La Muerte had no idea what Xibalba was doing, but was convinced that it was no good. Each day, he would try to impress La Noche by some means. He never succeeded in any of these attempts, leaving something to laugh at the end of the day. But yet he continued without fail, to think of ways to win the heart of La Noche.

Of course there could have been other reasons as well. La Noche was, without a doubt, beautiful. She is the twin sister of La Muerte, so there was no denying that. And she ruled her own land, just as La Muerte did.

But unfortunately, through his many failed attempts to gain La Noche, she had grown a little egotistical about the whole matter. "It's so entertaining how Xibalba tries to pursue me with no success." La Noche noted to her sister, on one of their days out and about. They had decided to walk among the streets of San Angel, passing through their cemetery. They were talking about their respective lands and what sort of things have been going on when suddenly, the subject of Xibalba came up. "Sister, please stop playing with the affections of poor Xibalba." La Muerte asked of La Noche. Even someone as cruel as Xibalba, doesn't deserve to have his emotions played with. "Are you joking? With Xibalba "in love" with me, he's been too distracted to torture mortals! Or terrorize those forgotten in his land. You of all people, should be glad I've put a stop to his reign of terror."

La Muerte paused for a moment. What La Noche spoke of was true. Why should she interfere? Obviously, everyone seemed happier off with Xibalba pursuing La Noche. Even La Noche was beginning to enjoy the attention. But she just couldn't shake off the feeling that Xibalba was planning something.

"It still would be nice if a gentleman would court you so earnestly." La Muerte continued with. Scoffing, La Noche barked back, "Like El Chamuco, right?" La Muerte could barely hold back the growl. "Not like that La Noche..." Rolling her eyes, La Noche, walked a little bit faster. Xibalba had shown up again.

He wore a very ghoulish grin on his face. "Ladies..." He began with. "Not another attempt Xibalba..." La Noche started of with, before a raised, gloved hand stopped her. "Now, now, La Noche, I know my many attempts to win your affection have failed before but this time I'm sure..." "Yes well, no thank you." And with that, she flashed herself to her realm in an instant, leaving La Muerte and Xibalba by themselves.

Sighing, La Muerte, with half-effort, gave him a respectful bow. "Hello Xibalba, ruler of the Land of the Forgotten." And looked back up, almost expecting him not to be there at all. (It wouldn't be the first time.) But he was still there. He was standing very still, it seemed, wide-eyed, and staring directly at La Muerte. She was confused by his sudden stiffness. When she reached out to nudge him, he jumped back, almost as if she had tried to attack him. Eyes still wide, and wings sprung out to life, he was gone in an instant.

La Muerte tried to make sense of exactly what had happened.

Xibalba was in his lair. Breathing heavily, practically gasping for air, heart thumping incredibly fast, even for godly standards. He wasn't sure what had happened in him. One second he was looking at La Muerte, ruler of the Land of the Remembered, twin sister of La Noche. Occasionally annoying to him, and even down right stubborn. And the next, he was looking at the most beautiful goddess in all the realms. Her beautiful white shimmering skin, the fire in her eyes that seemed hot enough to burn even the hottest of volcanos. The way she spoke, the way she moved. Shaking his head, he tried to get the visions of La Muerte's smile and her wonderful sugar-skull candy skin out of his mind. It was difficult, but he managed.

Backing up into a wall, Xibalba slid carelessly and struck the floor.

In all of his existence, he has never felt this way for a creature. It was such a pure feeling, pure ecstasy. The look of her face, the feel of her skin. Absolutely everything, was wonderfully flawless of her entire being. What had caused this sudden change? Surely that one glance at La Muerte couldn't have spiraled into this emotional madness... Could it? Or was it, perhaps, just how he had always felt for her, and only now did he realize just how much he had unconsciously loved her from afar.

La Muerte.

Oh, just saying her name was sweet, sweet music to his ears. He wanted to hug her, to kiss her, to have her so close to him, it hurt. And he wasn't sure how, but he would win the heart of the wonderful La Muerte. No matter what.

And thus a plan was born. A truly ill-conceived, desperate plan in the attempt to win the heart of La Muerte. He made a bet with her.

Now, of course, Xibalba was not one to be utterly blunt with his feelings first hand. It took him many weeks, months, almost years to persuade himself to give this plan a try before it was too late. He wasn't exactly sure how he would be able to put it gently to La Muerte that he found her to be the most beautiful woman ever to be created without the likely chance of her being completely put off. But he soon found out that she was not one to turn down a bet. No matter how foolish or completely rigged it may have seemed.

"How about a littler wager?" Xibalba asked, after he practically poured his heart out to La Muerte. She didn't seem at all disgusted, but much more surprised that he felt this way for her (which was a complete relief on his part). The corner of her mouth twitched up, revealing in that moment, her love for a good bet. "What kind of wager do you have in mind, Balbi?" She asked him, grinning as he winced at the childish nickname she had given him when they first met.

"I bet that I can win your heart. Of course, if we spent some, quality time, together." Xibalba said, hinting, and raised a single eyebrow. La Muerte merely rolled her eyes. "Fine, then I bet I will not fall in love with you." She said earnestly. "If you win, then I will marry you." She said, which caused Xibalba's wings to pop out. "But if I win... then, you will stop torturing the mortals, or at least not as harshly as you did before." She said with a smirk, as Xibalba's smile turned into a harsh glare. She only winked, which he was taken back by, as he contemplated on the stakes.

Playing with the mortals were some of his favorite pastimes. To think that he would have to restrain himself... It was almost enough to make him call it off. But, shaking his head, he couldn't lose this one chance to have La Muerte love him as much as he had grown to love her. With a shake of their hands, the wager was set.

Now it would only be appropriate, that by this time, La Noche had taken an interest in Xibalba, herself. She was actually a little flattered by how much he had tried to pursue her after all this time. And was willing to marry him, if he proposed. But alas, he never did. He had fallen in love with her sister. At first, the news of Xibalba and La Muerte's bet that had received much talk over the realms far above and below had almost angered her.

How dare he! He bothered her for so long, only to have given up, trying to take La Muerte instead? This was almost enough to make La Noche lose her dinner. But thinking it over, she had to admit that with all of the rejections she had given him, it was only a matter of time before he would have grown tired and wanted to find someone new. But his sister? Of all the goddesses he could have picked on, he chose to bother her?

La Noche couldn't stand the thought of La Muerte stuck with that god. She tried to reason with her. "La Muerte! Listen to me! You can't fall in love with him! How can a man just decide he wants someone who happens to look exactly like a person he once loved?" La Muerte only rolled her eyes, "La Noche, I don't plan on falling in love. If I win, then he won't be able to simply kill mortals again." She said, trying to reassure La Noche it would never happen. "I can promise you that I won't lose this bet."