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Kominato Ryosuke is dubbed as a devil incarnate by many of the school students and staff. But even for a devil, he still has some soft spot, mostly for his little brother, Kominato Haruichi. Well that is not the main problem here; he didn't know that his little brother despises his sadistic attitude.

Today is the usual uproar due to Ryosuke little games. Ever since the Christmas night incident, people had been wary and tried to distance themselves from him. Nevertheless, people seem to be having problems in getting rid of the one, Kominato Ryosuke. Miyuki Kazuya walked down the corridor heading towards his class. Nobody seems to be paying him any attention as he trudged along the place. Suddenly, he felt like something is wrong, why is it that every time he walk pass somebody all of them would take a glance at him and then walked away quickly from the place.

He entered the class looking a bit confused by the current event. As his slide the door opens, everybody look towards him.


Darkness appears as the shadows engulfed everything.


Sawamura Eijun is scared right at the moment. It's only passed lunch when he got back to his class and for some reason the school ground is completely empty. At first he didn't suspect anything at all, but after walking around and seeing nothing, a feeling starts to tingles. Occasional moans of pain could be heard from somewhere inside the school. But when he tried to follow the sounds, he couldn't find anything at all.

He ran back to the dorms, panicking. It seems like the fates really hates him since he couldn't find anyone at all.

"Where the hell is everybody?"

He hummed to himself, trying to get the fears to disappear. Suddenly there is a booming sound and the ground begins to shake.

"What the hell is happening here?"

He thought to himself.


"Miyuki Kazuya"

A hoarse voice called out for him, he opens his eyes. The familiar figure of the first year south-paw pitcher could be seen through his half-lidded eyes. He wonders what had happened to both of them as he see that Eijun face seems a bit bruised here and there.

"Sawam... Eijun, what happens to you?"

He asked him. The brunette punches his shoulder lightly, causing a slight pain.

"What happen to me, more like what happen to you, I found you unconscious here and look like you're dead already if you're not breathing"

Eijun said to him. He looks at the pitcher dishevelled look. It seems that the brunette had confronted something that scared him out of his life. Slowly he brushed away Eijun bangs and gives him a loving caressed.

"I'm okay, there a slight pain on my torso maybe a few broken bones but nothing lethal"

Miyuki said to him. After hearing it, he felt like he wants to bawl his eyes out but when he thinks about his situation right now, it is not a good time to do it.

"Now, shall we find the way out of here?"

He said to him. Suddenly someone appears out of nowhere.

"Ahh, seems like Eijun found you first Miyuki"

A familiar pink-head came into their view. He looks unscathed although there is a look in his eyes that makes both of the crowd wonders about what had happen to him.

"I'm sorry for dragging both of you in this"

He said to them.


Miyuki asked him.

"Well, it seems like someone had a grudge on me and I had a feeling I know who it is"
Ryosuke said to him.

"And, based on what he had done he should beware of my wrath"

A glint of evil could be detected as they radiated right from Ryosuke eyes.

"HAHAHA, talking big now aren't you"

A fat old-man, with toad face could be seen as the light is switched on. They are in a large warehouse and from the size of it, seems like this old man is a wealthy businessman.

"Now, if you want all of your friends to be save you must do what I say"

An evil smirk adorns the man face as he removes the wall separating a part of the warehouse. All the students had been held captive there. Seeing the large crowd of victims boiled his anger.

"Think again old man"

Ryosuke said that to him before he lunged towards him. The old man snapped his finger and brought out a bunch of well built musclemen that works for him. As soon as Ryosuke realizes he is stepping into a trap, he quickly retreated.


The old man said to them.

"Now, if you do as I say I might spare your friends"

He said to him.

"What is the deal?"

Ryosuke asked him.

"Ahh, how about you have sex with my men"

He said to him. Hearing the statement, Ryosuke had a small smile.

"Okay, how about we move this to the next room"

Seeing that Ryosuke had agreed to his term, he signalled for his man to move and all of them leave for the next room.


Seeing the crowd leaves with Ryosuke, the forgotten Eijun and Miyuki started to untied the others. At the last minute before Ryosuke leave, he had given them a silent order to retrieve the captives. They work together efficiently as the released all of them. As soon as all of them free they tip-toed silently to the other side. Almost all of them leave the place except for the baseball team since they are worried and want to save Ryosuke from those vile men.

As they nearing the place they could here moans of pain and pleasure mixing together.

"Ahh, there... more"

A faint voice of Ryosuke could be heard.

"Owh...so full, you come here"

Another set of screams comes from the place. All of them rushed forward tried to get in as fast as they can.

Suddenly the door swung open. A sweaty Ryosuke could be seen from the door, as soon as he walked out a heavy scent of sex and men juices could be smell. He walked out like there is nothing and leaves the crowd while smirking like a kid getting his New Year allowance.

They took a peek into the room. Men, naked sprawled on the floor, their c**** flaccid with juices and the look of somebody whom had a nightmares.


One of them mutters as all of them lose their consciousness. Slowly the team retreat trying to get the scene that had been too graphic for them out of their minds.

Eijun and Kazuya only had one thing in their mind.

"Ryosuke is a devil, NOTED"

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