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So, you know how sometimes in life you have the displeasure of meeting people who just… give you the creeps?

And it isn't just you being paranoid, or that person necessarily being a serial killer. It's just that sometimes you meet people you feel you needn't meet. Under any circumstances. Ever.

And that's what Mike had felt like when he and Harvey went to see Mr. Garner. Normally, he wouldn't judge so much. Normally, Harvey wouldn't even try to hide his disgust at visiting a potential client, let alone be polite with said human being. Normally, they wouldn't have gotten themselves in such a nightmare.

It turns out this man was a biologist, who had deep interest in cloning and mother cells. His main concern was organ failure and injuries caused mainly by wars. And he wanted their firm to represent him.

Now. Harvey had no interest in any scientific stuff. Too complicated and hardly ever profiting. Unless it was some sort of pharmaceutical thing, of course. But there were special entities for this kind of things, so hiring a firm to represent the one man? Not very clever in his opinion.

But of course, they had to listen to the potential client as a courtesy, and he did agree with that. Most times, anyway.

He would later wish this hadn't been one of those times, though.

"… So that's what I stand for." Mr. Garner finished, leaving both Harvey and Mike shocked. Although Harvey was better, much better, at hiding it.

"Let me get this straight" Harvey said in his 'I'm gonna explain this to you as if you were a two year old' tone "You are telling me that your 'team'" cause it was definitely not a company or the like "which currently consists on you alone, because your guys left you, developed a drug that can turn living human beings to new borns?"

Mike looked at Harvey with wide eyes. One thing was hearing it from the crazy guy sitting in front of them and the other was having Harvey as prove that he hadn't imagined the guys saying all that bullshit. Actually, if he wasn't so freaked out right now, he would laugh his ass off.

"I know it sounds crazy" and nodded with wry smile as if saying 'really? I had no idea' "But as I already told you, cloning won't be applied for a long time and we need this now. By returning the body to its earlier stage, we can fight organ failure and cultivate new organs and mother cells. Of course they would have to be get from clones, but there's always death sentenced specimens"

Okay. Mike really wanted to leave now.

"Harvey…" he pleaded. Harvey nodded almost imperceptibly in recognition before standing up. Good, they were leaving.

"I can't say it's a pleasure" he said sarcastically "because it would be a lie, and I don't even want to shake your hand right now. So let's do something here, alright? Do never contact our firm again, or any human being for that matter, and get some help."

And that was it.

"Holy shit…" Mike breathed as they made their way towards the exit "Shouldn't we do something? That man is crazy"

"Sure, let's just go to the police office and say 'Hey, you know, this guy we just met had been trying to make a drug to turn grown man into babies, would you mind having a look?'. Yeah, I'm sure that would go well"

"But what if he does something? I saw animals on our way here, what tells us he hasn't experimented on humans yet?"

"Mike, relax" Harvey said "He might be crazy but he doesn't have the means to go that far. Now, forget about it and get a cab to Mrs. Morrison's place. She was out next case after talking to that psycho, so we might as well start now"

"What will you do?"

"I'm telling Jessica about our little meeting"

Mike had been pretty shocked after their meeting with that crazy man, but when you have thousands of facts dancing in your head and hundreds of files and cases to work on, if becomes easy to 'forget' about things. It was what would happen to him regarding his cell for example.

So, during the rest of the day (without taking on account when he asked Harvey how it had gone with Jessica), he completely forgot about their unusual morning. He was too busy for that.

So, four hours after getting home late on that Wednesday night, it wouldn't be weird for him to be surprise when, after hearing someone knocking at his door, he found himself looking at no other than Mr. Garner himself.

And it was said utter surprise that made him react one second too late when the doctor charged against him…

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