Chapter One

Let me start out with being honest, I hate the cold so much that I wish I could leave this place far behind. Sadly, I am unable to because my dad lives near and my twin sister is off living her happy life with her vampire husband. My name is Liliana Swan and I live in Vancouver, Washington and trying to earn a degree in teaching and nursing. Life was never fun for either my sister, Isabella, or I growing up because I left mom's house to be with my dad after our constant travels and everything like that. It got worse when Bella moved in with dad and we had to share the small room, making me spend most of my time on the reservation. Jacob is still in love with my sister and I am unsure as to how and why after everything she put him through. Oh, while my sister is a vampire and living with her vampire family, I am a shifter in the Quilliette tribe. Dad said it has to do with his relative being from the reservation or something like that and I am the only child that inherited it. So, I am a pure white wolf that stands out next to Sam, the black wolf. Scary isn't it? Not really since I have not been on the reservation since after my first phase when Edward Cullen came back with my sister. I am still one of the pack, but I am busy with school and work. I work at a local convenience when I am needed and between my night and day classes and working at a bar a few blocks from my apartment. Anyways, let me stop my rambling before I get lost.

I pull up into Charlie's driveway and smile when I see the house I spent most of my childhood. Once I am out of the driver's seat and going for my duffel bag, Charlie runs out to greet me with a big smile on his face. I smile while he chuckles with his arms wide open as I walk over gingerly over the ice. It has been a few years since I left for college and then my sister got married a year later. Charlie gives me a firm hug and he holds me close to him. I am the only daughter that decided to live with him from the day I turned ten years old. Charlie let me go after a minute or so and he helps me up to the front door.

"How was the drive up from Vancouver?" Charlie asks. I walk into the small house and look around to see not much had changed since Bella and left.

"Uneventful like always and easy surprisingly around this time of year. Is Sue here?" I ask, tossing my messenger bag on the couch. Sue Clearwater comes around the corner with a big smile on her face and her two kids poking their heads around the corner after her. I smile as we meet up to give each other big hugs.

"My gosh, you have become so beautiful since you left," Sue says. Where Bella is dark haired, pale skin, and she had brown eyes, I am the opposite with dirty blonde hair, olive skin, and blue, green eyes. It is odd how I came out that way and graduated earlier than her. Leah and Seth run over to tackle me into a hug once Sue releases me. I laugh at their sudden loving mood and hold them tight. The doorbell rings and Charlie opens the door to let Bella, Edward, and my niece into the house. The mood dies when my eyes lock onto Bella's and we look at each other. Bella never sent me pictures of her daughter and never told me when she was planning on having children. Jacob comes in behind them and he freezes when he sees me.

"It has been awhile since we last saw each other," Bella says. I scoff and head to the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge. Charlie goes after me when Sue says something, but I am beyond talking to.

"Lilly, she wanted to see you after so long," Charlie says. I shake my head and take a long swig of the beer.

"I should feel glad to see the sister that hated me for not liking her choice in men and then for not inviting me to her wedding and then not telling me I have a niece until two years ago. Yeah, that makes me feel so much better right now, dad," I say. When I turn around, Bella is standing at the doorway with a calm look on her face.

"Dad, I would like to speak to Liliana alone," Bella says.

"No, I am going out and will be back later," I say. I go to get my bag from the living room, only to be attacked by my niece with a hug. She is smiling as she holds me and I am in shock.

"I am glad to meet you for the first time," my niece says. Sad thing is I never learned her name before today. My niece looks up at me with her mother's brown eyes. "I am Renesmee."

"Hello, I am Liliana," I say and make her let me go to get my bag. The moment I outside, Seth calls out to me and runs after me to my car. I try to ignore him, race to get in my car, but wind up with Seth in the passenger seat.

"You should be a little easy on Bella, it has not been very easy these past few years," Seth says. I growl and grip the steering wheel of my car.

"Go away before I rip your head off and feed to a pack of rabid dogs," I say through gritted teeth. Seth quickly gets out of the car and he runs back inside. I quickly pull out of the driveway and head to the one place that I could clear my head, La Push beach. My playlist is blasting on my speakers as I speed down the road and let the wonderful curves in the road take me back to high school before Bella and the Cullens came into my life. I arrive to see that it is still empty just like it usually it, but there is a pick up truck parked not far from where I just parked. Ignoring it, I shuck my combat boots and socks off to walk on the wonderful sand. I make it where the waves meet the sand and purr a little as the cold water washes up against my feet. There is a sound from behind me, making me turn, only to see him for the first time in a long time. The one person that I once hated as a kid that somehow, just now, became the person I thought I want to be by forever and ever. I look into the deeply msyterious and hard eyes of Paul Lahote.