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Next morning came soon enough. He was up by eight out of habit, leaving the kid to his sleep. Jessica expected them by nine after all. So, he grabbed his computer and started doing some research.

He had been told so from Donna and he had seen enough proof during these two days to know that, while Mike was still Mike, he was inevitably a kid, inside out. He had witnessed the starts of a tantrum after all (which is what would have happened if not for the pain Mike had started to feel). So, being the man that he was, Harvey wasn't about to keep taking care of the kid without knowing everything there was to know about what he would have to expect from a toddler.

And now that he thought about it…

Had it only been to days since Mike had changed? It felt like months! He was utterly exhausted. So much had happened in the last two day, he couldn't be happier that it was Friday; even though they would probably make a trip to the office on Saturday as well.

Half an hour later, he went to wake Mike up. While he was exhausted, Harvey had had an early night so he was better rested that he had been the days before. So now, for the first time, did he really see what Mike looked like now. The last couple of days had been a blur after all, but now they had at least 20 days so they could allow themselves to take it easy (as easy as they could given the situation); so now, as he leaned to shake the kids shoulder, he had to do a double take.

While, yes, he had acknowledged the fact that Mike was short -tiny, really-, he could see now what an understatement that was. Maybe it was that he wasn't used to be around kids -he really should visit his nephews soon- or the fact that he was used to adult Mike, but the kid lying in front of him was insanely little. Seriously, the world tiny fitted him perfectly. And he was way blonder than he was before.

Just as he was thinking about these facts the kid hummed and opened his eyes before looking right at Harvey's. It probably had something to do with the blue pajamas he was wearing, but the lawyer was pretty sure the kid's eyes weren't as blue as they looked now.


"Yeah" he said, shaking his head and handing Mike the same clothes he had wore the day before and nodding towards the bathroom "Go change, we have to leave. I'll give you some cereal" and Mike did just that.

After a few minutes he saw Mike coming into the living room, his short hair messy in all directions with some bangs over his forehead and others still assuming they were against a pillow and a pout in his face as he glanced at his feet.

Harvey couldn't help to snort when he followed the kid's glare. The white sneakers were Velcro ones, a fact that Mike didn't seem to like.

"Mike, you used them yesterday" he smirked, the kid looking at him with pouty indignant face.

"I didn't realize, yesterday!" he sat in the couch as Harvey handed him a cereal bowl "I can tie my shoes!"

"Well, yeah, but have you ever seen kid shoes without Velcro on them?"

The former adult wasn't about to dignify that with an answer. When he finished his breakfast, Harvey decided to show Mike where he would be leaving everything Donna had bought, not only the clothes -which were neatly arranged on Harvey's closet- but everything. Donna had bought underwear, some plain colored (Mike was using some dark blue ones right now) and some with designs, which Mike frowned to, but other than that stayed silent -it was same thing with the sneakers after all. Harvey was grateful he didn't have to repeat himself, and he did his best not mention the fact that Mike might like the Iron Man ones. He didn't need a tantrum or something like that, thank you very much-.

Donna had also bought him a toothbrush (a blue one, go figure) and a lot of other things. So at least Mike now knew where to look for in case he needed any of them, while Harvey thought about the fact that he would probably have to buy a bed or something, instead of Mike sleeping with him during the next couple of weeks.

"What are we doing today?" Mike asked as they stepped into the elevator. Harvey had handed him a blue hoodie as it was starting to get chilly. Harvey didn't answer right away as he read a text from Donna. Apparently, Ray's car was already deemed child proof. It was going to be a fun morning.

"Work. What did you think we'd do?" he snorted as they left the building, Mike waving at the reception man, who was staring at him as if he were a ghost.

"He's my nephew" Harvey greeted before getting out of the building.

"Oh" Mike said, quite happy about it, before sobering and fidgeting with his hands "Nothing. I thought… maybe Garner would come…"

"Mike, I told you, I won't let you stay in the same building as that psycho. I'd tell you if he were coming" and the kid nodded to himself before spotting Ray walking towards them with wide eyes.

"Hey, Ray" Harvey cringed a little.

"I wouldn't have believed it" the man breathed as he glanced at Mike.

"Hi, Ray" the latter said shyly. They all stayed in silence for a second, waiting for the driver's reaction.

"You look adorable!" Ray exclaimed good naturedly. And just like that, all tension was gone as Mike huffed indignantly and Harvey laughed "Don't worry, Mike, I'm just kidding. C'mon, Donna made me put the chair earlier" and Mike glanced painfully at Harvey, earning a pointed look from the older lawyer.

"Okay…" he sighed before being helped into the seat.

They entered the building to the bewildered looks of the reception men and the guards. Some of them had already seen him with Donna the day before, but it was probably a whole other thing to see him enter with Harvey alone. The man, however, seemed oblivious to it all as he continued on towards the elevators. Mike would forever deny that he had to run to keep up with the man.

Once the lift opened, they were greeted by Donna waiting for them, who beamed upon seeing Mike, until realizing he was wearing the exact same clothes from the day before.

"Harvey! I bought him more than one set of clothes for a reason!" she said as she scooped Mike up, the latter giving an indignant yelp, as he was hugged and sniffed by the red head.

"Donna!" he cried.

"Well, at least he's clean" she said, ignoring Mike, quite rudely he might add.

"He's a kid, Donna, no one will care if he's wearing the same clothes" Harvey rolled his eyes as the three of them made their way to man's office, not paying any mind to the men and women staring at them as they did so.

"I can walk!" Mike squirmed, Donna still ignoring him until they reached the office. She set him down them before closing the door behind her. Mike ran to the couch before he could be lifted again, and only after being seated did he realized the serous look Harvey and Donna were sharing.

"What?" he asked.

"Louis" Harvey muttered, as if confirming, yet asking, if what Donna's eyes were telling him was true.

"The only reason he wasn't the one waiting for you is that Jessica's keeping him hostage in her office until I tell her you're here" she smirked, Harvey doing so as well.

"Louis?" Mike moaned "So he knows now?"

"Most people know now, Mike" Donna said, feeling bad for the kid.

"Who cares" Harvey rolled his eyes "Stop whining so we can start working"

Mike pouted a little before going towards the chair at Harvey's desk and opening Mrs. Morrison's file, ready to work.

Donna shared a knowing look with Harvey before leaving them to it, a smile on her face.

Less than half an hour later, Harvey could see Louis walking up to Donna's desk, his usual nervous stance when he was thinking about something particularly nerve wrecking (to his eyes, at least). The assistant gave a sideways glance to Harvey before greeting Louis. The closer couldn't be happier for the fact that Mike had yet to realize Louis arrival.

They had been working for little less than half an hour and it was going good so far. Mike propped over the file in front of him, almost standing on the chair he was in, highlighter on hand, lid between his teeth.

He had decided not to mention how the kid's pulse seemed less than perfect, thought. As long as he could do the job, fine by him.

"Good morning Louis" Donna greeted with a warning tone and pointed look. However, the man wasn't looking to her, instead his eyes were glued to the little kid in Harvey's chair, back towards him.

"Oh my god" he muttered "So it was true"

"Yes, it is true" Donna said "And before yo-" but Louis was already entering the room "Louis!" she followed him to see Harvey looking at him as if waiting for whatever Louis was there to ask so he could quickly send him away.

"Louis" Harvey greeted, bored. Mike, who had turned upon hearing the door opening, was staring at Louis with wide eyes, lid still in his mouth.

"This can't be Mike" Louis said to Harvey after a few seconds of silence, both he and Donna sighing as an answer.

"Okay, Louis" Harvey said with a bored tone "This isn't Mike, in fact, that's not even his name"

"Yeah? Well, who is he, then?" the bigger man demanded, Mike glancing back from Harvey to Louis "You can't bring kids to work!"

"Really? Well, that's too bad. Seeing that he is already here"

"Is this a joke of some kind?" he suddenly asked "You're recording aren't you? You even got Jessica to play along"


"Why would Jessica agree with th-"

"Louis!" Harvey said exasperatedly "Did Jessica not speak with you?"

"Yes she did"

"And do you really think she would joke about something like this?" Silence was all he received "That's what I thought. Now, if you could please leave, we have work to do"

"C'mon, Louis" Donna called.

"No, wait! Mike is still an associate and I'm in charge of all associates! Besides, since when can you take care of a kid!"

"Hey! I'm not a real kid!" Mike cried affronted.

"Mike, shut up" both Donna and Harvey said in unison.

"Now, Louis, Mike works for me. His current condition changes nothing"

"Oh, c'mon, Harvey, you don't even like kids!" he laughed "I'm sure Mike would like it better to be working with me! Isn't that right, Mike? You can have some candy as a reward"

"Louis, do I need to call Jessica?" Harvey said, standing up.

"You do know I'm not a real kid, right?" Mike was asking at the same time.

"Why would anybody be calling Jessica?" a new voice asked.

They all spun around to see Jessica leaning in the door frame.

"Louis" she said "Didn't I have a talk with only a few minutes ago?"

"I-" the man stuttered.

"Go back to work"

"Yes" the man looked down and was gone the second after.

"Everything alright?" she asked once they were left alone, Donna going back to her desk.

"Yes, all good" Harvey sat down again.

"Good" and she was gone as well.

There were a few silent seconds before Mike decided to break the peace.

"Do I get candy?"

Harvey wasn't about to dignify that with an answer.

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