Chapter Thirty-Four

Carlisle checks my charts with a smile as I hold LP, Little Paul as I call him, in my arms to let Lina see him. She touches her brother's cheek in awe and then looks to her little sister in Paul's arms. Paul has been a bit on edge since the delivery of the twins, mostly because I lost too much blood and Carlisle feared they would have to operate and remove my uterus. But, they got the bleeding under control and I am safe to have more babies in the years to come. Lina gives her wolf to Rena when she grunts in her sleep and smiles when her sister calms down. LP opens his beautiful light brown eyes to look at what is going on that he is missing and he sees the smiles of Lina and Paul looking at him. LP frowns at their happy faces and turns to hide his face.

"Grumpy man," I giggle. Lina pouts when her brother turns from her and I lean over to give her cheek a soft raspberry to lift her spirits. It works and she claps her hands happily.

"Baby," Lina giggles. Carlisle puts the chart down and looks at a very happy Lina.

"She is doing well with the new change," Carlisle notes.

"She is well tuned to what is around her and very much like her Aunt Bella," Paul says. He is filled with pride for seeing three of his own children alive and healthy before him. He is a very happy wolf for making such beautiful pups too.

"Well, according to the charts Liliana is free to go home today. Just make sure you come back for a check up on the twins and I will call your old work place to see if they have finished your transfer paperwork. Congratulations," Carlisle says.

"Thank you for all that you did," Paul says. Carlisle nods his head for a moment and then leaves us. I lay me head on Paul's shoulder to look at our three angels together and smile widely.

"We did it once more," I murmur. Paul kisses the top of my head and rests his cheek on the spot he kissed.

"We did and double the trouble this time," Paul mutters. A soft knock interrupts our little moment to let in Renee, Charlie, and Sue.

"Hey you two, ready to go home?" Charlie asks. He walks over to hold his grandson in his arms with the same pride Paul has since LP is named after him. "How is my little man doing?"

"He is fine and not wanting to see many smiling faces," Paul chuckles. The two have been having a silent battle over LP and I am always the one to rescue my poor boy.

"Give me back my son before you two start fighting," I say firmly. Charlie gives LP back and I nuzzles my little boy's cheek. "Mommy will protect her angels always."

"Well, let's get them situated in their carriers and then get down to the car before it is towed with Bella in it," Renee says. Paul puts Rena in her carrier first to let her have her grumpy moment first and then puts LP in his carrier since he is just as calm as a cucumber. Lina reaches for her daddy the moment his arms are free to get her one on one time with Paul and he obliges our princess. A nurse comes in with a wheelchair to wheel me downstairs, but Charlie says he will do it. Sue and Renee take the twins out first and I watch Paul put Lina down to hold her hand as they walk down the hallway.

"You did a great job, baby girl," Charlie says. I reach back to put my hand on his with a smile when I see Lina reach in to take LP's little hand in hers.

"No, dad, you did a great job in raising me just as I have begun with my children," I say.

LP is staring up at the mobile above his head with a look of interest, yet confused. His light brown eyes are fixed on the singing thing that he does not see Lina coming over to kiss his cheeks. All three of my babies have their father's tan skin, which is actually a bit darker then me, and I am very glad for the. LP has his daddy's eyes with my curly blonde hair, my little oddball. Rena has everything of her daddy more so then Lina does and it even everything out a bit. Paul is sitting on the couch watching me change Rena's onsie after bathtime. I smile at my little girl when she begins to co to try to talk back for a moment. Lina toddles over for me to comb her curls since she too had a bath before the twins. She has been a trooper with her siblings being here and she is not upset that she has to share mommy and daddy. I nibble on Lina's cheek to hear her giggles and she curls up to try to keep me from getting her cheek more.

"You want daddy to read you a story before bed?" I ask.

"Mommy," Lina says. I kisses her cheek before letting her run off to play a little more before bed.

"Lilly," Paul calls. I look over my shoulder to him to see he has a big smile on his face and he gets down on the floor with me to kiss my lips sweetly. "Happy birthday."

"It is not today," I say.

"Today is September 13," Paul says. I realise then that it has been three weeks since the twins were born and the days have been blurred together since they came home. Paul holds up a necklace with a locket and he opens it to show a picture he took of the children last week and a picture of us on our wedding day. "This is so the four of us will always be with you no matter what."

"Oh, Paul," I say with tears in my eyes. He puts the necklace around my neck with a soft kiss on the side of my neck.

"I love you so much," Paul whispers. I caress his face and give him a sweet kiss with a big smile on my own face. LP lets out a squeal of anger when the mobile stops moving and we laugh as he moves around to try to get it to work again. Rena is asleep in front of me after a whole day of excitement and staying awake to see everything while we ran errands. Paul takes Rena upstairs to let her sleep until she wakes to be fed and I pick up LP to feed him quickly before bed. Lina is babbling away as she plays with her dolls that Alice bought her. Alice decorated the nursery for the children while I was in the hospital and it looks wonderful. It fits all three children perfectly, even though we were not thinking of putting the three of them together in one room. Lina is a sound sleeper even through the crying of the twins at night, so it all worked out. I smile at my little prince as he eats with soft grunts while touching his soft curly hair. It was inevitable for my children to inherit my curls apparently.

"Lina-bear, time for bed," Paul says when he comes into the family room. Our house is a modest two story house with a basement for Paul's little man cave. The first floor is the main floor with a kitchen, breakfast nook, formal living and formal dining room, also an office/library for me. The second floor is where the rooms are with the master bedroom, three spare bedrooms, master bathroom, two spare bathrooms one connected to the nursery and another connecting two rooms, and then a family room in the middle to bring it all together. Lina pouts as she toddles over to give me and LP a kiss goodnight before going over to Paul to be tucked in. LP stops eating to snore softly and I take him to the nursery to see Paul and Lina are telling Rena goodnight. Lina gives her sister a kiss as I lay LP in his crib and then runs to her bed to get in to hear the story of the night. Paul tells the story instead of me and Lina does not mind because she is being told the stories she has been told since she was born. I go downstairs to do some laundry in the laundry room off to the wide in the kitchen connected to the garage. The house is too quiet, giving an eerie feeling to it all. I have my head in the drum of the washer when I feel hands going up my legs slowly and I look back to see Paul behind me.

"That was fast," I giggle.

"She fell asleep after you left and the minute I started the story. She was exhausted from her busy day with mommy," Paul says. He wraps his arms around my waist once I am on my feet and he buries his nose in my hair. "You need to get some sleep too. All my babies had a busy day and will have a busier day tomorrow."

"I have to finish the laundry for tomorrow and then clean a few bottles for the kids," I protest. Paul picks me up to walk me into the kitchen and swats my behind when he gives me a push forward.

"Bed. Now," Paul says firmly. I pout for a moment, but alas Lina has used it too much on him because he kisses my lips softly for a moment and then nudges me to the stairs. I make my way to our room with a smile knowing that he is going to everything that needs to be done for tomorrow so I can get some sleep. I do not get a chance to change my clothes because the moment I am near the bed, I collapse on it to let sleep take over.