Well, hello there, dear reader.

It's been awhile, hasn't it? Lots of things have changed these last few years. One major change is my current writing style. It's completely different. Due to this, Who's Your Daddy will be considered under construction until further notice. It needs completely rewritten.

There have been a few asking if this story is up for adoption - and the answer is yes. Please, if you enjoy this story - take it, change it, and make it yours. I'll be finishing this someday, but for now, if you want to continue this, go ahead. No permission needed.

I would, however, love a link to your story! I'll keep this page as an update and provide story and author names of anyone who wants to create or continue this story.


As terrible as it may seem, I never left fanfiction. I just stopped writing. I'm 23 now, a mama, and it's been about three years since I've worn my typing cap. Nothing is quite the same, and I'm fuzzy on the details on how we got here. One day, I just stopped writing. Life is an uphill climb and fortunately, weed and writing is a great stress release. Which is how we're here - weed, wine and relaxation at about 2 AM. There will be more stories to follow.

Worry not, dear reader. This story will continue sooner, rather than later.