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I'm In Love with a Famous Person chapter 2

"Playboys All Over The Beach."
A.K.A The Only Creepy Guy Here Is Ichiya

Erza was not having fun with this. At. All. She just wants to go back in her lovely bedroom and rest in holiday while she has the chance. But thanks to a certain blue haired guitarist who perfectly ruined her plan, now she's stuck in pretty-playboys-angel-wannabe kneeling and flirting on her.

"Damn. You are really pretty." Flinch.

"That hair is a really pretty hair, I love them." Twitch.

"Here you go, a warm towel." Okay, that's it.

"Will you three drop it already?!" She's partly screaming now and trying to beat all of them to pulp. "It's really annoying to have playboys hitting on me." She spat it out annoyingly, feeling tired for the day.

Poor Trimens, they're heartbroken for the first girl who rejected their invitation. (A/N: Or it's just all playboys are dramatic… Lol, just kidding).

"Maybe she's a lesbian?" Eve whispered loud enough for Erza's sharp ear.

"Well excuse me for being a straight girl who hated playboys!"

GUCK! That hit them twice. For now that is.

Wow, all playboys sure are sensitive.

"You guys really need to drop that." A soft and sweet deep voice makes Erza shivered. She really has a bad feeling about this actually… And why are the Trimens, top Blue Pegasus Model bowed hearing the voice?

"We're so sorry Master; we don't know you think this is the one!"

"She is certainly a beautiful woman who fits."

"And she has perfect curves too."

What are they talking about? Well even Erza, who was being talked about in here, wasn't aware of anything at all.

"It's alright. I just never thought I'll see my honey here so it's partly my fault to tell you guys that you can hit on anyone here." Erza widened her eyes. Did he just say that she was hi- hi- Him…?


The birds quickly flew away from there because of her voice….. Wow…..

"I think I heard a familiar sound... Is it Luigi?" Natsu looked around, searching for the sources of that voice. He always seems like a dog, sharp hearing and smelling.

"I heard there's a fight between Ichiya-sama and a red haired beauty in there!" Jellal twitched. He got a hunch it's a scarlet haired beauty instead of a red haired beauty.

"I heard there's a blonde sweetie who's friends with the redhead, or so I heard. We can check her out, dude. They said her body is no joke." Another guy exclaimed. Okay, Jellal completely sure his hunch was mostly right.

"A blonde and a redhead?" Gray asked to Gajeel who's preparing for the next photo session.

"It seems like that." Gajeel answered nonchalantly, his hair is being combed by a stylist.

"Okay! Since everyone is ready, we're going to start now!" The cameraman shouted from far, earning all Fairy Tail members who quickly run, while Gray looked around.

"….. Where's Jellal?"

"Please stop being shy."

Erza rolled her eyes, "Stop saying that! It's disgusting."

"Don't lie. If you do hate me, you would walk away long ago. My honey is still shy as always, men."

"I would already run as fast as I can if you just stop clinging on my feet!" Erza kicked his face a few times, but he still took a grip tight on her legs.

"You don't have to be so embarrassed. I know you love me."

Erza was seriously going to kill this guy. And Lucy being busy handling the Trimens who kept flirting on her and Levy was not helping at all.

"I told you stop clinging already!" She really wants to go away from that place as far as possible, out of the creep's sight if possible.

Well she thought it was a big help when a flash of blue somehow help her to get him get off from her, but she was mistaken.

"Why are you here?" She asked flatly to the blue haired young man who just helped her. Great, nothing comes good with this guy.

"Not even a thank you? I helped you, you know."

"I didn't ask you to."

Jellal raised an eyebrow in confuse, "Why do you hate me so much?"

"Why do you keep minding my business? And actually, this won't happen at all if a certain guy didn't plan out everything to make me go to this amusement park today." She asked back, earning a sigh from the blue haired.

"Fine, you can say whatever you want."

Jellal was about to walk back to the photo shoot place when a certain blonde dashed towards him and looks so…. Annoyed?

"Sorry to bother you but, can you also do something with that guy over there too?" And what Lucy meant by 'that' is a pink haired guy with a wide grin that seems running towards her. "Yo Luce!"

"It's Lucy!"

"Why are you so mad?" Natsu asked out of confusion. Lucy looked at the big crowd behind him, "I don't know. How about ask the fans behind you instead." That makes Natsu raised an eyebrow.

Obliged to the order, Natsu really shouted to the crowds behind him. "Oi! Why are Lucy so mad at me?!" That idiot will be single forever, seriously.

"Another trick on her selves?"

"She's such a bitch, feeling like the queen to order Natsu-kun around like that."

Lucy is surrounded by dark aura, from the anger on how the fans are all whispering about her. She smacked him in the right head, "You idiot! You don't have to do it for real!"

"Eh? But you just said I should ask my fans on why you're angry!"

"Are you just dumb or idiot?!"

"There's no difference between it!"

"Yes there is!" Lucy groaned and quickly walked away as fast as she can from that place. "Oi Lucy, where are you going?"

Lucy glared at him, "Don't you dare follow me again." She threatened as she walk again, realizing her mood won't change in any minute by now.

Jellal and Erza both are stunned in place. "Is that your friend?" Jellal asked to the scarlet haired beside him.

Erza sighed, "Sadly, she is."

"Remind me why I'm following you?" Erza gritted her teeth, trying to be patient and not smacking all the people who murmuring and staring on her right now. Okay, she had more than enough.

A little pickup from last time, Erza is now searching for Lucy which Jellal seems to know where she is. Seems like Natsu know how to handle the blonde.

"Just ignore them." Jellal said nonchalantly, as if he didn't care of it.

But she did.

"I am so sure I'm not hoping to see my picture on news next to you tomorrow morning, okay?" Erza warned as Jellal seems to let that one comment go. Oh, how she want to smack that handsome- I mean, jerk's face.

As they walked and walked, Erza saw a flash of camera ahead of them. She widened her eyes as she saw other Fairy Tail members are in the middle of photo shoot, "Whoa, wait! You're still in the middle of photo shoot? You should've told me beforehand!" Can't this guy just stop hiding something behind his selves?

"Do you want to find your friend or not? I'm pretty sure Natsu will be here in any minute, dragged by our manager or such." Jellal asked, which makes Erza rolled her eyes in annoy. He knows for sure that she won't go until Lucy came back. He really is irritating!

Erza fought the urge to roll her eyes, "No. I'll just wait here." She answered as she looked around. There's some blonde, but they all are so not with a pink guy. That is until Erza heard a source of voice behind her.

"Erza~" Lucy whined as she ran towards her redhead best friend.

"Luc- HUGH!" Erza struggled to get out from Lucy's tight grip, "I-I can't breathe…." She tried to let go, and Lucy just realized how she barely just killed Erza.

"S-Sorry!" Lucy stuttered as she quickly loose her grip towards the poor redhead.

Erza sighed in relief as Lucy calmed herself down, "So? What's wrong?" She asked and she could see Lucy pointed her finger towards the familiar pink haired guy, which makes Erza sighed. "What's wrong with him? He seems getting along well with you."

"Well…? WELL?!" Lucy raised her voice to high pitch, "A jerk like him is getting along with me?!"

"Hey!" Natsu, who heard the blonde's sentences, complained.

Lucy turned her head to the salmon-guy, "You shut up!" She ordered and she turned her head back to her lovely, scarlet best friend. She told her all the stories about Natsu and her, and how annoying the fans are. And she ignored all the sulking and complains Natsu said to her.

"Well at least you haven't been called two-timing bitch yet." Erza noted flatly, making sure she added the sarcasm as she went to. "And at least Natsu treated you better than I imagined."

"Even so…" Lucy complained, "You don't know how annoying all those stares are! I know my chest is attracting attention, but still…" She sighed, and Erza patted the blonde's back, trying to cheer her up.

Suddenly, there's some flash of camera and Erza covered her eyes using her hands, "What the-!"

"We're here to show you guys the mysterious girlfriend of the famous Fairy Tail Band's guitarist, Jellal Fernandez!" The reporter exclaimed as Erza widened her eyes in surprise. "Is it true that you and the Jellal Fernandez had a thing for each others?" The reporter asked as she gave Erza the microphone she's using

"Had…. A thing?" Erza asked in confusion, still can't understand the situation she's in. Damn, the rumors are spreading too fast! "We're not-"

"Ah, Jellal Fernandez is heading this way. We'll ask him personally then, everyone who are watching, please stay tuned after this commercial to see the splendid answer the real Jellal will gave us! See you soon!" And as that, the reporter left before Erza get the chance to explain. Now she can't clear the misunderstanding! Great. Just great.

She will totally kill him if he says something wrong.

"Is it true you and the girl names Erza Scarlet know each other?" The reporter asked, and Jellal smiled and gave a wave of hand to the camera, something like a pro would do.

"Well, we went into a same school so yes, we know each other."

"Is the rumors between you and the girl is true?"

"What kind of rumor? If it's about we're close, then yes we are."

Erza almost crushed the soda she's grabbing right now, while watching the news. She should've killed him from the start! And what's worse today is Monday! Yes, the staring and gossips about her will be just perfect. She is totally looking forward for today.

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, which confuse her. A visitor in the morning? Well, she never really had a friend that will come uninvited.

As she opened the door, there's a sound of CLICK and flash of camera, which surprise her.

"What in the-"

"Is it true that you had a relationship with Jellal Fernandez from Fairy Tail?"

"Jellal, himself, exclaimed you two knew each other."

"How do you two meet?"

"Mind giving us a bit of info on how you two can be close to each other."

Goodness! She quickly slammed the door of her house and ran towards random way, any way to get out of the reporter.

At these kinds of times, she is grateful she lives alone.

Erza is an orphan.

Her parents died since she was a little. She was raised by her grandpa, Rob, who also died because of age when she is in the first year of High School. She doesn't have any more relatives, so she lived and managed alone these past two years. That's why she took part time job. She could manage by savings from her parents and what her Grandfather left for her, but she couldn't be counting on it forever.

And no, she's not feeling depressed from the situation she's in. She still has many friends and she could manage. She never thought of dying or giving up, lives are precious.

"Are you alright? I saw many reporters around here so my intuition told me there is something about you included here, since it's around your house." A familiar yet not so familiar voice almost made her jumped in surprise. How many things surprised her today? Oh great, she already lost count.

"I'm fine. Now leave me alone."

"Are you mad?"

"Well what do you think?!" She snapped, glaring at the blue haired guy in front of her."I hope you at least feel bad on what do you say on the interview. It's all over the news!" She sighed.

Jellal raised an eyebrow of confusion, "Are you still mad on it? I didn't say we're going out or anything, I just said I knew you. I'm telling the truth."

"Well that causing uproar all over the place." She spat back, and Jellal sighed. "I can't help it. The band is number one in Fiore, it's not my fault."

"Next time, don't mention my name. I get enough death threats on the social media, and it's only from our school. Even I had limits." Well, what she said is true. Imagine whole fans in Fiore hated and threat her! Well, that's… Very unpleasing.

Jellal chuckled, "I get it. Now, can we go to school? We're going to be late."

Erza sighed, now he doesn't get it. Well, she can warn him many times late. "Wait, we're going to school together?"

"And why not?"

"It would makes the rumors seems more realistic."

Jellal rolled his eyes, "Just ignore them; they will get tired of it."

"Well I don't want to. And anyway, I don't want to go with famous person."

"Then how are you going to get through the reporters that chasing after you right now? I have a way, since I'm used to it."

Erza looked at the reporters. Well it's true that she cannot hide here forever and….

She glared at the guitarist, "Just for this time."

Jellal smiled at her, "Of course."

After this they won't recognize each other anymore….

Won't they?

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