that either man spoke for the rest of the night as they had their own little celebration of Ali's first formal governmental gala and the outing of their relationship.