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I'm In Love with a Famous Person chapter 3

"That Moment When You're Late For School
A.K.A "Can I punch all the reporters because I'm late for school?"

Erza sighed in frustration, looking around and looked at her watch again. "Please remind me to wake up two hours earlier next time this happened." She narrowed her eyes to see a blue- I mean raven haired guy without any tattoo in his face. "And remind me to strangle you to death or something." Well, that wasn't a very nice threat…

"I could help to remind you the first statement, but not the second one. Sorry." He answered as they walked around. Today, both of them are too late for school. The gates were closed when they arrived, which Erza still annoyed about. Why? Well that's because the bell already rang 20 minutes ago, so there is no way they can get into the school. And it all started because of a little interview.


"So now you two are going out?" The interview asked; which makes Erza confused. How come every answer leads to the same question again and again? She just said they were walking to school together as. A. Friend.

"Um… No? I just said we are friends." Erza answered, looking at the reporter with a confused looks. One thing to add for her "Fairy Tail's Not To Do" book; Stay away from reporters; they all are just as crazy as the fans are. And she surely was not taking pleasure on it.

"You know, lovers don't start from strangers." She teased, which makes Erza had a tint of pink on her cheeks. "Oh, and you are blushing a little bit." Erza swore she has never found any good thing about how easy for her to be red or embarrassed. And this reporter just knows every right thing to say ugh!

"We are not going to be a lover." She explained calmly, looking at her front few steps away with Jellal and many reporters asking him too. Damn it, they were caught before being able to disguise. Now she just needs to find a way to get away.

Suddenly, the bell of a school rang, which surprised both Jellal and Erza; Mostly Erza. She was late and there is no way to get there in time looking at how far the school is. Not only was the school far away from her house, now she has to deal with interviews. And anyway, she's nothing more than ordinary students, how come they came all the way just to ask her some questions? Damn all the Fairy Tail things.

"I-I need to go for school now, I'm already late." She exclaimed, trying to find a reason to get out of the place as soon as possible. She really thought that was a good one, but the reporters just got more crazy with more questions. Saying stuff like it will be the last one and told her to wait. How do all the famous people deal with this seriously!

"Wait please! Just a few more questions and we're done!'

"I'll just ask this straight, do you ever develop a feeling for Jellal?"

"Have you two gone out together?"

"Why are you and Jellal were found to be together going to school?"

And many more questions.

Erza sighed as she shouted as loud as she could, "JELLAL AND I ARE ONLY FRIENDS AND NOTHING MORE! That's all." She bowed as she quickly ran away from the place. Thanks to her athletic physic, she got away. Bless sports.

Thank goodness she could get out from the hell it was. But by the time she came in front of the gate, it was already closed and Erza swore she just need to smack Jellal right in the head and throw a bomb into all the reporters whom chasing her wildly before.

This is the first time in her whole life she will ever get late. And she's going to make this her last one- she hopes.

End of Flashback

How great. Now, she bet it was all over the news and she should bid the last farewell to her ordinary life. God, how to rewind time? She sighed as she aimlessly walked in the streets. Her eyes were brightening up with the bakery shop in her left. It was her favorite bakery and since students were all on school, and adults are working at this hour, she had just the perfect time to get in there!

"Is that bakery that good?" Erza narrowed her eyes towards the blue haired guy next to her. That's right, she was with him. "Want to check that place? I don't really know many places here anyway." He suggested and Erza decided to go easy on him. She was planning to ditch him, but since there are no reporters or fans staring, it was nearly empty. Maybe just some housewives going to buy groceries or a mother with a baby is there, so she took the opportunity.

"Sure. You never go there?" She asked and Jellal shook his head, "This is the best bakery in the town. It sells the best strawberry cheesecake out there." She explained and Jellal smirked at her, causing her to catch off guard. "W-What?" She stuttered, gave determining eyes to fight of anything he had in plans.

"Let me guess, you love strawberry cheesecake, don't you?" He started, which makes Erza looked at him in disbelief, how did he knows? "Simple. Because you keeps talking about it with your friends and so are now." He explained which makes Erza even more confused. He can read her mind? How? He chuckled, "You tend to say out loud what you're thinking you know."

Erza quickly shut her mouth in embarrassment, didn't even realize she opened it at first and mumbled things she thought. She give a little glare to the man, "Well, I know it's too girly for me and stuff, sorry about that." She mumbled as she walked towards the shop and Jellal gave a little laugh.

"I don't hate it. I think it's kind of cute of you." He smiled, which makes Erza even more flustered. She really hates how easy she is to get red.

She walked away, "Don't you want to get in?" She asked as she pointed to the bakery shop and Jellal nodded in approval. Jellal swore he could hear a little squeal of delight from the redhead as she got in. He chuckled, that girl is just full of surprise.

"Welcome!" A white haired girl welcomed the couple, and Jellal looked at her with confusion look. "Please take your seat over here." She said as she welcomed the two. Erza just obediently follow her and Jellal just silently walk towards the seat.

As they wanted to order something, Jellal just keeps narrowing his eyes towards the white haired girl, making Erza looked at him in curious. "What is wrong with her?" She asked and Jellal looked at her in surprised looks.

"You don't know her?"

"Um… The waitress of this bakery shop?" She asked and Jellal sighed. Oh right, she's not into entertainment, she's more the reading type. "What's with her? You like her or something?" She asked and Jellal blinked a few times, and then chuckled, which makes Erza even more confused. "W-What is it?"

"Nothing." Jellal gave a little laugh, "It's just… You're jealous?" He asked and Erza blushed. Bingo. "So you are jealous." Jellal smiled with full of knowledge, which makes Erza even more embarrassed.

"N-No!" Erza half-shouted in embarrassment. "It's just that… Since you keep staring her at all, I thought you might take interest with her." Erza mumbled the last part. "I mean! I can call her here if you want to!" She explained quickly, as she didn't want the misunderstanding to keep going.

Jellal shook his head lightly, "That girl seems not recognize me because of my disguise but she's Lissana Strauss." Jellal explained, and Era looked at him with confusion. "L-Linda Struck?" Erza tried. She is not good with name.

"Lissana Strauss." Jellal corrected, amused at her behavior. "She's a newbie model in our agency, and she's Natsu's ex from middle school. Her sister is a famous model in France, Mirajane Strauss." Erza widened her eyes. Wait, what?

"So basically, she's also famous?" Erza asked and Jellal took a moment to explain it right.

"Well… You could say her name is well-known but her face is still a new one in star world." He explained. "What I'm surprised about is how she's working part time job here." He smirked, "So don't be jealous at her." He teased and Erza just hit him playfully.

"I'm not!"


"So you have that tattoo when you were in middle school?" Erza started before she took a bite of her strawberry cheesecake, eating it delightfully. She gulped the slice, "You told me before she doesn't recognize you because you hid your tattoo and disguise." She said as she cut another slice of the cake.

Jellal smiled, "It's not actually a tattoo, it's a birthmark I had since I was born." He corrected, "So of course I had it in middle school." He explained and then took another sip of his black coffee. "By the way, your scarlet hair is a natural, right?" He asked and Erza blinked at his question.

"Of course, our school has a strict rule of no dying hair. You haven't heard of it?" She asked, "But well… I almost got trouble before because they thought I dyed my hair." She explained as she remembered the moment she was called to a principal office. It was the first time she was called and she was totally confused as she never broke any rules. Ah, the memories.

Jellal chuckled in understanding, "I wouldn't believe it at first time too to be honest." He smiled, "You have a beautiful color of scarlet."

Erza looked at him questioningly, "How could he know it's scarlet instead of red?"

But well, she didn't let it out.


"Mind telling me how good you are at playing in the arcade?" Erza sighed as she was holding three teddy bears with her hands. "You don't really have to give me this many, you know. I was only staring at the white one. And anyway, I really think you don't have to give me any at all." She frowned.

"Don't worry. I'm doing it because I want to." Jellal explained.

Erza gave him a little glare, "I'm only saying this for a warning. But I'm not into cheesy line like Lucy does. And I hate being in debt with people so you better tell me something to repay this." Erza warned and Jellal chuckled.

He knew it.

"Well, I do have one thing in mind." Erza raised an eyebrow.

Something inside of her is telling her she just dug her own grave.


Erza locked the door as Jellal looked around the place. Erza looked at him with a cheek rivaled her hair, "What?" She asked.

Jellal chuckled, "Nothing. I thought you paint your wall pink. Since you live alone and stuff."

Erza rolled her eyes, "You must be talking about Lucy's room then." She sighed.

Lucy sneezed for the second time today. Really, today is very weird. Not only Erza didn't come to school, she's sneezing and seems like having a bad feeling. Maybe she's going to catch a cold soon? But she just felt like it's something irritating, who is talking bad behind her? She rubbed her nose as she cursed the person that's talking about her. "You caught a cold, Lucy? You're weird." Natsu laughed and Lucy glared.

"I am not weird!"

"But you've been sneezing a lot today, you look ugly when you sneeze." Natsu laughed and Lucy glared to make his mouth shut.

Lucy swore she's so hating Natsu right now. Why of all people, she had to stuck with Natsu?

"Your place is really comfy." Jellal complimented as he sat on the couch. The wall was a simple strip of white and orange. The kitchen and living room were close, and the place was really comfortable and clean. Even though Erza lives alone, she's really tidy and clean up the place.

Erza gave him a plate full of fresh baked cookies and a glass full of milk, "I don't have many treats since it's a sudden visit, sorry." She explained as she sat in front of him, drinking her own glass of milk as she could feel his stare. "W-What is it?"

Jellal looked away, "Nothing." Erza raised an eyebrow in confusion. As she was about to ask what is wrong, the doorbell rang wildly, making her and Jellal confused. Ringing it once is enough, isn't it? Is the person in hurry? Erza quickly shifted away from her seat and ran towards the door.

She prayed as she hoped it's not some crazy reporters.

But she forgot to pray so it's not something worse than some crazy reporters.

As she opened the door, there were a panic look from a pink haired guy with a white scarf that rang the doorbell like crazy, and the raven haired guy that shouted for him to stop and wait for her to come. "Um… Did I open the door in a wrong time?" She asked hesitantly.

"Erza, have you seen Jellal? We have a photo shoot after this and I couldn't find him anywhere!" Natsu whined, "Gildarts is going to kill me." He shivered at the thought, sighing in the tiredness before even the 'Gildarts' he keeps talking about came and snapped at him.

"And I heard you're absent today." Gray said, "What a coincidence, Jellal is also absent today." He explained as he laughed at the fact.

"I know." She answered; which makes both of him stopped the laughs and gave her a questioning eyebrow, "He's with me the entire time."

"HE'S BEEN WHAT?!" Natsu gawked in surprise, "You two were in your house the whole day?!"

"Not really." Erza explained and paused, this will be a long story and if she kept standing in the door, there might be a reporter that saw her and ask about Jellal again. "Anyway, I'll explain everything so you two should come in first." Erza said as she opened the door wider for them. The two of them gave each other a glance before nodded and agreed to come in.

"Anyway," Erza started as she closed the door, "he's in here, in my house." Before Gray even could utter a word along with Natsu, she quickly cut them. "Some crazy reporters came to my house in the morning and keep halting my way to school. I hid, met with Jellal, and we both disguised ourselves but some reporters spotted us so the gate has been closed when we arrived." She explained; still feel irritated at the memory. She totally hates reporters now.

"I see… Well, that explains about you both." Gray answered as Natsu started sniffing around the house. Wait, why would he? "This house is reeks of Jellal's scent! I felt it everywhere!"

"Scent? Reeks?" Erza asked as she felt offended by Natsu's comment. "Not to brag or anything, but I cleaned all the house parts everyday and I'm pretty sure it doesn't reek anywhere." She explained politely as she gave a little glare, making Natsu step off a little bit.

"Don't worry Erza; what he meant is it reeks of Jellal. He got a sharper nose than dog." Gray explained as he pointed at the pink haired guy that still tried to track Jellal.

"Hey Erza, what room is inside this door?" Natsu asked as he pointed on one door, "I think Jellal is in there."

"Yes he is," Erza explained, "It's my room." She was a little amazed by the sense of smell the guy had. Must be hard when something stinks were smelled by his nose, she wouldn't even want to imagine it a little bit.

Natsu quickly opened the door, "Pardon the intrusion!" He shouted as he grinned, looking at the blue haired guy that was surprised by the sudden reveal of his pink haired friend. "Finally Jellal, I found you!" Natsu sighed in relief. He's saved now.

"Yo, Jellal." Gray waved his hand to his blue haired friend, as he gave a little smile.

"What are you guys doing here?" He asked confusedly, "I wouldn't say you would suspect me with Erza, since you're both idiots."


"Loke was the one that tell us to go and ask Erza about you." Gray explained as Jellal sighed, forgot about Loke. "Thought so."

Gray walked to him, "I wouldn't believe you forgot we had a photo shoot right after school, right?" Gray said nonchalantly, as he already knows the answer his blue haired friend would give. "Of course not." Thought so.

"Well then, let's go." Gray said as he walked away from the room, "Sorry to barge just like that, Erza." He apologized as he walked away.

Erza blinked, as she tried to understand everything, since she was being left behind a lot, "Well, I don't mind." She answered as Natsu followed the raven guy carelessly. As she was expecting Jellal to do the same and walked away, she felt her arms being pulled and her body was pushed to a warm, built, body. She turned around to see a flash of blue hair.

"She's coming too." He said as she frowned at the statement.

"Huh? Sure."

"We have some space in the bus too, one more person won't hurt."

"Don't I have a say about this?" Erza hissed as she glared at the man. "I'm not going."

Jellal smiled, "You don't have any choice."

"What is this have to do with me anyway?! Just go and take a photo shoot with your band and leave me here alone! Lucy might visit me anytime now."

"Huh? Luigi is?! Then, let's wait for her and let's go with her too!" Natsu said excitedly as Erza just raised an eyebrow to him. Why is he so attached to Lucy?

Jellal smiled at the statement, "Sure. That way, Erza would also have a close friend."

"I'm not going!" Erza glared at the guy as she let go of his grip. "I'm so not going!" She wouldn't want to risk anymore rumor happened to her. She wants to stay average as before!

"Not even if there were an all-you-can-eat-cake shop in there?" Jellal asked and Erza froze on the spot, turned around to the guy.

"… There's really a place like that in your photo shoot place?" Erza asked hesitantly, as she still doubted the guy. But she somehow thinks Jellal isn't the type to lie.

"It's a town away and it's new so I'm pretty sure you haven't gone to the place yet." Jellal assured, trying to make the shop as bait. And so far, it seems working quite well.

"…. Fine." Erza said with a little growl. She didn't like the idea of going with Jellal, but she just couldn't resist the urge to see this all-you-can-eat-cake buffet shop.

And so, off Erza to the photo shoot.

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