The long-awaited continuation! Let's see how Luka takes to her new mentor. And to Crypton over all.

Luka's eyes widened in shock. This beautiful creature was going to be her mentor? Ankle-length aquamarine hair was tied up in two twintails atop the petite girl's head, her thin, slightly slender body covered by a dark gray tank top and a black and white micro-miniskirt. Dark gray thigh-high boots finished the look and the girl's cute smile brought it all together.

Luka felt faint.

Quelling the sudden influx of saliva in her mouth, the pinkette held out a trembling hand and shook with Miku. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Miku-senpai." she said lowly.

"Miku-chan is going to be your mentor until you become successful enough for her to return to her own work full time." Tenshi told her new client, glancing down at some of the papers in her hands. "She is going to give you a tour of the building today to familiarize you with the layout, then she is going to be working with you to help you learn what it takes to produce music, create music videos and prepare for concerts."

Luka nodded to show her understanding and Miku bounced excitedly. "Tenshi-sama, if there's nothing else that needs to be done, can Luka-san and I go?"

Both Kiyoteru and Tenshi chuckled at the greenette's enthusiasm and Tenshi nodded. "Be gentle with her, Miku-chan." She teased.

"Yeah, yeah, cause she's new." Miku beamed as she guided a shy Luka from the room. "See you tomorrow!"

Once the door shut behind them, Miku turned to Luka and chirped, "Shall we start with the fifth floor?"

"That's… where production and recording is, right?" Luka asked tentatively.

"That's right!" Miku responded, heading off in the direction of the stairs. "So, Luka-san, what do you sing? I usually do pop and love songs. Every Halloween, some of us do horror or mystery songs, too."

"I… don't actually have a style." Luka told her. "I was singing a song I liked when Hiyama-sama found me."

"That's not uncommon." Miku explained. "Many of us come in with no knowledge of what genre we want to sing for and, because of that, we actually end up singing for different ones because our tastes are so wide." They arrived on the fifth floor and Miku grinned as she turned to her student. "Alright, Luka-kouhai, this is the floor in which all of the recording studios are."

"Are all of the floors segregated?" Luka inquired curiously.

"That's right!" her companion affirmed. "Recording and podcasts on this floor, video production on the floor above this one, Editing crews on the seventh floor and workrooms for performers on the eighth floor." Entering one of the recording studios, Miku motioned for Luka to be quiet as a group was already inside. "For you, since you're new, you won't have to come into the studios until you have at least three songs finished. But, if ever you need to take a break, the people in the studios won't be against you coming to observe them from time-to-time."

Luka nodded and glanced into the booth, spotting a tall, muscular woman with a cat tattoo on her arm and a paw-print T-shirt on. Her voice wasn't too high, but it had a smooth, husky tone to it. If Luka was honest, she enjoyed the sound of the voice and wouldn't mind talking to the woman when she wasn't singing. "This is Sakamoto Mew-san." Miku explained as she turned to leave. "She's one of the older singers here. And by older, I mean, she's been here longer. She's probably not much older than you."

"That's nice to know." Luka murmured. "It's nice to have people around my own age here as well."

"I bet." The smaller woman giggled, leading Luka up to the next floor. "But don't worry, you might see her around the building every now and then. You seemed to really enjoy the song."

"I didn't really pay attention to it." The pinkette admitted. "I really like her voice, though."

"I'll be sure to pass on the compliment when I see her next." Miku laughed, leading her through the video production and beginning to point out different rooms. Luka tried to pay attention to each one, noting that most of them were currently shooting some type of video or other. Miku probably didn't want to take her into those because they were filming.

Suddenly, a hand came down on her shoulder and Luka's mind went into overdrive. Spinning on her toes, Luka brought a fist into the owner's jaw, delivering another to his nose and a knee to his stomach. Bringing her arm over his back, she knocked him to the ground and placed a foot on his back while pulling one of his arms behind his back, growling down at him.

"Who are you?" she demanded, yanking the offender's arm.

"I-I'm K-Kaito?" the blue-haired man responded, wincing in pain.

Luka glanced up at Miku for an explanation. The greenette slowly moved forward and placed a calming hand on her shoulder. "Luka-kouhai, Kaito-kun is one of Crypton's singers. He's a friend of mine. I'm sure he didn't mean to startle you."

The pinkette slowly released Kaito's arm, backing off of him and eyeing him suspiciously. Just because Miku called him a friend didn't mean he was a friend. The blunette held his nose to prevent bleeding with a small smile and turned to Luka and holding out his free hand. "Sorry about scaring you." he said with a nervous chuckle. "I was just going to ask you about yourself since you looked new."

Luka nodded, slowly shaking his hand. She still didn't trust him, but he seemed nice enough. "I am new. I'm Miku-senpai's new apprentice, Luka."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Luka-san." Kaito grinned. Luka was taken aback by the greeting. After what just happened… he can't mean that… But Kaito seemed sincere. "Maybe we can talk sometime. If there's anything you need help with and Miku miraculously doesn't know it, I'd be glad to offer my assistance. Now, I had better grab some tissues and go check on Kupo-kun."

"Tell him I said hello!" Miku called as Kaito strolled down the hall.

"I will!" the blunette turned and waved. "Nice to see you, Luka-san!"

Luka gave a hesitant wave before turning back to Miku. The greenette was gazing at her with a playful smile. "I take it you're not used to people touching your shoulder?" she asked as they continued walking.

"I've been in too many fights because of someone 'touching my shoulder'." Luka replied quietly, her mind flashing to all the times she had been beaten by others who were trying to make a living. After a while, she had learned to defend herself against them from watching other women do it every now and then. None of them dared to return for her after that.

Miku hummed quietly before nodding and turning into a large room. "This is one of the filming studios." she said cheerfully, as though the previous conversation hadn't happened. "In the filming studio, we usually are able to do quite a bit. Because Crypton specializes in media performers, actors also film their shows here. It's used to film television shows, movies, music videos, the like. If it goes on TV, we usually film it… except the news. Even Crypton doesn't have the funds for that."

Luka laughed at the joke and took a look around the studio. She had never seen anything with so many cameras. There were lights high above, a lot of different computers off to one side of the room and most of it was left wide open with a large green screen behind it. Luka wondered what it would be like to be doing a music video on something like that, especially with a lot of other dancers too.

Miku watched her from near the doorway as Luka knelt and touched the green screen curiously, feeling the material. The pinkette had expected some type of fabric, but it was like a regular screen. It had the feeling of being coated in a thin layer of plastic, though. This feels so surreal. Luka thought as she took one last look around before rejoining Miku. Her mentor cast her a grin and Luka returned it.

Miku turned to continue the tour and Luka followed after her. "This place is so crowded." the pinkette murmured softly, watching as more people flowed around them.

"Not used to seeing so many people?" Miku asked, casting a sideways glance to her.

"No. I… I don't go near crowded places often." Luka replied.

"We'll have to get you used to it then." Miku mused, tapping her chin. "There are a lot of people here at Crypton. Anyway, onwards to upstairs."

Luka smiled and followed her guide up to the next floor. Miku glanced around and her eyebrows furrowed before she turned and continued leading Luka up the stairs. "Is something wrong with the floor?" Luka asked uncertainly.

"It would be rude and insensitive of me to take you onto such a crowded floor when you just told me that you're not comfortable in crowded places." Miku explained with her ever-present smile. "So, we're heading right to the workrooms!"

Luka felt her chest flutter at the acknowledgement and followed Miku to the next floor. This one was completely devoid of people as far as Luka could tell. Miku hummed softly as she examined the rooms. "Let's see, Tenshi-sama told me which one wouldn't be in use… Ah!" Miku stopped in front of a room and beamed at Luka. The pinkette glanced to the door in confusion before looking back to Miku.

Opening the door, Miku turned to Luka with a wide sweep of her arm and stated proudly, "This is your new workroom!"

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