The next day, Master called a meeting of all of his performers, wanting them to hear his decision first. Miku arrived first, followed by Kaito, the twins and Meiko. "What do you need, Master?" Meiko asked curiously, wondering what her creator could need all of them for.

Master sighed wearily as he looked around at all of them. I think… it would be best… if I uninstalled Luka.

"What!" Miku shrieked, leaping to her feet.

"Finally." Kaito snorted, taking another bite of ice cream. "Maybe then we'll get someone who will do their job without a fuss."

"You can't!" Miku pleaded, teal eyes wide in horror. "She's worked so hard! You'll be erasing nine months' worth of blood, sweat and tears!"

I'm sorry, Miku. Master murmured. But the reprogramming obviously didn't work and seemed to actually increase her feelings of hostility toward the rest of the family. The only one who seems safe around her is you and we can't take the risk that she may turn on you as well.

Tears filled Miku's eyes as she saw the decision in the pitch-black eyes. Lowering her head, she turned and fled, running toward the stairs in a fit. The group watched her go and Master sighed once more.

Halfway to her bedroom, Miku changed her mind and burst into Luka's room to find the pinkette lounging on her bed with a magazine. Leaping for her, the greenette buried her face in her girlfriend's chest, clutching her tight. Luka was bewildered at the sobs emitting from the smaller girl and stroked her hair to soothe her, placing an arm around her waist protectively.

"Miku?" she asked gently. "Can you tell me what's wrong?"

"Master wants to uninstall you!" Miku wailed, snuggling closer.

Luka cocked her head with a small smile. "So he finally decided to do something." she whispered. "I suppose it is better to simply have a project failure than a miserable Vocaloid. I just wish he had told me sooner."

"Why are you so calm about this?" the greenette cried, pulling back to gaze at her.

Luka chuckled warmly and stroked her cheek. "Because I don't mind dying, Miku. Being uninstalled would be five times better than being here. Here, you're my only happiness because I love you so much."

"No!" Miku sniffed, wiping her tears. "I don't want to stay without you! If you get uninstalled, I want to be too!"

"There's no need for that." the pinkette cooed. "You still have so much potential. I'm obviously a failed Vocaloid, so it's better that I go."

"But I don't want to be without you." Miku whimpered, pressing her face into Luka's shoulder and clinging to her tight. "I love you."

Luka smiled and stroked her hair. "I know." she breathed, kissing the aquamarine hair tenderly. Miku pulled back and leaned up, connecting her lips to those of the surprised pinkette. Luka closed her eyes and returned the kiss softly, her arms wrapping around the tiny frame to keep Miku in place.

About that moment, the others exited Master's study and noticed Luka's open door. Moving to stand in front of it, they gasped at the sight. Kaito and Len hurriedly turned away to quell their bleeding noses and Meiko grinned happily and Rin bounced around excitedly. Master frowned slightly, wondering what to make of this.

Clearing his throat, the black-haired man stepped forward. Miku broke the kiss and turned to him with a glare. "I won't let you uninstall her!" she growled.

"Miku, it's okay." Luka told her gently. "You can have my songs, okay? Just adjust the notes to fit your voice, alright?"

"But-!" Luka placed a finger to her lips and Miku fell silent, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

Actually, I'm not uninstalling, Luka. Master sighed.

"What?" Kaito and Miku exclaimed, the latter perking up as the former whirled to face his creator incredulously.

I'm not uninstalling Luka because it's obvious she and Miku care for each other and I want my family to stay happy. He turned stern eyes to the pinkette. But another slip-up like the two with Kaito will not go ignored.

With that, he turned and headed back to his study. Kaito stared after him in shock before turning to the rejoicing Miku. It did not escape his eyes that Luka was staring directly at him and her hand appeared to still be twitching. Blue eyes narrowed and he spat, "He was still contemplating uninstalling you. Probably because you're not doing your job as you're supposed to." Luka's hand began twitching faster and her eyes narrowed just slightly.

"Come on, idiot." Meiko sighed, knowing what would happen if Kaito were to remain any longer. "You can fulfill your death wish later. Right now, I need your help with a new duet."

Kaito smirked at the pinkette as Meiko dragged him from the room. The twins watched as Luka's eyes slowly turned red and she glared at the space the azulette had been. "Don't listen to him, Luka." Len told her soothingly. "He's just trying to get you to attack him so Master will uninstall you. It's not worth it."

Luka turned her gaze to him and her eyes became blue once more, a sad expression on her face as she asked, "Isn't it?"

Rin and Len glanced to each other in confusion and Rin cocked her head. "Isn't… what?"

Luka gave them a weary smile and shook her head, sighing as she stroked Miku's hair, the greenette having fallen asleep after all the excitement. "You two run along." the pinkette ordered calmly. "Go pull some pranks. I need a bit of time to think."

She didn't need to tell them twice. The twins streaked down the hall and Luka looked to the girl in her arms. She was willing to get uninstalled for me. the pinkette mused, brushing Miku's bangs away from her face to see the peaceful expression. There wouldn't be a reason for that if I could get what I want. Since there seems to be no way for me to get what I want… I may end up having to give up Miku to get my way.

This thought pained her, but Luka knew that good things didn't come without sacrifices. But is making music and performing worth giving up Miku?

The pinkette honestly didn't know the answer to that question and simply pushed it from her mind as she went back to stroking the aquamarine locks, rubbing her face into them occasionally to be sure Miku was really there and this one happy spot in her life wasn't a dream.

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