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As per usual the Seidou baseball team is having their practice right in the morning. The players looks like they're going to fall any minute now if not for the appearance's of the second baseman, Kominato Haruichi. The first years greeted the second year with formal "Good Morning, Kominato-senpai". The second year seems a bit casual in the greeting like "G'mornin Ryo-san" and a few more styles which differs one another. Meanwhile the third year just greet him with a short "Morning" because of their ages differences. Although it seems normal, the atmosphere is surely intense.

But this story started at another point, it all started with that idiot of a pitcher, Sawamura Eijun. The seniors had been hijacking their kouhai's dorm room and had a sleepover. But when the day the room of Sawamura Eijun been invaded, Kominato Ryosuke had been one of the regular visitor.

Eijun is finishing his homework as Masuko-senpai and Youichi-senpai having tgeir annual game tournament. That's when the devil come to their doors. Well as an idiot Sawamura whom had an enormous respect to the older brother of his friend invited him in. The game dueller stopped for a moment before resuming their activities, they don't want to trigger the pink-head tempers after all. Ryosuke watches as Eijun struggles with his science homework. He took a peek and smirk as he read the title. He chuckled as the first year tried to answer those questions.

"Eijun-kun, you don't understand the questions aren't you?"

He asked as he put a mask over his face, didn't want the first year to suspect anything. The first year looks cute when he is fidgeting on the chair next to his study. The flush face also makes the first year look a bit feminine.

"Ryo-niisan, the teach' gonna kill me tomorrow"

He wailed looking at his homework, the blank between the questions had been killing him. Their science teacher Takinosuke Shio is a devil incarnate( though Ryosuke is much worse ) in bearing the students bad news. He had given an advanced assignments to Sawamura declaring that if he don't finished the works he will be banned from club activities.

"I'll teach you"

He said to him. As the converstion continues, the game dueller are eavesdropping on it even lowering their games sound.

"Ryo-niisan going to teach me"

The first year asked innocently as Ryosuke nodded his head answering with a definite "yes". Eijun showed the paper to Ryosuke.

"Nee, Ryo-niisan, what doeas this "INTERCOURSE" means?"

Hearing the question makes the duo gamer stop their activities and look at the other two.

"Well Eijun-kun intercourse means that you make love to someone"

He answered him without a hesitation. Meanwhile the gaming duo had their sweat dropped.

"Make love?"

The brunette still couldn't grasp the meaning making the pink-head even more excited.

"Like this"

He pressed Eijun onto the study table and slipped his hand into Eijun's shirt before teasing his nipple.

"See, just like this..."

Eijun turned bright red, his mind couldn't work properly and he felt very dizzy. Is this really happens right now. On the other side the gaming duo already had their nerves shocked and both of them gaping like fish out of water.

"And like this"

He teased the boy crotch.


Both of them screamed as they ran out of the room out of his sight leaving him with Eijun whom had fainted by his earlier actions.

"Hahaha, they're so much fun to tease~~~"

*In the end Eijun didn't even finished his work. He's too afraid to be near Ryosuke after the incident...

*Masuko and Kuramochi had been sent for a few counselling sessions.

"Being banned from club isn't a bad thing after all"-Eijun

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