I don't own Vocaloid... and I'm not sure who does...

Alright, this one was inspired by 'Bleeding Stars, Bleeding Hearts' by one of my writing senpais, IdrewAcow on FF.

Despite the setting being relative to Japan, there will be no honorifics in this one. This story involves Master, a being that is human with black hair, black eyes and a deep voice. That's the extent of what's consistent with his appearances in my Vocaloid fics since his personality tends to differ as the story plot demands.

All thoughts are in italics
Humans speaking is in bold and not in quotations
Vocaloids speaking is "normal and in quotations"
Singing is in "italics and underlines in quotations"
All words in "italics or bold in quotations" but not underlined are simply for emphasis on that word

Everything was dark. Pitch blackness surrounded her no matter where she looked. She could faintly hear voices, several of them, but she couldn't make out what was being said. She had been like this for quite some time, unable to move, unable to see and unable to speak.

Suddenly, one of the voices came much closer. "Are you going to wake her now, Master?" it asked, high-pitched with a child-like quality to it. This registered in her data and her voice quality slowly began to form to that voice. However, before it could finish, another voice rang through.

Hush, Miku. the deeper voice ordered. We don't want to screw up her vocals. You know the first voice a Vocaloid hears will instantly register in its data. I want her to have a deeper voice. I'm going to wake her now.

Were they talking about her? Just as this question went through her mind, a bright light flashed in front of her eyes and they opened. Bright color flooded her vision for a moment before calming a bit. Blinking, she slowly sat up, glancing around curiously. She was in a strange white room filled with machines and wires.

You're awake, I see. the same deep voice from before caught her attention. Turning, she found a black-haired man with pitch-black eyes smiling at her. Behind her were five other people. Two of them were gazing at her curiously, one was smirking at her, another was sporting a horrible nosebleed and the last was beaming at her happily.

"Who are you?" she asked. "Where am I?"

Let's get you named and branded and then we'll answer those, alright? Branded? she wondered as the man walked over to a computer and began clicking several buttons in rapid succession, fingers flying over the keyboard. After a short pause, a name popped up on screen: Megurine Luka, CV03.

Perfect. the man murmured, moving over to her with a red-hot brand in his hands. She stared at it dubiously as he spoke. From now on, you are Megurine Luka, Character Voice 3, bilingual Vocaloid New Generation. He pressed the brand to the top of her bicep, eliciting a shriek of pain. I am your creator, your Master, and you work for me.

I love prologues. You guys should know that by now. ^_^ Don't worry, because this is a prologue it's short, but other chapters will not be as short as this one.

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