Princess of Gallifrey
Doctor Who

Pairing: 11th Doctor X Riley

AN: Hello Everyone! Alright so here's chapter 3: My oldest and Worst Enemy. In this chapter we will see the Doctor and Riley grow much closer to one another. 3 Riley will realize her fear for the Daleks and she will begin to have nightmares about the Timewar. I appreciate all your comments thank you all so much for your reviews! As always all of the cannon Characters and situations belong to their respective owners at BBC. Riley is mine.

My name is Riley. I thought I was a normal British American girl until the night he came into my life. I didn't know my true identity for the longest but I remember that he showed me and helped me. I was adopted and brought to Leadworth when I was a baby, my adopted mother was British and my father was American. Amelia Pond has been my best friend and next door neighbor since she was four. The night we met the Doctor I knew he had something special about him. This is the story of my life and how I fell in love with the Doctor.

Doctor's POV

Things seemed pretty calm as we began our journey to Winston. I had a terrible feeling in my gut about what was happening with them in the war. I did feel waves of excitement run through me at the thought of knowing…knowing that never again would I ever have to be alone. Suddenly my acute hearing picked up on something…a blood curdling scream filled the Tardis…I knew in my hearts it was Riley. I jumped to my feet and began running to her room. When I got there she was squirming wildly and screaming, tears running down her face and her whole body shivering. I quickly ran into her room and gently lifted her in my arms holding her to me. "Riley! Riley! Wake up! Love please it's only a nightmare!" I yelped trying to stir her awake. Finally she came around, her eyes still full of tears and her small body still shaking. "There, there love what happened?" I asked concerned and still holding her close to me.

"Doctor I had a terrible dream that these things that looked like pepper shakers destroyed Gallifrey. I saw it burn, I tried to help them and so did you. They captured you and forced me to watch. They killed you!" she sobs burying her head in my tweed clad chest.

I lightly rubbed her back wrapping my arms around her and bringing her into a hug. "It's alright love I'm here. Shhh don't cry, they didn't get me" I whisper and continue to whisper sweet nothings in her ear satisfied to feel the shaking stop. I knew what she was dreaming about…the Timewar. The war that killed them all…except for three. Lightly I stroked her back and lightly rocked her in my arms. "It's alright Riley. I will always protect you I promise, 'you'll be in my hearts' " I say softly kissing her forehead.

"Thank you Doctor" she says softly hugging me again softly, I hug her back lovingly when we both hear her stomach growl.

"Sounds like someone's hungry" I chuckled causing her to blush and smile at the same time.

"I…I am Doctor" she says shyly smiling.

"Well c'mon on then Riley, I'm a bit hungry myself" I say softly gently setting her down and holding out my hand for her.

Riley's POV

He always made me blush as if it was a natural occurrence. I've never felt this way about anyone before in my entire life. He came for me and for the first time and he held me. My dream was horrific in almost every way imaginable. I saw these creatures destroying the Doctor's home. I tried to help but I couldn't, I was invisible. I felt so afraid and as helpless as I watched the blood spill. They told me I was the cause of the end of them all, but I didn't even understand. The worst part was losing the Doctor. I realized that I love him and watching him die tore me apart. They always say it's dangerous to love a Timelord because their timeless beings that will live much longer, but I can't help it and I don't care what anyone says. Some things are worth breaking your heart over. He's one of those things. He gently set me on my feet and held his hand out to me which I gladly but shyly took.

About two hours had passed when both of us heard a ringing sound come from the console room. "Sounds like we're almost there" The Doctor says finishing off the last fish finger that was dipped in custard. Surprisingly it's really good eating them like that. I thought they'd be disgusting but their really good.

"I'll go get Amy up, and well I'll have to put on some more clothes I'm gonna be like her and go out in my Nightie" I say blushing a little at my night gown.

"Of course, you're welcome to scrounge around the wardrobe and tell Amy she's welcome to look as well. This old girl can help you two in no time" the Doctor smiled taking our bowls to the sink and heading off to the console room.

I hopped up and ran down the corridor toward Amy's room. When I got there I heard an angry huff and her voice, I softly leaned my ear against the closed door. "Stupid Pigs, Why won't you die? Damn I was so close to only needed one more!" Amy snapped angrily. I cautiously knocked on the door hearing the sheets rustle.

"Come in!" she growls as I slowly opened the door. "Oh hey Riles sorry I'm having a rage fit over this stupid angry birds game on my phone" Amy explains tossing her phone on the bedside table. "So what's up?" she asks as I close the door again.

"Um well I came to get you because the Doctor tells me we're almost there" I answer.

"Almost? Where are we going?" Amy asks smirking.

"Well we got a call from Winston Churchill right after you left…we're going to 1941, London England" I answered watching her face turn from a smirk to one of shock.

"Wait what? The Winston Churchill…from our history books?" she asked wondering if she'd heard me right.

"Yes The real Winston Churchill" I answered making my turn to smirk.

"The doctor surely gets around doesn't he?" she chuckled slowly stretching. "I'm not going in my Nightie I hope he knows that" she said finally as she stood up.

"Well no neither am I but he wanted me to tell you that both of us are welcome to the Tardis wardrobe he said that she's got a lot of clothes in there" I said opening her door again.

"Oooohhh you naughty girl he saw you in just your Nightie didn't he?" Amy giggled making me blush a bright pink.

"So what if he did? It doesn't mean anything" I snapped defensively as we walked toward the Wardrobe.

"It doesn't eh? Looks like someone's got a little crush on the Doctor and it's not just me" Amy replied with a snide smirk.

"Shut up it's not like that" I say nervously as we entered into the huge wardrobe.

After about five minutes I decided on a normal pair of jeans, a Tardis blue shirt that was flowing at the sleeves, a white hair band, and finally a really nice pair of red Chuck Taylor Converse. It took Amy about ten minutes before she came out dressed in a red sweater, black mini-shorts, and tights to match and a pair of white low cut Converse. I smiled and ran toward the console room, Amy lagging behind. "Right now that you girls are ready let's go on out" The Doctor says to us carefully opening the door.

I poked my head around behind him both of us staring down the barrels of three Rifles. "Uh Doctor…" I said trying not to move too much feeling my heart pound in my chest.

"Doctor is that you?" a man's voice called out from behind the rifle barrels. The three soldiers quickly moved away as the familiar looking man came forward. I couldn't believe it right before us was the greatest prime minister of all Great Britain.

"Winston my old friend. Oh and don't play that with me" The Doctor snapped as we saw Winston's hand beckon.

"What…what's he doing?" Amy asked looking over at the Doctor.

"He wants the Tardis key of course" The Doctor answered straightening his bow tie indignantly.

"Oh Doctor think about it, what we could achieve! Oh the lives we could save with the Tardis" Winston said in a hopeful tone earning a head shake from the Doctor.

"Winston how many times have I got to tell you, time does not work like that?" The Doctor retorted crossing his arms over his chest.

"Must I take it by force?" Winston threatened though something told me that he wouldn't even try.

"I'd like to see you try, anyway you rang?" The Doctor said his voice still seeming a little tense.

"At ease men" Winston called to the three with the Rifles. I let out a soft sigh of relief feeling the room grow a little more comfortable.

"So you must be the young lady that answered the phone then?" Winston asked as we walked through the corridor to the lab.

"Yes I am sir, name's Riley and it's really an honor" I answered feeling the Doctor's hand brush against my own.

"Oh but the pleasure is all but mine my dear, and Doctor I see you've got a new face eh?" Winston asked glancing back at the two of us and Amy who was not far behind.

"Yes, well I've had work done" The Doctor replied casually his gaze set on me.

"Wait Doctor are we in the cabinet war rooms?" Amy asked from behind us.

"Yep, top secret heart of underground Britain" the Doctor answered.

I looked through the different doorways but I had a very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach as we came closer to the lab. The Doctor could tell and I saw a flash of worry cross his face. "What's wrong Riley?" he asked me softly so that no one else could hear.

"Coming you two, I've got something to show you" Winston asked as he and Amy began climbing stairs.

"We'll be up in a minute Winston" The Doctor called back taking me for a second in the corner.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly taking my hand in his larger one.

"Not quite Doctor" I answered feeling my blood curdle.

"What's up?" he asked gently looking into my eyes. In his usual bright green eyes I could see the flashes of worry and despair.

"I don't know how doctor but I have a strange feeling those Dalek things I dreamed about are nearby and I don't like it" I answered shivering at the thought of the metal trashcans.

"It'll be alright ok? I promise I'll protect you" The Doctor said sternly hugging me tight. I knew that somehow we were both sensing them, what confused me was how was I able to? I'd never seen one before except for in dreams. The Doctor and I finally broke away from one another knowing that Amy would be concerned or looking for us which prompted us to scramble up the stairs.

"Doctor today we stand at a crossroads, Doctor quite alone with our backs to the wall. Invasion expected daily, so we grasp this with both hands and now have an advantage over the Nazi's" Winston said to the Doctor as we both stood now on the roof top.

The wind was picking up and we could see scientist of all types dressed in lab coats and holding binoculars. "Such as…" the Doctor started a bit of a glare in his eyes.

"Such as our ironsides my dear boy" another man called from the group of scientist. He walked over to us a confident smirk on his face.

"Doctor and company this is our chief of the Ironsides project Professor Edwin Bracewell" Winston announced as we shook his hand.

"So Doctor this is…"Amy began and I knew what the Doctor was about to say.

"It's history Amy! Oh the brilliance of the British during World war II" I answered feeling a little less tense though the idea of Daleks being around was still in the back of my mind. Suddenly out of nowhere we could see two large laser bolts light up the sky and the once threatening German planes became a less threatening pile of dust.

"Doctor what was that?" I asked giving his hand a small squeeze.

"It certainly wasn't human Riley" The Doctor answered standing in front of me.

"Oh it's not Doctor, it's our new secret weapon" Winston answered and suddenly the creature from my worst nightmare rolled out onto the roof and stood before us.

"I AM YOUR SOLDIER" the metal pepper pot screeched making a shiver run down my back.

"What do you think Doctor?" Winston asked seeming quite proud of himself.

"What are you doing here?" The Doctor snapped at the Dalek that now stood before us as I clung to his mid-section.

"I AM YOUR SOLDIER" it repeated in that awful voice.

"Stop this! Stop this right now! You know who I am and I know who you are" the Doctor continued holding me behind him.

"YOUR IDENTIFICATION IF UNKNOWN" the Dalek's voice answered, it was so cold and so emotion barren.

"Perhaps I can clarify for you Doctor, this is one of my ironsides" Professor Bracewell informed us.

"No it's not! That's a Dalek!" I shouted back still hiding behind the Doctor.

"Exactly and Daleks don't help humans without a sort of payment!" The Doctor added, I could tell his blood pressure was rising with his voice.

"You will help the allied cause any way you can correct?" Bracewell asked the tin can.

"YES" its metallic voice answered as it swiveled its head to look at us.

"And what is you ultimate aim?" Bracewell continued to ask it.

"TO WIN THE WAR" it screeched, its ominous eyestalk looking at me in particularly as if I was a piece of whatever it the Dalek's called food.

"Why won't you listen to me? Can't you see Riley is scared? She's got sense in her and has a good right to be scared! Why'd you call me if you won't listen to me?" The Doctor snapped staring angrily at Winston.

"I had my doubts when I first called you a month ago but I began to trust them" Winston answered sipping his tea.

"Yes, right so why didn't you destroy them? Exterminate them?" The Doctor asked pacing in front of me still staring at Churchill.

"Imagine what we could do with a hundred, or a thousand of them" Winston shot back still trying to be the optimist in the situation.

"I am imagining, Riley tell him about the Daleks" The Doctor said looking to me for help. I took a gulp and gave him a pleading look because I didn't want to relive that horrible dream again. "Go on love don't be scared" he said softly placing a warm hand on my shoulder. I cleared my throat and began to recall my dream.

After about an hour of trying to convince our case the Doctor, Amy and I stood still in that same office. The Doctor was pacing as he munched on a Jammie dodger I could tell he distressed.

"So they're up to something Doctor?" I asked trying to break the silence that had filled the room.

"Well we could just ask them" Amy interrupted jumping up and walking over to a Dalek that had been passing by.

"Oi you! Metal head?" she called to it.

"Amy no!" I shouted trying to stop her but it was no use because the Dalek was coming toward us.

"CAN I BE OF ASSISTANCE?" The metal horror squealed as it rolled in toward us.

"Yea, you see my friends reckon your dangerous, that you're an alien…is that true?" she asked it raising an ginger brow.

"I HAVE DUTIES TO ATTEND TO" it answered before rolling away back into the corridor.

"Hey why didn't it answer me?" Amy snapped watching it leave.

"Because Amy it doesn't want to! They're up to something and their just playing dumb, oh but they can't fool this old Timelord now can they?" The Doctor rambled on as Winston stepped into the room.

"We're waging war Doctor, day after day Luftwaffe pound the great city until it's no more a great city" Winston argued and I suppose that I could see it from his point of view. I mean we are in the middle of World War II and it was one of the greatest wars to sweep the world, but deep down I knew the Doctor was right. Turning to the Daleks for safety was not the answer.

"You think the Germans are bad now Winston? Think about what those trashcans will do to you after the war" the Doctor retorted the look on his face told you that he wasn't going to give up so easily.

"Men, women, and children slaughtered. Families torn apart and wren churches put in flames" Winston continued.

"Look you two this is a stale-mate we're not getting anywhere like this! The Doctor's right Winston I wouldn't be so quick to trust to the Daleks but I agree with you on the fact that something has to be done. I think we need to find out just why they're here and what they want" I shouted catching both arguing men's attention.

"Men! Can't live with them and certainly can't shoot them" Amy mumbled under her breath.

"You got that right sister" I added glaring at both of them.

"I'm just saying Mrs. Riley that these machines are our salvation. If Hitler invaded hell I'd give the devil a reference" Churchill stammered when suddenly above our heads the four of us could hear an alarm.

"WE ARE ALL CLEAR! ALL CLEAR!" we heard a Dalek say as it came into the room.

"Good then" Winston smiled following it out of the room.

"Doctor are you alright?" I asked looking over at my friend concerned about his mental state in all of this.

"Riley, Amy what does hate look like?" he asked I could tell he was trying his best to calm down before he blew a gasket, well if Timelords have a gasket that is.

"I don't know any more doctor" Amy answered slumping back down into her chair.

"It looks like a Dalek, and you know what? I'm going to prove it" the Doctor said sitting down beside me on the couch.

Later in the day we stood in the lab, the doctor had wanted to see where the 'Ironsides' were 'Invented'. I couldn't really blame him for his suspicions because I saw with my own eyes what the Daleks did, even if it was just a dream. "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TEA?" the 'Iron side' asked me.

"Um no thanks" I answered scooting away from it.

"Since when are 'Ironsides' polite?" I asked the Doctor softly.

"We are civilized Ms. Riley, we teach them to be civilized as well" Professor Bracewell cut in causing me to feel slightly embarrassed.

"Alright Professor now that Winston has filled us in, amazing things really! You must be very proud. My question is how did you come up with such an idea?" The Doctor asked clasping his hand together, I swore at this very moment Sherlock Holmes had a twin brother.

"Well, how does a muse to an invention come to anyone?" Bracewell asked honestly taking a cuppa from the 'Iron side'.

"You have to admit you two, he's not bad for a paisley boy" Amy said from her place in the corner.

"Ah yes Ms. Amelia I did detect a familiar cadence. And to answer your question Doctor, ideas such as the 'Ironsides' seem to teem in my brain. I've thought of things like hypersonic flight, gravity bubbles that could sustain life outside terrestrial atmosphere! Oh it all came to me in the bath" Bracewell prattled on.

"Oh and just how many ideas are yours and not theirs?" the Doctor questioned giving him a curious glance.

"Oh no Doctor their under my control entirely, they're the perfect soldier and servant" Bracewell answered sounding absolutely convinced that the Daleks were 'Ironsides' here to help win the war.

"Yeah and they still freak me out!" I retorted standing closer to the Doctor.

"You've got good reason to be afraid Riley" The Doctor said glaring daggers at the machine that stood before us.

"WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEA?" the 'Iron side' repeated now swiveling itself toward the Doctor and I. What happened next really frightened me because it had happened so suddenly. The Doctor angrily threw the tray from the Dalek's sucker like arm glaring at it like a wolf does to a threat.

"Stop this! What are you doing here? What do you want?" The Doctor shouted his face contorted from pure anger.

"WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST YOU" the creature answered clearly not fazed by the Doctor's anger. Suddenly I felt a migraine coming, I collapsed in pain as my head pounded. I shut my eyes tight and as I did I began to see an image of the Doctor, he stood in front of a group of Daleks all of them different colors. They all were ready to kill him but just as it came the image disappeared still leaving behind the horrid migraine. I could hear the Doctor pounding on the outer shell of the Dalek, the clang of metal against metal rang in my ears.

"You're my enemy and I'm yours! You are the worst thing in creation! I've defeated you time and time again, I sent you to the void of existence! I've saved the whole of reality from you! I'm the Doctor and you're the Daleks!" The Doctor shouted causing me to yelp in agony.

"Doctor Stop!" I screamed finally getting his attention. His anger subsided when he saw the pained look on my face.

"Riley what happened?" he asked softly gently lifting my head up.

"Gee I don't know, I'm having a migraine genius!" I snapped sarcastically a lone tear rolling down my cheek. Before the Doctor could answer me the both of us heard the metallic voice of the Dalek ring out.

"CORRECT, REVIEWING TESTIMONY". My face grew pale as I heard it.

"Testimony? What's it talking about Doctor?" Amy asked looking at the both of us confused.

"Transmitting Testimony now" the Dalek continued as a high pitched whirring sound filled the air.

"Doctor what is that metal head doing?" Amy asked looking cautiously at the Dalek.

"I don't like the sound of that for some reason" the Doctor murmured.

"TESTIMONY ACCEPTED" it screeched coming closer to us, despite the pain in my head I quickly jumped up backing away with the others.

"Stay back, all of you!" the doctor warned all of us as he stood between us and the Dalek monster.

"No stop this madness! I created you! You're my 'Ironsides'!" Bracewell shouted the tone in his voice slightly faltering with fear.

"WE ARE THE DALEKS! WE CREATED YOU!" the monster answered coldly as it blasted Bracewell's hand off and sparks flew every which way. Suddenly a flash of bright light came into the room and it disappeared.

"Doctor, Riley what just happened?" Amy asked a shocked expression frozen on her face.

"I wanted to know their plan…I was their plan…" The Doctor trailed off rushing out of the lab.

"Hey where are you going Doctor?" I shouted as I began to follow him, man that Timelord could run!

"I've got to follow that Dalek and stop the rest before they start butchering innocent human being!" he shouted over his shoulder.

"At least let me come with you!" I replied finally catching up with him.

"No!" he snapped though I could tell it wasn't out of anger.

"And why not, you don't need to go alone" I retorted glaring up at him.

"Because Riley their dangerous and if they hurt you I could never live with myself, please stay here" The Doctor pleaded giving me the puppy dog eyes.

"Fine but be careful" I answered hesitantly feeling his lips on my forehead.

"Don't worry, I promise I'll be back" He said softly. I watched as the magic blue box disappeared off to war, somehow a piece of my heart was gone with it.

Doctor's POV

I knew that she didn't want me to do this alone, but I knew too many of us had died by the hand of the Daleks. I let out a sigh of frustration as I stared at the scanner monitor. "Come on…Ah Bingo!" I shouted and began to set course for the Dalek ship.

"THE FINAL PHASE COMMENCES, CHANNEL ALL RESERVE POWER TO THE PROGENITOR" a Dalek's voice sounded from the Tardis scanner screen. Quickly when she landed I stepped out staring at a golden looking Dalek and the soldier 'Iron side' Dalek. "IT'S THE DOCTOR" the golden Dalek screeched alerting the soldier Dalek of my presence. "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" the soldier shouted, both of them rolling toward me.

"I wouldn't if I were you, Tardis self destruct, oh and you know what that means. If it goes then all of you go boom!" I bluffed showing off a good poker face. In my hand I held a Jammy Dodger biscuit holding in my breath.

"You would not use such a device" the golden Dalek mocked rolling toward me.

"Ah, Ah, Ah, no scans no nothing. One move and we all go boom! Got that? Tardis bang! Daleks no more! Good boys, wow this ship is pretty beaten up running on empty I'd say. When we last met you were at the end of your rope" I rambled backing away slowly.


"Oh and what's that when it's at home?" I asked, not sure if I really wanted to know the answer.

"IT IS OUR PAST AND OUR FUTURE" both Daleks answered in unison. I hate Daleks in general but when they void of everything emotional and talk about something so deep like that just pisses me off even more.

"Oh you know that's deep for something that doesn't seem to care about anything except its own species, but one thing I can't understand is why you built Bracewell" I said turning away from them but still keeping my eye on them.

"A SOLUTION WAS DEVISED" the Daleks both answered.

"Ah yes my testimony, so you set a trap well you're not getting her and don't you for one minute forget that she is protected!" I snapped, I had a bad feeling she was what they wanted but I would be dead before those metal tin cans hurt the last princess of Gallifrey.

"WITHDRAW DOCTOR OR THE CITY BELOW AND THE PRINCESS WILL BURN!" the golden Dalek threatened rolling forward with its gun stretched out.

"Ha who are you trying to fool? This junk pile doesn't even have enough fire power to destroy London" I laughed stamping my foot on the creaky metal deck for good measure.

"Watch as the humans destroy each other Timelord" the solider Dalek replied causing me to grow pale.

"No! No don't you dare!" I snapped but it was too late, London was now lighting up like a Christmas tree, a beacon in the darkness for the Nazi's to attack.

Riley's POV

Bombs were bursting all around; we could feel the bunker rattle violently as they landed. Amy, Winston and I ran toward the war room trying our best not to fall over. "Sir the generators won't go out, we're sitting ducks" Commander Todd shouted as others kept their faces glued to the radar screens.

"It has to be the Daleks" I answered almost falling off my feet as another bomb hit.

"The Germans can see every inch of the city, there's got to be a way to turn those lights out" Winston said hurrying over to look at another radar.

"Their coming in hot, two four six four is mobilized! Emergency! Emergency!" a woman announced loudly.

"Winston we can't just sit here, we've got to take this battle to the Daleks" Amy said and suddenly an idea popped into my head.

"Amy you're brilliant! Winston ready you're best pilots and C'mon we've got to get Bracewell" I shouted racing out of the war room and off to the lab. I was so shocked at what I found when I reached the lab. Bracewell was holding a gun to his head ready to end his life.

"Bracewell put the gun down! There is nothing in this universe worth committing suicide for!" I cried running toward him.

"Mrs. Riley my life is a lie! I choose to end it!" he retorted but with the help of Amy we pried it from his fingers.

"Do this on your own time Paisley boy right now we need your help" Amy said looking at him sympathetically.

"But I feel like I'm not human, if I'm not then what am I?" he sputtered, I could see the pain in his eyes and deep down I knew how it felt to feel misplaced because I'd felt it all my life.

"What you are sir, is either on our side or theirs. Now I don't give a damn if your man or machine Bracewell" Winston spoke up from behind us.

"Listen to me Professor, I understand how you feel because I don't know who I am either but right now up in that spaceship those tin cans are lighting up all of London so that the Germans can see it. It's a sign that says 'come on Nazis we're wanting you to come and bomb us' thousands will die tonight without you" I spoke softly trying my best to be comforting like the Doctor would be in a situation like this.

"Me?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yes you, Bracewell you're alien technology that's as clever as his creators and because of your gravity bubbles we have the power to theoretically fly planes in space" I replied with a smile finally seeing him smile as well.

"Mrs. Riley aren't you the brilliant one!" Winston cheered smiling at me.

"Sir if you don't mind, The Doctor's up there and I know he must be in peril by now. Please I want to help by leading the squad" I answered looking over at him.

"Understood but do please be careful" Winston agreed as headed back toward the war room.

Amy looked at me and I could tell she was concerned. "Riley I sure hope you know what you're doing" she said hugging me tight.

"I'm not quite sure but I'm leaning on my instinct, its fight or flight and I'm doing both" I answered pulling my flight goggles over my glasses. I was afraid but for the Doctor's sake I was going to be brave because he needed me and all of London needed me. I raised a salute to my best friend before racing off to the hangar to join the squadron.

Doctor's POV

"DRONE ETERNAL, AND SUPREME" a white Dalek said as I witnessed a line of brand new Daleks line up in front of me.

"Which would be you I'm guessing. Well nice paint job" I commented trying hard not to show how scared I had now become. "Question is, what do we do now? We're at a stalemate. Either you turn off your paradigm or you go boom!" I added holding out the biscuit again.

"AND WHAT WILL BECOME OF YOU?" the supreme Dalek asked

"Occupational hazard" I remarked as the tension slowly began to rise and my brain was quickly trying to formulate a new plan.

"SCANS REVEAL NOTHING TARDIS SELF DESTRUCT DEVICE NON EXISTENT" the blue science Dalek interrupted causing my hearts to sink. Suddenly alarms blared and the science Dalek rolled to the monitor.

"Human targets have been located" it screeched and then my hearts skipped a beat.

"Brave girl to Bowtie man. Brave girl to Bowtie man can you hear me?" Riley's voice rang throughout the ship.

"THE PRINCESS HAS RETURNED! SHE MUST BE CAPTURED!" the supreme Dalek said his voice louder than before.

"Riley! What are you doing?" I shouted angrily feeling a sense of worry run through me.

"I'm leader of the spitfire squad Bowtie man and we ready to fire on your word" she answered calmly.

"Right, Brave girl see the big dish? Blow it up! I repeat blow it up!" I shouted making a run for it toward the Tardis.

"No! Flintlock's down, Doctor the ship is protect by a shield" Riley said and in my hearts I could feel a fire burn.

"Riley I can disrupt the field but not for long, on my word you've got to make a direct hit do you understand?" I answered from inside the Tardis.

"Doctor I'm the only one left" she answered and I knew she was in trouble.

"Just do as I say Riley and be ready to fly fast" I answered trying to be encouraging. Suddenly the Dalek ship shook violently and I knew she'd got a complete hit, I inwardly cheered for here because she had brought a victory for the Timelords over their enemy.

"Direct hit Doctor!" she cheered and I let out a sigh of relief. I knew I wasn't completely out of the woods yet though because on the Tardis monitor I saw the Daleks looking at me.

"DOCTOR CALL OFF YOUR ATTACK OR THE EARTH WILL BE DESTROYED!" The supreme Dalek threatened poking his gun out.

"I'm not stupid mate and you've just played your last card!" I snapped glaring at the screen and began readying to take off.


"No this is my best chance to destroy you! Last of the Daleks. I can rid the universe from you forever!" I shouted back standing my ground.

"THEN DO IT. BUT WE WILL KILL HER AND SHATTER THE PLANET BELOW" the supreme Dalek threatened again. The thought of Riley dying caused a tear to escape my eye, I couldn't let them kill her and all the humans below. My worst decision was now to either destroy my longest enemy forever and save my loved ones or destroy my greatest enemy and let my loved ones all die along with the only home I had left. Obviously I knew the right choice and I knew I had no other choice if I ever wanted to see Riley and Amy both alive again.

"Bowtie man to Brave girl go home! I repeat go home!" I shouted hoping she heard me.

"Yes Doctor" I heard her answer in disappointment.


I was so angry that I couldn't destroy them but I knew that the humans and Riley were more important right now than the revenge. "DETONATION SEQUENCE ACTIVATED. TIME CORRIDOR ESTABLISHED, TIME JUMP IN THIRTY RELS" the Supreme Dalek spat out and quickly I knew I had to get back to earth, gunning the Tardis engines we disappeared. As soon as I got back to the base with the Tardis I had raced around trying to find Bracewell.

"Doctor!" I heard Amy call and I ran toward her voice having the slightest feeling that Bracewell would be in there with her and Winston. I still felt worried about Riley, I hadn't heard a word about her since our last transmission and her heading back to earth. As I raced into the lab I accidentally punched Bracewell when I tried to skid to a stop.

"Doctor!" Amy snapped kneeling down next to him.

"Oh… ouch so sorry Professor, anyway you're a bomb. An inconceivable Dalek bomb" I replied gently kneeling down to him.

"What?" he asked in disbelief looking a bit scared.

"There's an oblivion continuum inside you, otherly known to man as a captured worm hole. Detonate that and the earth will bleed into another dimension" I said taking my sonic screwdriver and opening his torso carefully and seeing five blue segments.

"Well?" Amy asked standing now over my shoulder.

"I honestly have no idea. I've never seen one this close before" I answered honestly looking over at her.

"So what? They've wired him to blow up?" Amy asked and suddenly we both witnessed one of the blue segments turn yellow.

"Oh no they haven't wired him, Amy he's a bomb. A walking, talking, exploding bomb. If all of those sections on his chest turn red…Boom!" I answered rubbing my forehead and thinking a moment.

"Is there a blue wire to cut? There's always a blue wire" Amy says quickly making me get the panicky feeling in my gut.

"You're not helping Pond!" I snapped still trying to think.

"It's incredible Doctor, he had always told me about his memories of the great war." Winston said finally as he walked over to us.

"Winston you're brilliant!" I laughed looking down at Bracewell.

"Professor tell me about your life" I said softly trying to comforting to him.

"Doctor I really don't think that it's the time to do this" Bracewell said frantically as another segment went yellow.

"Professor there's always time to prove that you're human" I answered trying to be give him confidence.

"My family ran the postal service, it was a little office by the abbey. My parents died of scarlet fever when I was a young man. They were such good people always kind to everyone" he stuttered and I could tell he was on the verge of tears.

"Edwin tell me, how did it feel to lose them?" I asked though in my mind I was afraid that I was asking a harsh question. I knew in my hearts where he had been coming from because on Gallifrey I was the always the odd one out.

"It hurt doctor. It hurt so bad, it felt like a wound but worse" he answered and sadly to say it wasn't working because another segment went yellow while the other two began to turn red.

"It's not working! Damn it! Why won't it work?" I snapped standing up and pacing.

"Doctor Mrs. Riley has returned, she's in the infirmary and she's pretty bad sir" a young man said as he passed by us. I felt my hearts breaking and looked to Amy who was talking to Bracewell.

"Doctor go! I've got this" Amy said from her place beside Bracewell.

"But…" I tried to protest afraid of what would happen if she couldn't help him.

"Just trust me!" she snapped and I nodded before running out and heading to the infirmary.

Amy's POV

I stood over the paisley boy but my heart was racing quickly. I worried about my best friend but also I was dealing with not just any man but a bomb! "Hey Paisley, ever fancied someone you know you shouldn't?" I asked softly kneeling back down beside him.

"I really shouldn't talk about her" he answers softly.

"Oh…there's a her? What's her name then paisley?" I ask with a reassuring smile.

"D-Dorabella" he answered beginning to smile.

"Oh what beautiful name. What was she like Paisley?" I asked giving his hand a squeeze.

"Oh such a smile she had. Her eyes so blue that they were almost violet" he explained and suddenly as if by magic all of his segments became blue once again.

"BOMB INACTIVE" a metallic voice said coming from his torso.

"Well then Paisley boy. Welcome to the human race" I smiled down at him slowly helping him stand. I hugged him tight.

"You were so brilliant Mrs. Amelia I thank you so very much for saving me" Bracewell replied hugging me back.

"Thank you Winston for your help" I said hugging him as well.

"Now if you two boys don't mind I need to check on my best friend" I said with a smile and ran quickly down the corridor.

When I got there I had seen the Doctor kiss her unconscious form. It did break my heart to know that my best friend had won his affections instead of me but I couldn't be jealous. I was inwardly jealous but I knew I should be happy, at least she would have someone special. I carefully walked in hoping not to wake her or disturb the doctor. When he saw me he quickly broke away from her blushing almost like a beat. "Is she gonna be alright?" I asked softly sitting beside in another chair.

"Yeah she's in a healing coma right now but when she wakes up she'll be fine. I just wished she would've listened to me" the Doctor said softly taking her hand in his own I could see the tear tracks that had been on his face from when he had been crying.

"The good news is Doctor Bracewell is no longer a walking, talking bomb" I said trying to cheer him up a little.

"Brilliant!" he smiled kissing my forehead and causing me to blush a little.

"I knew you could do it Pond" he says with a smile giving me a hug. It made me for one moment feel special in his eyes. I had done something right and he was proud of me for it.

"Doctor when she wakes up don't be mad with her. All she wanted was to help and she just couldn't help herself. She's stubborn like that" I say softly causing him to smile more.

"Oh I know Amy I suppose that's what makes her so wonderful. She won't give up on you when you need her most" The Doctor answered turning back to her.

Well it had been about an hour when Riley woke up again and it made the Doctor really relieved to know that she was alright. After a while though he had to leave her and finish taking out all of the alien technology that the Daleks had left behind. It wasn't long before we were saying our goodbyes to Winston and Bracewell. "Won't you reconsider Doctor? Oh with those spitfires I could win the war in twenty hours" Winston begged but I knew that Doctor wouldn't and couldn't give in to him.

"Exactly. Besides Winston it doesn't work like that" The Doctor replied with a smile.

"Please won't you stay? The world needs you three" he said still trying to convince us and I knew he was a sneaky little weasel as he took the Doctor's key from him.

"Winston the world doesn't need it because it has you. Winston Spencer Churchill one of the greatest prime ministers that Great Britain has ever had." Riley said and I knew she meant it. Riley has always had the way of making others feel better before herself and I've always admired her for that.

"Well then it has been a pleasure you three" Winston said hugging all three of us.

"Yes as always Winston" The Doctor smiled stealing back his key.

"Oh you're good Timelord" Winston smirked and I could see why the Doctor called him an old friend.

"You know it!" the Doctor smirked heading inside of the Tardis.

"Well it's been a pleasure Winston hope to see you again someday" Riley said giving him a salute.

"Of course Mrs. Riley, and you to Mrs. Amelia Great Britain owes you and the Doctor a great debt" He smiled as he walked away. Riley and I then headed back inside the Tardis all feeling right with the world again.

Riley's POV
we stood around the console relaxed. "So Doctor you've got enemies huh?" Amy asked causing the Timelord to look over at us.

"Yea but who doesn't" he answered simply. I knew that she had been talking about the Daleks but for some reason even I didn't want to talk about them.

"Well I mean our worst enemy is an old woman with a mental Jack Russell puppy, but Doctor you've got a lot more than that" I replied looking at him for a moment.

"So what we do best is go around the universe and fix things throughout time?" Amy asked softly.

"Yea basically. Is it a problem?" he asked looking at both of us for an opinion.

"Not for me it's not Doctor! I love the adventure" I answered with a smile skipping over to him.

"Well then girls where to next?" The Doctor asked excitedly.

"Let's go to a museum or something" Amy answered causing me and the Doctor to both give her a strange look. "What? Can't we have a quiet adventure for once?" Amy asked defensively causing both of us to groan.

"Alright fine but Riley you better choose next time" The Doctor said pulling levers and pushing buttons. I laughed softly and then as we felt the Tardis begin to move we all hung on tight, ready to begin a quieter adventure.