Hello, I'm CrazyCatGirl, and I've thought for a while that the 'Ringing Bell' Universe needs more FanFics. SO, here we go! This takes place slightly after the movie. Enjoy!

A large brownish blur shot through the forest, closely followed by a long, dull reddish streak. Snow drifted slowly through the branches, glowing softly in the nighttime darkness. In front, the brown one slipped and tumbled to the ground, its thin hooves splashing through the slushy snow around a half-frozen stream.

The reddish one, a lean she-wolf with golden eyes darting after the deer, sped up. The deer, well past its youth and tired from the chase, managed to leap to the side just in time to avoid a fatal bite to the upper spine.

The wolf's gleaming fangs still slit a deep gash in the deer's shoulder though. A small spurt of blood spattered the wolf's muzzle and seeped down the weakened deer's flank, staining her fur and a patch of snow dark red.

The deer let out a moan of terror and stumbled away, limping only slightly in her race for life. With a growl, the wolf followed, darting beneath fallen trees that the deer leaped over. The two rounded a bend on the side of the mountain, both slipping a little in the snow.

A strange clatter, like icicles clinking together, sounded from the ground as the deer sprang past. The wolf hesitated for a moment, surprised by the noise and uncertain.

Food+risk or no food+no risk? She had little time to consider what to do, since she was going too quickly to stop... or so she thought.

For the briefest instant, as the she-wolf landed for another leap she noticed that the ground beneath her front left paw felt odd- smooth and cold like ice. But she had lesss than a fraction of a second to consider it, for in that instant there was a loud clank, and something cold and sharp snapped shut around her leg.

The she-wolf yelped as she fell, sharp teeth biting into the limb and yanking it back. She howled in surprise and pain as a fiery throbbing sensation filled her left shoulder. She stood up again and pulled back, but a sharp pain in her injured leg, just above the ankle, made her stop.

Acting impulsively wasn't going to work in this situation, she knew, so she'd have to think it through carefully. She was stuck, in pain, and had no chance of catching up to the deer. She had to get away. The burning ache in her entire left leg made it hard to think straight, though.

Cautiously, she pulled back again, and then held back a whimper at the agony in her shoulder. She couldn't get it to move it at all, and the limb- held between the metal teeth of some crescent-shaped thing- hung limply.

The she-wolf took a slow deep breath and let it out. Her shoulder was dislocated, and before she could figure out this horrible metal trap, she'd have to fix the joint. This was going to hurt, she knew.

She sniffed the ground around the trap, checking for more. When none were found, she slowly stepped around it- not using her left leg- so that she was directly over the trap.

Then, clenching her teeth, she threw herself forward, letting out a pained howl as the movement yanked her limb back again. This time it slid the shoulder joint back into place with a scrape and an equally horrible flash of pain.

'Which one's worse,' she thought to herself with gritted teeth, 'A broken limb or a dislocated one?' Broken was worse, she decided grudgingly, since it took much longer to heal. But a dislocated limb was still plenty painful.

After a couple seconds she stepped back and tried moving her shoulder. It moved with a bit of an ache, but not quite as badly now. Good. Now she could focus on the worse problem.

The gray metal trap was attached to round metal pieces with holes in the center, all interconnected. This string of metal rings was attached to a short but thick stick that was half-buried in the ground. The blunt top of the stick was straight up and thicker on top.

Metal was strong, the wolf understood, stronger and much harder to break than bone or wood. She would have great difficulty gnawing through it, if she could at all.

And, by the faintly lingering stench, she knew humans had put this thing here- which meant they'd be returning eventually to see if it had caught anyone. So she didn't have much time to attempt chewing through the nearly indestructible gray material.

'Metal's too strong,' she decided, 'even the thin parts. For now, go for the wood.' She bent down- difficult to do on only three legs- and bit it. Ugh, it tasted of human! The she-wolf grimaced, but bit it again, harder. She moved her head back and forth, grating her teeth against the wood.

Thin bits of it pricked her lips and gums, causing her to wince. But she kept at it, now shaking her head back and forth as she would to the leg or neck of a deer. The metal around it hurt her jaws, and more splinters pierced her mouth, but she simply closed her eyes and kept going.

Her left front leg still hurt abominably, from the sharpness and weight of the metal trap. She tried resting it on the ground, but the metal teeth only pressed harder into the underside of her leg.

She kept gnawing at the stick, and even heard it creak faintly once or twice, but it did not break. Frustrated, she grabbed at it with her teeth and tried to yank it out of the ground. But she stumbled, falling on top of her bleeding front leg with a yelp. The wood was buried too deep, and with one front leg hurt, she couldn't get enough leverage.

She couldn't bite through it, at least not for some time. But maybe she could dig it out, and find some way to rid herself of the metal later, someplace safe. The wolf reached forward with her injured leg to dig at the stick, but the shifting of the metal teeth in her flesh was so painful she could barely move her toes.

So she lay down and scraped at the ground with her uninjured paw. It was slow work, and after a few minutes she'd made only a small hole. She placed her jaws around the stick and pulled again. It seemed to shift a little, but not nearly enough for her to pull it free.

The she-wolf growled softly. She had much work ahead of her. And since she had no idea when the humans would return- to kill her and take her pelt, no doubt- she'd have to work faster too.

It gets better soon- or at least I think it does. And worry not, everyone's favorite homicidal sheep-goat shows up soon too!