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6 months after Survival of the Fittest…

There's a bright light and Gracilynn crashes through a door, falling to the ground. There is a scream and a shout and Gracilynn looks up from her spot on the floor seeing she has crashed into someone's hotel room. A man and a woman are standing across from her with wide eyes staring. Gracilynn gives them a smile and a nervous laugh escapes from her mouth.

"Sorry bout that. Wrong room…" she says lamely with a sheepish look on her face. She pushes herself to her feet and walks backwards towards the door, spinning around and running down the sidewalk when she gets there.

Gracilynn hurries inside the gas station at the end of the block and grabs a newspaper, as well as a bottle of water and a bag of m n' m's. She walks over to the counter and sets her items on top of it, giving the young man a smile. The man smiles in return and rings up her items. Gracilynn gives the man some money and scurries out of the building. She jogs across the street and sits on one of the benches in the park, opening up the bottle of water and drinking half of it. She sets the bottle down next to her and picks up the paper, her eyes instantly looking to the date. She sighs seeing that it's been six months since their showdown with Dick Roman. She was hoping Gramps would be able to get her closer to the time she disappeared.

She grabs the bag of m n' m's and throws a handful in her mouth, chewing them hungrily. Swallowing, Gracilynn pulls out her phone, relieved to see she has service now. There were cell towers in 2005 but it was kind of hard to use a phone and number that hadn't even been distributed yet. Gracilynn hits her father's speed dial and puts the phone to her ear, listening to it ring on the other end. She makes a face when Dean's voice mail picks up and she quickly leaves a message before hanging up.

Five minutes later and Gracilynn sighs in frustration, hanging up her phone once again. She had been trying all of her dad and uncle's phone numbers but has not been able to get a hold of either of them. She puts her phone back in her jacket pocket and glances around her. If she can't get a hold of her dad and uncle then she guesses she'll just move to step 2; getting her baby back.


Gracilynn drives the beat up Chevy down the dirt road, bringing it to a stop in front of Rufus' cabin and turning it off. She opens the door and cautiously climbs out, keeping her eyes peeled for any danger. Not seeing any, she walks up to the front door and pulls out her gun. Gracilynn opens the door and points her gun throughout the room, only relaxing when she sees it's empty. She puts her gun back in the small of her back and searches throughout the cabin and basement for any sign that someone's been there.

Walking back upstairs from the basement, Gracilynn sighs, coming to the conclusion that the cabin has been vacant for awhile. She instantly begins searching the 'living room', finding a box containing cell phones; cell phones belonging to her dad and uncle. Gracilynn feels emotions rise up within her but quickly shoves them back down. It wouldn't do her any good if she started acting like a girl. Her eyes catch something else in the box and a wide grin spreads across her face. Gracilynn reaches into the box and pulls out the keys to her Camaro. Gracilynn puts the lid back on the box and sets it back in the hiding spot it was in, standing up and heading outside.

She looks around the yard and picks up on the trunk of a car to her right. Gracilynn jumps down the stairs and walks around the corner of the cabin, seeing her Camaro sitting in front of her. Gracilynn sets her hand on the trunk of her car, a small smile on her lips, and lets it run down the side of it to the nose. She looks at the car and fiddles with the keys in her hands, the excitement building up in her. Gracilynn climbs into the driver's seat and puts the key into the ignition, turning it and silently rejoicing when the car starts up.

"All right baby, let's go find dad and Uncle Sam," Gracilynn says, putting on her seat belt and backing up the car, peeling down the dirt road.


Gracilynn grips the steering wheel of the Camaro, her eyes trained ahead of her. She pases a sign and glances at it, reading 'Welcome to Lawrence'. She really didn't want to be back here, her mind wandering to a few years ago and watching her uncle jump into the pit. But she had been searching for her dad and uncle for about a week now and has had no luck so she decided to go to the one person she still trusted that might be able to help her. She takes a few more turns before turning down another side street and parking the Camaro on the side of the road. Gracilynn shuts the car off and stares at the house across the street from her. The last time she was here was just as hard for her.

"So, why are we here and not helping dad and Uncle Sam again?" Gracilynn asks John with raised eyebrows.

"I told you. They can't see you," John says as he opens the door and climbs out of the truck. Gracilynn scowls but follows after him.

"You could just leave me at a motel and then go help them," Gracilynn says as she catches up to the older man. John rolls his eyes and stops in the middle of the road and turns around to look at her.

"Do you argue with your father this much in the future?" John asks gruffly, annoyance in his voice.

"Only when I think he's being stupid," Gracilynn counters back with a scowl. John clenches his mouth shut but doesn't say anything causing Gracilynn to smirk.

"There's a car coming," Gracilynn says as she raises an eyebrow. John looks to his right and indeed sees a car driving towards them. He huffs and begins walking back towards the house, Gracilynn at his heels. "So who's this Missouri chick?"

"She's a psychic. And she could help us, not just with Dean and Sam but maybe you as well," John says before knocking on the door. The door opens and a shorter, African-American lady appears in front of them. She looks at John and offers him a smile and then looks over at Gracilynn, her eyebrows furrowing. She looks back over at John, confusion on her face.

"This is Dean's daughter," she says, glancing back over at Gracilynn. Gracilynn's eyes widen and she looks over at John and then back at Missouri.

"How'd you know that?" Gracilynn asks, watching Missouri carefully.

"You were just wondering if you were going to see your father and Uncle Sam," Missouri says, studying the young woman before her. She looks over at John, pinching her eyebrows together. "She's quite old to be Dean's daughter."

"She's from the future," John explains, glancing around them warily. Missouri's eyes widen and she quickly ushers them inside.

"Have my dad and uncle been here already?" Gracilynn asks as soon as they enter the room. Missouri looks over and raises an eyebrow before looking at John.

"Just like her father isn't she?" she asks and John snorts in agreement. Missouri turns back to Gracilynn and nods her head.

"Yes, they have been. I just came from their old house," Missouri explains as she takes a seat on the chair. Gracilynn and John sit on the couch and Gracilynn leans back in it. Missouri fixes her with a look. "Don't even think about it."

Gracilynn's eyes widen and she stutters something unintelligible out. Missouri shakes her head and turns back over to John who begins explaining how Gracilynn got to be here and what has been happening. When he's done, Missouri looks between Grandfather and Granddaughter debating on what to say.

"I don't know of anything that can help but I can ask around. See if someone knows of a spell or something to help get her back," Missouri replies finally. Gracilynn bites her bottom lip and glances towards the door, wishing she can see her father and uncle again. Missouri gives her a sympathetic look and rests a hand on Gracilynn's knee. "Don't worry child; you'll be with them soon."

Gracilynn climbs out of the car and shuts the door behind her, making her way up to the house's front door. She takes a deep breath and moves to knock on the door but it opens before she is able to. Missouri looks at her with wide eyes but then a smile slowly spreads on her face.

"Gracilynn," she says, pulling Gracilynn in for a hug, which Gracilynn returns. Missouri pulls away and looks at Gracilynn with concern. "Your father and uncle are missing?"


Missouri walks over to the table and sits down next to Gracilynn, giving her a sympathetic look. She can feel the overwhelming feelings radiating off the poor girl in front of her; the fear, desperation, the need to get back to her family. Gracilynn was only 19 and Missouri could already tell she had been through so much in her life. Missouri glances in her living room, seeing John resting on the couch and then looks back over at Gracilynn who is staring inside her coffee cup.

"You and your father are close," Missouri says, watching Gracilynn carefully. Gracilynn smiles slightly and looks over at Missouri.

"Yeah. Me and my uncle too. They're all I have left now," she says softly as she looks back down at her coffee mug. Missouri nods her head in understanding; she saw how the boys cared for each other and could tell there was no exception when it came to them and Gracilynn. Gracilynn sighs and glances back at John, making sure he's asleep before looking back at Missouri and speaking again. "He's different."

"John?" Missouri asks, but already knowing the answer. John Winchester had been to hell and back more than once and it had hardened him. Gracilynn nods her head.

"My dad was all for the 'no chick flick' rule but he still made me feel…I just…With Gramps there's not… It's just hard," Gracilynn replies, not really knowing how to explain anything she is feeling. Missouri nods her head in understanding, knowing exactly what Gracilynn is feeling without her needing to try to explain it.

"He cares about you. He just has trouble showing it," Missouri assures the young woman in front of her. Gracilynn tries for a smile but it falls weak on her lips.

"I just want to get back," Gracilynn whispers before trying to force the rising emotions back down. Missouri gives her a sympathetic smile and rests a hand on Gracilynn's forearm, giving it an encouraging squeeze.


Gracilynn looks up from her seat at the table and gives Missouri a smile, saying 'thanks' and taking the cup of coffee from the older woman. Missouri sits down in the seat next to her and looks at the young woman next to her. Gracilynn takes a sip of her coffee before starting.

"I tried calling them numerous times but they don't answer. All of their phones are in a box in a friends cabin. And I've tried looking for them for the past week with no success. I…I don't know what else to do," Gracilynn says as she looks over at Missouri. Missouri gently squeezes Gracilynn's forearm and sighs.

"I think…" she begins but Gracilynn's phone ringing interrupts them. Gracilynn hurriedly takes out her phone and answers it without looking at the Caller ID.

"Dad?" Gracilynn asks into the phone, hoping it's him.

"N…No," a young voice says over the speaker. Gracilynn's hope breaks apart and her face falls. "Gracilynn?"

Gracilynn furrows her eyebrows, wondering how this person knows who she is. Then, she realizes who it is and she sits up straighter.

"Kevin?" Gracilynn asks, knowing Kevin was with her uncle before she pulled a Marty McFly. There is a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone.

"Thank God you answered. I've been trying to reach your dad and uncle but they never return my messages," Kevin says, his voice strained slightly.

"Yeah, me neither," Gracilynn replies, running her hand through her hair. Her eyebrows furrowed suddenly and she becomes more aware of the conversation. "Wait, weren't you with Uncle Sam?"

"Crowley took me. The last time I saw Sam was after you and your dad disappeared," Kevin says over the phone line.

"Crowley took you? How'd you escape?" Gracilynn asks, not liking this situation at all.

"It's a long story, but he's sent his goons after me and I've been running from them since," Kevin says, fear lacing into his tone.

"Where are you?" Gracilynn asks as she stands up and grabs her coat. Kevin tells her where he is and Gracilynn hangs up the phone, turning and giving Missouri a small smile. "I have to help him."

"I know. You go. I'll keep looking for any signs of your dad and uncle," Missouri says, waving Gracilynn off.

"Thank you," Gracilynn says and then pulls her jacket on before rushing out of the house.

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