This is something I thought of after seeing a Catastrophe video on Youtube. Luka's eyes were green and red and I thought that would be great. So, I gave that eye a power and a reason to be that color.

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Luka watched all of the children play from the shadows near the school building. None of the other kids noticed her presence, for which she was thankful. Kamui had teased her a lot already today.

One child paused while running near her. He was a new transfer and hadn't really gotten a chance to see her yet. She could only imagine what he saw now. One red eye and one blue peeking from the shadows at him. His blue hair waved as he turned to her slightly.

"Who are you?" he asked curiously. Luka lowered her head, shaking it. "What's wrong?" the boy asked. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

Others slowly took notice of what he was doing and a few came over, gasping when they spotted Luka. "It's Two-Eye!" someone shouted. A purple-haired boy, Kamui, pointed at Luka. "Two-Eye's in the shadows!"

Instantly, all of the children backed away quickly, keeping their distance from the school building. None of them wanted to be around her. It was always the same. While everyone else went back to their activities, the blue-haired boy stayed behind. A brown-haired girl tried tugging him along, but he wouldn't budge.

"Come on, Kaito!" the girl, Meiko, told him, pulling at his arm.

"Why?" the boy, Kaito, asked. "Meiko, why?"

"Cause bad things happen when she's here," the girl, Meiko, replied. "She sees bad stuff and people get in trouble."

Fear flashed in Kaito's eyes and he backed away from Luka. Meiko gave his arm another tug and he hurried away with her, not wanting to be around for any of the 'bad' things to happen. Both of them moved over to Gakupo's group, on the other side of the playground.

Luka sighed. That was always how it played out. Someone new would find her and everyone would always make them run away. That's how it's always been. The school bell rang for them to head back inside and Luka waited. She knew she would cause a commotion if she went over to the other kids, so she just stayed where she was and waited for the teacher to come get her.

Haku counted her students again and sighed. Looking to Flower, she received a nod and made her way toward the side of the school. There, she found the little pink-haired girl hugging her knees and waiting.

"Come along, Luka," she said gently, holding out her hand.

"Kay, Miss Yowane," Luka murmured, hanging her head and heading back to the classroom.

Play was at the end of the day, so everyone was already getting their stuff ready to leave when she arrived. Luka noticed that Kaito stayed far away from her and she turned away from him. He was just like all the others.

Luka lifted her bag and found dirt all over it. A quick look around confirmed that Kamui had more white light around him than before, while everyone else was still really low. He must have been the one to do it, though, Luka wouldn't doubt the others probably cheered him on.

Haku noticed Luka's bag and spotted the boy she was watching. Knowing of Luka's ability, the teacher instantly understood what had happened. She would apparently have to have a conversation with his parents. Again.

"Gakupo?" she called, gaining the boy's attention. "Stay after while everyone else leaves. I want to talk to you."

"See?" Meiko whispered to Kaito. "She's bad. She saw Kupo and knew it was him and now he's in trouble."

"But he deserves to be in trouble," Kaito pointed out. "He did put dirt on her bag."

Meiko huffed. "It's not fair that she gets a super power and we don't!"

Kaito fell silent after that and Miss Yowane called, "Everyone is dismissed. Gakupo, come here, please."

Luka strode from the classroom with her dirty bag. She had tried to brush as much of the dirt as she could off, but it stained. She would have to ask her mother to clean it. Coming home, she opened the door and was engulfed in a short but warm hug from her mother.

"Luka!" Lily beamed down at her. "How are you?"

"Okay," the little girl shrugged. "Kamui rubbed dirt all over my bag, though."

Lily's eyes darkened angrily before they softened and she knelt down in front of her daughter. "Don't worry, Luka," she cooed. "We're going to be leaving soon. Only two more days and we head to Yamaha. Can you wait that long?"

"Yes, Mother," Luka replied, watching her mother smile and head to the kitchen to continue dinner.

Soon, she would be free.

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