Princess of Gallifrey

Doctor Who
Pairing: 11th Doctor X Riley

Chapter 1: the day we met
Riley: 8yrs. Old
Amy: 7yrs. Old

My name is Riley. I thought I was an average British American girl until the night he came into my life. I didn't know my true identity for the longest but I remember he showed me and helped me. I was adopted and brought to Ledinworth when I was a baby, my adopted mother was British and my father had been American. Amelia Pond has been my next door neighbor and best friend since she was four. The night we met the Doctor I knew there was something special about him. This is the story of my life and the story of how I fell in love with the Doctor.

Earth year: 2000

The autumn night seemed so calm. I was spending the Night at my best friend Amelia's house. Both of us sat in her bedroom upstairs terrified yet curious about the crack in her wall. I sat on her bed staring at it but as I was I could hear a ghostly voice whispering to me. It said "Silence will fall when the question is asked" and frankly I had no idea what it meant. "What's wrong Riley?" Amy asked me as I stared blankly at the crack. "It…it's talking to me" I answered a sick feeling in my stomach. "I don't hear anything" Amy said honestly and I knew she must've not been able to, but why was I? "Right I'm going to talk to Santa" Amy said turning around and leaning over her bed like she going to pray.

"Dear Santa, thank you for the dolls and pencils and the fish. It's Easter now so I hope I haven't woken you up…" she begins. "Shouldn't you just talk to the Easter bunny or something?" I ask a frown beginning to spread across my face. "The Easter bunny doesn't exist don't you know that?" Amy asked turning to look at me her face showed the signs of annoyance. "I still believe in him as much as I believe in Santa" I snap back crossing my arms and continuing to watch the crack. "Any way Santa I hope I didn't wake you, but honestly it is an emergency. There's a huge crack in my wall. Auntie Sharon says it's just a normal crack but it can't be. It's scaring my friend Riley she says she can hear it talking to her. So please can you send someone to fix it. Or a policeman…" she continues but suddenly I saw something move in the sky and I yank on her sleeve of her night gown. "Amy! There's something outside!" I shouted racing to the window. "Not now Riley I'm still talking to Santa" Amy retorts until we both hear a loud crash. Amy races to the window and stands beside me both of us looking a strange blue box that's now crashed in her backyard, "Thank you Santa!" we both say in unison before I grab a torch and head to the bedroom door. "Wait Riley we can't just go out there!" Amy calls chasing after me. "Why not maybe whoever it is can help us!" I answer back throwing open the back door and slowly walking out into the back yard.

There in the moonlight we saw the blue box lying on its side. I cautiously moved toward it with the torch in my gloved hand. I stood close to it when suddenly the doors shot open causing me to fall backwards onto my bum. We both looked up to see a grappling hook hanging from the open door and we both heard a few grunts before seeing a soaking wet man with a funny face and torn clothes pop his head out.

"Can I have an apple? All I can think of is apples. I love apples; maybe I'm having a craving. That's new for me, never had cravings before." The strange man said looking at the two of us. "Are you ok Mister?" I asked slowly standing back up. "Just had a huge fall, all the way down the library, hell of a climb back up you know" he answered. Suddenly I felt a surge of voices and electricity runs through my body causing me to fall backward onto the ground my hand on my forehead. "Whoa there, are you alright?" the strange man asked jumping out and looking down at me. "I think so" I say softly sitting back up Amy helping me to my feet. "If you were in the library then why are you soaking wet?" I ask curiously as well as trying to change the subject. "I was in the swimming pool" the man answers causing us both to look at him strangely. "But you said you were in library" Amy questions raising a brow. "Yeah well so was the Swimming pool" he retorted sounding quite defensive. Amy and I couldn't help but laugh a little. "Oi! It's not funny my home is upside down and backwards…literally" The man said pouting a little. "Sorry we didn't mean to laugh it just sounds a little funny" I answered trying to apologize to him. "Are you a policeman?" Amy buts in noticing the sign on his blue box, "Why…did you two call a policeman?" he asks sounding a little more curious now. "Did you come about the strange crack in my wall?" Amy asks both of us following him. He suddenly falls down and so do I but this time the electric pain is a little bit stronger. "Are you two ok?" Amy asks running over to me and the strange man. "I'm fine Amy" I answer trying to hide the real pain I was experiencing. It was strange this only happened to me at random times when I was alone but now I was with this strange man, and my friend. Both the man and I stood up again slowly. "Sorry that's a normal occurrence for me…now what about a crack in your wall?" The man asks us both. "There's a really scary crack in Amy's wall" I answer. "It talks to Riley but I can't hear a thing…by the way who are you?" Amy asks causing us both to look again at the strange man. "I'm the Doctor! C'mon there's no time to lose! Do everything I tell you, don't ask stupid questions and don't wander off." He says walking straight into a tree and falling backwards onto the ground. "Are you sure you're alright Mister?" I ask looking down at him lending him a hand. "Early days yet, my steering's a bit off" he answering getting back to his feet.

We quickly showed him inside hearing his abdomen growl at us. "I think I'm a bit hungry mind I have a snack?" he asks blushing a little. "C'mon the kitchen's this way" Amy says pulling him along the corridor and me following behind. What happens next is probably one of my favorite and funniest memories of him; to this day I can't stop laughing when I remember it. We walked into the Kitchen and both he and I sat at the small square table in the middle of the room. Amy luckily remembered what he said he was craving and handed him an apple. We watched him take a bite quickly spit out again. "That's disgusting, what is this thing?" the Doctor asked throwing the rest away in the garbage can. "uh it's an apple… you said you loved them" I answered giving him a weird look. "No, no, no I like yogurt! Give me some yogurt!" he answered. Amy took my seat as I went to grab one from the fridge. Watching him try that one wasn't pretty either, "I hate yogurt! Just stuff with bits in it!" he said throwing that container away. "I thought you said it was your favorite" Amy questioned. "New mouth, New rules! It's like eating after brushing your teeth, everything tastes wrong…!" the Doctor answered twitching which did frighten me a little but I looked so familiar. "What's wrong with you?" I ask curiously. "What's wrong with me? It's not my fault. Why can't you give me decent food? She's Scottish fry something" he says pointing at Amy.

After about an hour I swore Amy and I were about to give up. Almost everything we tried was a disaster. "We've got carrots" Amy says looking into the fridge. "Carrots are you insane? No wait! Hang on; I know what I need…fish fingers and custard" The Doctor says pulling them out of the fridge. Amy and I sit across from him eating a bowl of ice cream and watching him down the unusual food combination.

"So I must've already woken your parents then" The doctor says looking to see if there was anyone else home. "I don't have parents, just an aunt" Amy answers. "And I'm her best friend that lives next door" I say taking in another spoonful of Ice cream. "So your aunt, Where is she?" the Doctor asked still looking up the stairs. "She's out" both of us answer in unison. "And she left both of you all alone?" The Doctor asks and watches as we both nod. "Both of you, you're not afraid of anything. Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of the box, man eats fish custard. Look at you two just sitting there. So you know what I think?" The Doctor asks looking at the two of us. "What?" I ask leaning a little inward. "Must be a hell of a scary crack in your wall" he answers downing the rest of the custard. "It's scary to me but for Riley it's scarier, she says she can hear it talk to her" Amy answers making me shiver at the thought.

Soon we take him upstairs to Amy's room. Amy and I stand back watching him inspect it with strangely a glass cup. "What's it saying?" I heard Amy ask but I couldn't help hear it in my mind… over and over the words "silence will fall for the two lost children of Gallifrey, when the question is asked" I felt a migraine come on and I decided to lie on Amy's bed. "It's saying prisoner Zero has escaped…but why would it be telling us that? Unless he did escape through here…" the Doctor trailed off coming over to me on the bed. "Riley are you alright?" he asks gently and I feel him brushing strands of my raven hair out of my face. "Doctor I hear it saying something else…in my mind…it's saying "silence will fall for the two lost children of Gallifrey, when the question is asked" I whisper feeling a tear roll down my cheek. The Doctor looked confused and almost shocked. He gently picked me up and held me in his lap my body feeling very limp. "It's not a normal crack, if you tore down that wall the crack would still be there. But it's because it's not in the wall, but in the universe itself. Two parts of space and time that should never have touched, pressing together in the wall of your bedroom" he tells Amy feeling more concerned with my well being at the moment. "You two know when grownups tell you everything is going to be fine and you think their probably lying to make you feel better?" The Doctor asks me softly. "Yea" I answer my migraine slowly going away. "Everything is going to be fine" he says gently helping me back up onto my feet.

We ran down stairs after him, "Prisoner Zero has escaped through here! In the crack in your wall!" he shouts as we ran outside again to the backyard. We saw him run back to his blue box again both of us having the feeling he was going to leave us behind. "Can we come with you?" I ask hopefully. "Not yet she's got to recalibrate and it's a bit too dangerous" he answered sitting on the edge of the blue box. "I promise, just give me five minutes! I'll be right back!" he said trying to cheer us both up. "People always say that" Amy retorted crossing her arms over her chest. "Am I people? Do I even look like people? Trust me I'm the Doctor" he reassured us before we saw him jump and heard him shout "GERONIMO!" hearing also the echo of water splashing. "He fell into the swimming pool again didn't he?" Amy asked flatly. "Yeppers and Milk!" I giggle making Amy laugh in the process. We both stood back and watched the blue box disappear into the night, the only markings of its presence was the now smash shed I was sure Amy would rebuild in the future.

Both of ran inside, I gathered my things and tied them into a bindle, I watched Amy stuff some of her belongings into her suitcase and then we both grabbed a torch and ran outside again. We both sat on her suitcase in the backyard waiting for the Blue box to reappear again. After two hours it had not reappeared and I felt my heart begin to break. "C'mon Amy I think he's forgotten about u, it's already mid-night let's go to your room before your Auntie Sharon gets home. She wouldn't want us to be sleeping in the backyard." I yawned feeling a tear graze my eye but not letting it fall in front of Amy. "But Riley we can't give up now! He's got to come back" Amy whined but then yawned and I knew she wouldn't want to give up but we had to sleep. I knew she was just as tired as I was, so I mustered all the strength I had and like the little sister she seemed to me I gave her a piggy back ride back to her room upstairs.

Sadly twelve years have passed for Amy and I. a year after the Doctor left us behind we made two new friends. Rory who moved in across from me, and only a month after my adopted little sister Melody, Rory was the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Always following us and getting into trouble with us, always willing to take the blame for our actions. Melody for some strange reason loved it when I nicknamed her Mels so that's what everyone calls her now; she's like Amy in many ways and I could have swore they were sisters. No matter what anyone had said though over the twelve years' time, Amy and I still did not change our minds about the Raggedy Doctor we met that night. My parents and her aunt thought we were crazy and took us to see four psychiatrist, none of them could change our mind and sometimes they believed we were hopeless. My parents moved away and Mels did to which left me to live with Amy as a flat mate. Rory still lived across the street and just last week he'd proposed to her. Sadly I think that love story is only one sided Amy sometimes seems to care about him but I question it sometimes. Well I mean she does work as a kiss-o-gram. I'm not complaining but it doesn't seem right when you are engaged to be married and I know there's much better jobs she could be doing. For instance I work as an Intern at the medical hospital where Rory works as a nurse. It doesn't always pay as much as Amy's job but at least my conscious isn't damaged every time I go into work. We never thought we'd see the Doctor again though, Amy sadly lost hope in him even though I still tried to keep my faith. We never expected for him to be thrust back into our lives but he did come back.

"Amy I'm home!" I shouted up the stairs roughly setting my things down and trudging up stairs to her room. "Oh hey Riles how was work today?" she asked me not looking up from her book. "Hectic if you ask me, I think Rory's gone bonkers though" I dejected because I was inwardly worried for him. "Why do you say that Riles?" Amy questioned finally looking up from her book.


Riley was helping Rory in the coma ward today since her own ward didn't have as much going on. When she came in that morning she'd seen Doctor Ramsden talking with Rory. "So you're saying that they all just called out for me? Do you not understand that they're in full comatose? How is that even plausible?" Doctor Ramsden scoffed looking around the beds upon beds of Coma patients all of them still very unconscious. "I do understand Doctor Ramsden" Rory said she could feel he was being defensive. "Then why'd you call me and waste my time?" Ramsden demanded not looking to happy what so ever. "But they did call you!" Rory snapped the face he gave was of udder humiliation. "don't think were even conscious Rory, look we've been very patient with you and you're a really good nurse but for god's sake… just take some time off will ya 'cause I don't want to let ya go your too valuable to me" Doctor Ramsden said trying to be sympathetic. "Yes Doctor" Rory replied finally just letting it go. "Promise me son to take some time off" Ramsden ordered. "I promise Doctor" Rory said. "Good now I've got to go Rory, ah there you are Winchester your partner needs ya" Ramsden said motioning to Rory. "Yes sir" she replied and watched him go out the doors.

*end of flashback*

"You've got to be kidding me" Amy scoffed looking out the window. "No I'm serious, I think that hospital has either gotten to his head or he's just really jittery" I replied sitting down on the bed. Suddenly I sat up a little straighter my eyes going to the door. "What's wrong?" Amy asked me looking in my line of sight. "I…I heard someone…there's someone here" I said my voice very quiet. "Well are we going to just sit here or are we going to show them what for? This is our flat nobody breaks and enters!" Amy snapped jumping up and grabbing my old Cricket bat. Suddenly I heard the voice again, it sounded so familiar but I couldn't yet put my fingers on it. "Prisoner zero is here! Prisoner zero is here! Do you two understand me? Prisoner Zero is… " I heard the male voice shout before hearing a crack. I ran out in the hallway seeing Amy with my Cricket bat in her hands. On the floor was an unconscious Raggedy Doctor.

"How could you?" I cried bending down to check for head lumps. "Well he did break and enter into our flat" Amy retorted throwing down the cricket bat. "Amy he's the Doctor!" I snapped feeling a little relieved that she didn't hurt him too bad. "He was breaking and Entering! Look watch him while I go change" Amy retorted and I sighed in return. "Amy this is no time to be a Kiss-o-gram! We've got a Timelord in our Flat one who trusted us until you had to knock him out!" I growled. "Fine if you don't want to watch him at least help me handcuff him to the radiator" Amy answered flatly grabbing his feet. I knew she probably couldn't lift him by herself so I knew I had no choice but to help her move him. "What did you call him again?" Amy questioned as we carefully transported him downstairs. "He's not a human! He's an extra-terrestrial being of the species Timelords. They're a very rare species from what I've read" I answered handcuffing his wrist to the radiator. "How'd you know that?" Amy asked mocking my tone. "The police he had I looked it up in a book and then I read more into it. Look I went to the Library a lot, I had to know. Especially from how funny he acted it was suspicious" I replied to my defense. "Whatever. I'm gonna go change and Riles play along with it this time" she smirked disappearing up the stairs again. "I certainly will not" I mumbled to no one but myself.

It didn't take very long for my ambitious friend to come back down stairs dressed as a police woman. I face-palmed at this and shook my head. "You're crazy you know" I groan looking over at the slowly waking Timelord. "White male, early twenties…" Amy started to say into her fake walkie on her shoulder. "Amy!" I punched her in the arm. "Doctor don't listen to her. I'm so sorry about this" I say apologetically. "She hit me with a cricket bat…a cricket bat… well that's good for the new me, go on and get whacked in the head" the Doctor mumbled causing Amy to have to hold back her laugh. "You were breaking and entering!" Amy snapped and I quickly covered her mouth. "Would you like to shut up now?" I asked her glaring at her. When she nodded I gently took my hand off her mouth. "Is she…" the Doctor started and it was like I knew exactly what he was going to ask, which was strange because as far as my knowledge I'm not a psychic. "No she's not a police woman. She's Amy Pond and I'm Riley Winchester or Riles" I answered causing Amy to let out a sigh of annoyance. "Amelia Pond? The little Scottish girl, and Riley the little girl with the American accent?" he looked as us confused. "Right I'm talking to both of you later but right now one question…how many rooms are in this house?" The Doctor inquired. "Six" I answered Amy giving me a weird look. "Five, Riles you can't count" Amy said a little annoyed still from earlier. "No there's six look" I argued pointing toward the back wall. "Look where?" she snorted indignantly. "Exactly where you don't want to look. In the corner of your eye. Go on try it" The Doctor urged her. There as the Doctor and I had said Amy could see a sixth door.

Amy and I carefully wandered toward the door but I felt something wasn't right. "Amy don't go in there let me do it" I say finally and she reluctantly nods. "My Sonic, where is it?" I heard the Doctor call from the radiator that he was still chained to. "Is it silver and blue on the end?" I called back to him seeing the small device in the middle of the strange room. "My Screwdriver, yeah!" the Doctor answered. I quickly snatched it up. "It must've rolled under the door. Riley you need to get out of there" The Doctor said urgently. "Yea like right now" Amy added. I felt the presence of a strange creature lurking behind me. I quickly took a look at it and then ran for my life slamming the door behind me. "Will that door hold it?" Amy asked her voice somewhat full of fear. "Oh yeah sure like an interdimensional multiform will be terrified of wood" the Doctor said sarcastically as I gave him his sonic and watched him break free. "Wait did you call that thing a Multiform?" I asked curiously. "Yes it's all one creature. It's clever at that as you can see it's taking the form of two beings at once…oh but it was a rush job eh? Got the voices wrong…but you'd need a psychic link how though…" The Doctor trailed off slowly backing away with Amy and I right behind him. Suddenly a lightbulb came into my head, I remembered what Rory had told Doctor Ramsden. "Doctor! I've got it! I know how it's doing it! Rory, well you haven't met him yet but he told our boss this morning all the Coma patients were calling out to him. Could that be how this creature did it?" I inquired opening the back door from behind us. "Well it could be quite possible but…" the Doctor started when suddenly we heard an Alarm "Prisoner zero will vacate the human residence or the human residence will be incinerated!" The alarmed sounded. "Right I think that would be our queue to Run!" the Doctor shouted grabbing our hands in both of his and taking off outside.

"You're Riley, and Amelia?" The Doctor asked as we walked down the village lane. "And your late!" both Amy and I snapped glaring at him. "The two little girls?" he questioned slowly catching on. "Yes and you're late!" Amy pushed on. "What happened?" He probed carefully. "Twelve years that's what!" I retorted. "A cricket bat and being chained to a radiator" The Doctor whined. "Oh yeah Twelve years and four psychiatrists each!" Amy barked not turning to look at him. "Four?" The Doctor questioned raising a brow. "Don't ask. She kept biting them" I replied flatly turning to now look at him. "Ok…Why?" he asked giving me a funny look. "Because they kept telling us you were real" Amy interrupted. Our argument was stopped abruptly when we heard the alarm that we'd heard in our flat. "Oh c'mon we're being jacked by an Ice cream van?" I grumbled as we began racing toward it. The Ice cream man look very confused as he tinkered with the truck's speakers. "What's that? Why are you playing that?" the Doctor asked staring at the speaker. "I don't know. It was supposed to play Claire de lune" he answered honestly.

The same alarm was going off everywhere and it was starting to freak me out. Suddenly out of nowhere the pain I used to feel when I was a kid was coming back. I felt sick to my stomach as I collapsed onto the pavement. "Riley!" the Doctor cried catching me before I hit the ground. "Riley what's wrong?" he gently asked me placing me lightly on the ground so I could rest a minute. "I don't know Doctor this hasn't happened to me in a long time but it used to happen a lot when I was a little girl. It's a long story Doctor and I don't think we've got the time right now" I answered trying to fight the pain that overwhelmed me. "Are you gonna be alright?" Amy asked me the look of concern on her face. "I'll be fine you two just give a few more seconds" I replied trying to regain my bearings. When I was able to stand again we walked along the street before passing Mrs. Angelo's house. I looked in the window seeing that when she tried to change the Channel it always ended up the same. "Doctor you might want to have a look at this" I called to him and Amy as I continued to stare into the window. The Doctor slowly opened the door followed by Amy and I. "Uh hello there I don't mean to bother you Ma'am but we're doing a special about Tele's in the area, well and crimes…may we have a look" the Doctor announced gently taking the remote from her and studying it. "Oh of course I was just about to phone. Oh hello Riley and Amy! Amy I didn't know you were a police woman…I thought you were a nurse" Mrs. Angelo queried causing me to bust out laughing. "Mrs. A are you kidding me she's a Kiss-O-Gram she goes to parties and kisses people while in crazy costumes" I explained nudging Amy. "Oh and like an Intern to a hospital is any better?" Amy retorted sarcastically. "So Riley who's you and Amy's friend?" Mrs. Angelo gestured to the Doctor. "Oh Mrs. A this is the Doctor…Doctor this is Mrs. Angelo" Amy answered for me. "Both of you were little girls five minutes ago" the doctor called over his shoulder. "You're worse than my Aunt" Amy snaps stalking out of the room and into the hallway.

"Will you excuse us Mrs. Angelo?" the Doctor asked her politely. "Why of course young man" she replied going into the hall way with Amy. "So it's everywhere in almost every language…" the Doctor started as he looked over at me. "…their broadcasting all over the world" I finished not realizing I had until the Doctor grinned at me. "Exactly! They'll have to use at least forty percent fission blast…with a Starship that size it would probably give me…I'd say Twenty minutes" The Doctor explained hoping I would somehow understand. Strangely I did. "Twenty minutes for what?" Amy called from the hallway. "Twenty minutes to save the world" the Doctor answered both of us hearing her groan. "Are you the one these two call the doctor…oh but I thought he was just a Cartoon they created" Mrs. Angelo said. "Not helping the situation Mrs. A" I said now having my turn for a lament. "Anyway…The human residence is earth! Don't you see? Riley it's not a lone house but the whole bloody planet" the doctor declared excitedly.

Amy and I followed the Doctor back out onto the streets of Leadworth. He kept mumbling and I could tell he was trying to formulate a plan. Suddenly out on one of the park benches I saw Rory and another lightbulb went off in my head. "Rory!" I shout running over to him Amy and the Doctor not very far behind. "Doctor this is Rory Amy's uh…Fiancée and our best friend" I explain introducing them both to one another. "Oh my god it's him" Rory rambled out rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things. "It's the raggedy Doctor" Rory continued in almost disbelief. "Yeah he finally came back" Amy said staring at him blankly. "But…but he's was just a game…a story…wasn't he?" Rory stammered. "Obviously not Rory. Look do you still have all those pictures on your phone?" I asked kindly. "Uh…yeah why?" Rory asked staring at the Doctor. "Because I want to show them to the Doctor" I replied and gently took his phone. "See these doctor…all of these are people in a Coma or supposed to be…" I start to say and the Doctor grins kissing my forehead. "You're brilliant Riley! That's exactly what that multi-form is using…Coma patients…and why?" he quizzed us. "Because…no one would expect that…and no one would believe a coma patient is awake walking around?" Rory tested. "Bingo!" the Doctor shouted handing Rory back his phone. All four of stood there and suddenly watched as an eyeball like spaceship with what looked to be crystals surrounding it began scanning the area. "Doctor what's it doing?" I asked standing behind him. "Scanning for extra-terrestrial technology…Ha! Nothing says non-terrestrial like a sonic screwdriver!" The Doctor laughed pulling the blue and silver object out of his pocket. All around Chaos ensued as we watched all sorts of electric surges and sources sparking and a telephone booth exploded. Sadly to say the sonic did to and was no longer of much use. "No! Not now!" the Doctor shouted at his sonic. "Uh doctor that multiform thing…it slithered down the drain!" Rory spoke up. "Well of course it did! It's hiding in human form…looks like The Tardis nor my sonic, are going to be any good. Right we've got to find a way to drive it into the open so the Atraxi ship will find him!" The Doctor rambled thinking about what we could do in seventeen minutes. "Wait does anyone have a laptop I can use?" the Doctor asked us three both Amy and Rory shrug. "I've got one Doctor its back at our flat" I answer rolling my eyes at the other two. "Brilliant! You two get back to the hospital and clear everyone out of the ward. Riley you come with me, we've got earth to save" the Doctor instructs taking my hand. "Amy call my cell phone when you two finish" I shout over my shoulder and begin to run with the Doctor.

When we got back to our flat we ran upstairs and went to my room. I was a bit embarrassed about the old cartoons I'd drawn hanging on the wall. "These are of me…and you… but would you look at that…" The Doctor said softly picking up the picture I drew of a place that I kept seeing in my dreams. "Doctor please don't judge me…you were the first exciting thing Amy and I had in our entire lives" I almost squeak grabbing my computer from its place on my desk. "Right not now…let's take a look shall we?" he says softly as I login to my computer and sit down next to him on my bed. "The sun's gone wibbly and all the big boys in the world are panicking. They need me" The Doctor said as I handed him my computer. "Doctor you can't just hack a huge world conference call like that! We'll get arrested!" I cried when suddenly six of the biggest world scientist showed up on my skype screen. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing?" Patrick Moore demanded. "Uh yeah hello I know you should probably switch us off but before you do watch this" the Doctor replied calmly. "What is it Doctor?" I asked watching the screen. "Computer Virus! I need to get this around to everyone in the world as quickly as possible, it uses Fermat's theorem" the Doctor answered beginning to type incredibly fast on my keyboard. "What's it do?" one of the men at the call asked raising suspicion. "It resets clock counters all around the world in one instant" the Doctor answered finally finishing what he started. "Now we'll just leave you boys to it! C'mon Riley!" the Doctor shouted pulling me again out the door.

I was very surprised to find myself with the Doctor in a fire engine! I suppose it was all we had that could bust through a window though. As we drove manically to the hospital I heard my phone ring and I quickly grabbed it from the console. "Amy! Are you to in?" I ask trying to remain calm and hang on as the doctor was driving like a complete maniac. "Yea but so is prisoner zero!" Amy said sounding a bit scared. "Amy you need to get out of there!" the Doctor shouted into the phone. Both of us cringed to hear Amy and Rory scream. "Amy what's happening?" I ask raising my voice for the fear of my friends. "We're in the coma ward! But it's here to, it's getting in!" she screamed loudly. "Which window?" the Doctor asked speeding up the fire engine and turning on the sirens. "First floor fourth window to the left" she instructed. "Riley hold on!" The Doctor shouted and I covered my face knowing exactly his intentions.

The next thing I knew I was flung into the coma ward through the window. I landed hard on the ground groaning in pain. "Riley!" The Doctor stammers when he began to see the creature slither toward me. "Oh no you don't!" The Doctor snaps standing in front of me as if protecting me. "Oh the poor girl doesn't even know her true Identity. Lost princess of a lost planet destroyed by the Timelord's own action" Prisoner zero hissed. "What do you mean?" The Doctor demanded. "The princess will die, the pandorica will open and silence will fall!" Prisoner zero scoffed triumphantly. "And…We're off!" the Doctor shouted grinning and watching as suddenly the clock on the wall turned completely Zero. "Yeah I know what you're thinking, it's just a clock but the people of the world are at world spreading a little message and you know what it says? One word…ZERO!" the Doctor cheered seeing the eyeball in the sky once more. "Ah and I think they've found us!" The Doctor added holding up Rory's phone. "The Atraxi are limited they will never detect me! They've tracked a phone not me!" Zero retorted. "Ah but that's my favorite part because this is not just a phone, but it's a phone that's got pictures…of what you may ask? Of you! And the final score, No Tardis, No sonic, two minutes to spare! Who da man?" The Doctor shouted boastfully. Amy shook her head at him making him frown. "Right I'm never saying that again" The doctor said dejectedly. "I'll take a new form!" Zero threatened. Suddenly before them stood an exact copy of the Doctor, a young Amy pond and Young Riley. "No…Riley! You've got to wake up!" the doctor cried gently lifting her in his arms and trying to shake her. "Who is that anyway?" The Doctor questioned. Rory turned to him "uh it's you Doctor…how could you not know what you look like?" he asked staring from it to the Doctor. "Been a busy day…so that's what I look like eh? But why me? You're connected with Riley not me" The Doctor asked it studying its likeness. "She was the lost princess of a lost planet! Last of her female species! She waited for the day her hero would return!" the clone of a young Riley spat. "And Amelia her best friend waited for the magic doctor to return. What a disappoint you are" the clone of Amy added. "Ah but your me because she dreams about me…she's a clever girl she is…Riley don't just hear me but you've got to listen. Use your memory of your friend's scary crack…and door that only you could see dream of it!" The Doctor whispered softly in my ear.

In the matter of minutes I awoke still in the Doctor's arms but now the sun was normal again. "Are you ok Riles?" both Rory and Amy asked both equally concerned. "I'm fine but did it work?" I asked looking up at the grinning doctor. "Riley you were brilliant! But we're not done yet!" The Doctor replied gently setting me down on my feet. "Wait…what? Doctor we got rid of him what do you mean?" I questioned following him down the hospital corridor. "Doctor what are you doing?" Amy asked as she followed behind. "I'm going to save the world but I need at least a decent Shirt!" the Doctor called from over his shoulder going to the old clothes closet. "Now he's taking his clothes off!" Rory spat sounding disgusted. "If it embarrasses you so much turn away" the Doctor retorted. Though really I couldn't, he just looked so handsome and it was my first chance to notice his body. I blushed slightly but watched him, Amy doing the same. Rory ranted in the background about how the Doctor was stealing clothes but I almost had the right mind to shut him up. Considering my current state of mind though, that action was impossible.

We followed the Doctor again as he raced out onto the roof ready to rant at the Atraxi. "Ya know leaving is good, and well never coming back is the best but c'mon talk to me. The Doctor will see you now" the Doctor said coolly. I had to hold back my laughter knowing he just made one of the corniest puns I'd ever heard. "You are not of this world" a monotonic voice rang into the air. "No but I've put a lot of work into it" The Doctor retorted. Amy, Rory and I watched him as he spoke and then we began to see the projections. I felt a sharp pain in my head and I held in my cry of agony but the Doctor looked back at me a familiar look in his eyes. It was as if he'd known something that I hadn't but I could feel his gaze and its meaning. After the projection was over we all watched the Atraxi disappear back into the sky and the pain suddenly stopped.

Later that day we returned to our flat and out in the garden sat the familiar blue box, except this time it stood right side up instead of sideways. We watched the Doctor run inside and shout something about a sexy thing and all three of us exchanged glances. Before either of us could say anything we saw the blue box slowly disappear. "Right he's gone again! And there's no telling when he'll be back!" Amy huffed heading back for the door. "I don't know Amy I have a feeling it'll be much sooner than we think" I replied having a sense of happiness course through me.

Even though two more years had passed since that day I kept the faith that he'd return again. It was the night before Amy and Rory's wedding, I sat with my best friend in her room both of us staring at her wedding dress that hung in the closet. "I can't believe it" I said breaking the silence between us. "Believe what?" Amy laughed looking at me. "You're getting married tomorrow" I answered both of us letting out a sigh. "Yeah I know I'm a bit nervous though" she replies looking now at her engagement ring. "Well yeah it's normal, you are the bride" I smile hugging her. Suddenly we both heard a sound, it sounded familiar. I raced to the window and there in the darkness a blue police box had made its grand entrance. "He's back" I smirked running toward the door and sliding on my slippers. Both of us raced outside into the garden, there standing in front of the blue box was the Doctor clad in the outfit he'd taken from the hospital. "Sorry about running off earlier, I just got excited…new Tardis. Just hopped to the moon and back, now she's ready for the big stuff" The Doctor smiled waving to both of us. "It's really you…you came back" Amy said in disbelief. "Course I came back. I always come back. Problem?" the Doctor asked raising a brow. "And you kept the clothes I see" I remark smirking and remembering that moment. "Yea but I save the planet for about the billionth time. So yea kill me, I kept the clothes" The Doctor retorted sounding a little hurt. "Even the bow tie?" Amy teased. "Hey I actually like the bow tie on him. It looks cute" I butted in defending one of the good pieces he chose. "He looks like your grandpa" Amy laughed and I slugged her in the arm. "Whatever!" I snapped. "So what do you two think eh?" the Doctor asked us smiling again. "Of what?" Amy asked breaking the tension. "Of other planets?" The Doctor replied softly. "What does that mean?" Amy questioned again. "Well it means…come with me!" the Doctor smiled warmly. "You left us for two years again and then expect us to come with you?" Amy growled looking away from him. "Amy let it go! C'mon Amy it'll be fun! I'll go with you Doctor" I replied making him smile. "Alright but one question…Why us?" Amy asked as we followed him inside the blue box. "Because there's something special about Riley and well I have a very good feeling… Riley have you ever wondered who you really belong to? Who your real family is and who you really are?" The Doctor asked me and I was a little shocked but I nodded. "Well I chose you Riley because I intend to help you find out and Amy I chose you because of the fun, and your Riley's most trusted friend. I know I can count on your help" the Doctor explained to us. For a few moments it took us for the inside of what looked to be a tiny blue box to become reality. "It's huge…on the inside…" I whisper causing the Doctor to laugh. "What?" I asked glancing at the Timelord that held his sides from laughter. "Well it's just that's a new remark. I've never heard that one before. Ladies I welcome you to the Tardis. It stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space" The Doctor announced making even the grumpy Amy smile and look around her. "it's so amazing!" Amy said smiling bright and standing next to me at the console. "So you two in all of time and space, from everything that has ever happened or ever will…where shall we start?" The Doctor asked. "you know I began to think when you left us after the Prisoner zero incident that you were just a madman with a box" I admitted smiling up at him. " Riley Winchester there's something you and Amy Pond better understand about me! I am definitely a madman with a box! Now goodbye Leadworth, Hello everything!" We heard him exclaim feeling the ship around us rumble.

And that was the night we started running, unsure of what was ahead but just knowing we'd have a Timelord and all of time and space to explore. The Doctor made a promise to me and I didn't know but in the near future all of our lives were about to change, but only for the better.