It's a new day, another day, for Crypton Academy! Hope you like, alligators.

Luka strode into Crypton High the next morning with a slight spring to her step. She hadn't ever had friends over before and it had actually been pretty fun trying on clothes with Seeu and Aria the previous evening. She wondered if it was a one-time thing. They were probably just doing it to be nice, right?

As she rounded a corner, Luka found herself flanked on both sides. Glancing over, she found Seeu on her left and Aria on her right. Both were on their phones, but when they noticed Luka's confusion, they spoke up.

"Morning!" Aria chirped. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah, I slept just fine," Luka murmured. "Got finished with homework early."

"What?" Seeu gasped. "How? Those problems we were given in Calculus are ripping my brain to shreds!"

Luka shrugged. "It's not that hard once you understand it. It's just memorizing formulas and applying them to what we're given."

"Can you help me after school?" Seeu begged. "I could really use the help and Ria's just as bad at math as I am!"

"Hey!" Aria piped up. "I am not! I'm getting a B minus in that class!"

"But you're bad at helping me understand it," Seeu shot back. "Maybe if I got someone else to help me, I might start passing."

Both turned to Luka. "It doesn't have to be for long," Seeu told her. "Just until I get up to a passing grade, promise!"

"Um, I don't mind helping," Luka replied, shifting nervously. "Want me to come to your place or…?"

"I don't want you to be nervous," Seeu told her, plucking at her cat ears. "We can head back to your place. You're likely to be more relaxed while somewhere familiar, right?"

Luka nodded and they all continued on their way to class. Luka listened to Aria share some music news with Seeu, the two of them squealing over some musician hooking up with another. She was content to just watch, still confused about their interaction with her.

Were they hanging out with her because Gakupo told them to? Or did they decide to of their own volition? What did they hope to gain from her? Were they working to humiliate her because she was new? So many questions and no answers and it was making Luka nervous.

"Luka?" a voice snapped her from her reverie and Luka blinked.

Aria and Seeu watched her with slight concern. "You okay?" Seeu asked slowly. "You zoned out on us and we weren't sure what to do."

"Oh, I'm fine," Luka told them quickly. "I was just thinking."

"Well, we've got to head to class," Aria told her. She was still skeptical, but she would let it go for now. "See you at lunch!"

Luka nodded to them with a wave and headed into her Literature class. They were worried about her, so that had to mean they cared, right? Except they probably would be that way if anyone zoned out nearby.

None of it made sense. Luka didn't know if they were genuinely interested or if they had something to gain. She would know immediately if she took off her eyepatch, but that was a risk she wasn't willing to take. She could lose them as her friends if they saw her eye.

Guess I'll just have to see how things play out like a regular person. The thought thrilled her a little bit. She'd never had the chance to experience things like a regular person. Maybe the eyepatch would prove beneficial after all.

Glancing around, Luka noted some of the students eyeing her warily. Either they knew about her from when she was younger or they were informed after her run-in with Gakupo the day before. She hoped that didn't pose too much of a hindrance to her. She just wanted to get through her classes and to graduation.

Luka turned her attention to the teacher as class began. Nothing of note happened during the day, though more students did pay more attention to her than before. Luka was unsure why she was the subject of interest. It could have just been because she was new, but she wasn't used to people watching her so much. Usually, they just ignored her presence or steered out of her path.

This was an entirely new experience. Because she wasn't using her eye to see the intentions of the people around her, there was no way for Luka to know if they were harboring ill-intent toward her or if it was just curiosity. It made her a little uneasy and she hoped it was the latter.

Interestingly, more could be done during her classes now that no one actively avoided her. People didn't shy away whenever she sat next to them, and the teachers didn't hesitate to call on her to answer questions in class. It was refreshing, being able to have a regular class experience without the isolation. Luka could definitely get used to this.

Lunch arrived faster than expected. Luka blinked as everyone stood to head to the cafeteria. She waited for the classroom to empty, not wanting to get jostled around in the crowd. Once everyone was gone, she made her way carefully through the halls and into the cafeteria. Students chattered around her, throwing her a glance before going back to their conversation. Luka easily found the table where the others were sitting.

Meiko glanced up at her with a glare, but Luka ignored her, moving to the end of the table next to Gumi. The greenette nodded to her with a smile and Luka returned it. Aria and Seeu were in the middle of a conversation, though Luka couldn't understand a word of it. Gakupo had yet to arrive.

"So, how's the day going?" Gumi asked.

"Not bad," Luka shrugged in response. "No one's done anything, so I think it's a success so far."

Green eyes narrowed slightly. "Let me know if someone tries anything. I'll put a stop to it."

That was unexpected. Luka turned to Gumi in shock; she didn't think the other woman would be so quick to jump to her aid. In fact, she'd assumed Gumi would keep her distance. The goggled girl gave her a small smile.

"Look, I know I did some crappy stuff when we were younger, but I wanna put all that behind us and try again. It won't make up for what I did, but at least now, I might be able to get to know you instead of just being afraid of you."

Luka felt something warm in her stomach. It was just like Gakupo the day before. Some of the people from her childhood actually did want to try again. "Thanks. I'll do my best."

Gumi cleared her throat and shifted awkwardly. "And, I mean, for what it's worth, I think what your eye can do it actually pretty cool. If you wanna take the patch off at Seeu's party, then I'll make sure no one says anything stupid."

"I'll think about it." Luka still wasn't sure what to make of all this, but there was someone who knew of her affliction and would help her be comfortable showing it. That meant more to her than anything else Gumi could have said.

At that moment, Gakupo and Kaito strode up, laughing. While Gakupo greeted everyone, Kaito slid in front of Meiko. "What's up?" he asked.

"Nothing," his friend grumbled, casting a glare over to where the others were tangled in an intense discussion about who cared what. "Literature was a pain this morning."

"Do you need help with your homework?" Kaito inquired worriedly. The last time Meiko had trouble with Literature, she nearly failed. It was only with his help that she'd managed to pass.

The brunette shook her head. "I do need your help with something else, though," she muttered, leaning closer.

Kaito's curiosity piqued. Also moving closer, he whispered, "What do you need my help with?"

"Something that will make the whole school realize that the freakshow over there isn't as darling as they might think she is," Meiko smirked. "We're gonna make sure everyone knows just how weird Megurine really is. And Seeu's party is the perfect place."

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