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Gracilynn is sitting on the ground outside the building, her knees pulled up to her chest, head leaning against the wall behind her, and eyes focused off in the distance. Footsteps sound nearby and Gracilynn looks up to see her uncle approaching her. Offering Sam a small smile Gracilynn looks back out over the parking lot. Shuffling sounds and Gracilynn feels her uncle sit down next to her.

"You think we can trust Benny?" Gracilynn asks Sam even as she keeps her gaze focused across the lot.

"I think Dean thinks we can. Me? I'm not so sure. He's a vampire," Sam answers as his gaze shifts from Gracilynn to wherever she's looking.

"Yeah. Trusting monsters hasn't really worked out for us has it?" Gracilynn replies and glances over at her uncle. Sam forces a swallow and nods his head. Gracilynn looks back over the lot and sighs.

"I'm going along with this because dad asked us to not because I trust Benny. Because I don't. But I don't trust Martin either."

"We'll figure it out," Sam assures and shifts his gaze over to his niece.

"We as in you and I? Or we as in all three of us? Cause there's a difference," Gracilynn asks and looks over and meets Sam's gaze. Sam watches her for a moment before looking away. However, he doesn't answer the question. Truthfully, he doesn't really know the answer to the question. "Our family's falling apart."
Sam's eyes dart over to Gracilynn to see her looking in the distance again. The abruptness of the comment through him off guard. It came unexpectedly and he isn't sure how to respond to it. Sam swallows and looks down at his hands, thinking about what his niece has just said. Part of him, agrees with her and deep down, he has no idea how to fix it.


"Let me get this straight," Martin begins from where he's leaning up against the refrigerator. There is a glass in his hand but he hasn't drank any of it. Sam is sitting at the table and Dean is standing across him. Gracilynn is sitting on the edge of the bed and she's watching Martin closely. The more the older man talks the more she doesn't trust him. Something about him seems off; Gracilynn just can't put her finger on it. Martin's voice continues on with his rant. "I follow your boy… down a freaking path and trip over fresh vamp kill, and then you practically catch him in the act…"
Martin takes an ice cube tray out of the freezer and sets it down on the counter along with his glass. He turns around and pulls out a fork and continues talking.

"…of burying a second body, and you're still taking his side?"

"Vampires pick people off from the outskirts of town, okay?" Dean argues as his hands are waving around in the air in front of him. He's glaring at Martin's back.

"Pfft!" Martin scoffs as he begins stabbing at the ice cube tray with a fork in order to loosen the cubes from their spots.

"Not in cafe's that they work ion with their great-grandkids. In fact, killing any human… it's not his style," Dean grinds out with not quite a growl in his voice.

"Not his style? Not his style?" Martin asks with wide eyes as he whips around and fixes Dean with a look.

"Listen, Dean, we came here on a dead body. You asked for some time, and now there's another dead body," Sam begins and Dean looks over at him. Martin turns back around and drops a few ice cubes in his drink before putting the tray back in the freezer. Sam continues talking to his brother.

"Are we just going on trust here?"
Martin takes a sip of his drink and turns around to look over at Dean. Gracilynn looks over at her father as well as she waits for his answer. She trusts her dad but she's not so sure he's right this time.

"Yes," Dean answers simply with a look at Sam.

"Okay. Because we've killed for a lot less, and you know how these things turn out for us," Sam says as his hand is jutting in the air in front of him. Gracilynn sighs; her uncle is right. These things never turn out good for them and someone always ends up getting hurt in the process. They are better off just trusting each other but apparently this is too much to ask for now a days.

"Yes, I do… too well. In fact, every relationship I have ever had has gone to crap at some point. But the one thing I can say about Benny… he has never let me down," Dean says firmly with a hard look. Gracilynn scowls; her dad is acting as if he can't trust them.

"Didn't know I let you down dad," Gracilynn bites out and a look of hurt flashes through her eyes.

"Huh. Well, good on you, Dean. Must feel great finally finding someone you can trust after all these years," Sam says at the same time with a scowl on his face. Dean sighs and looks down before looking back up at his daughter before looking over brother.

"That's not what I meant Gracie. And all I'm saying is that Benny is innocent," Dean says with a grimace at the flash of hurt on his daughters face.

"No. You're too close to this," Sam says as he stands up and shakes his head.

"You're not gonna find him. And if you do, I'm gonna tell you this. You'll be lucky to get out alive. And you," Dean begins and points over at Martin, "you go with him, you're a dead man… period."

"Pretty sure Uncle Sam and I can handle one vamp dad," Gracilynn grinds out with a scowl. Martin finishes his drink and slowly picks up a knife without anyone noticing.

"You," Dean says with a pointed look at his daughter, "You aren't even going. I'm not letting you go into a bloodbath."

"I'll be twenty dad. And I've had great teachers," Gracilynn bites out and Dean opens his mouth to say something but Sam cuts in.

"These are innocent lives we're talking about, Dean. And you're willing to risk that on Benny's word alone?" Sam asks with a furrowed brow. Martin walks over to stand behind Dean.

"Damn right I am," Dean says before turning towards Martin to see what he's doing. As Dean turns around, Martin hits him in the head with the hilt of the knife. Dean drops to the ground and Gracilynn's eyes widen at her unconscious father.

"What… was that?" Sam asks with a scowl and spreading his arms.

"What the hell?!" Gracilynn shouts with a scowl and a glare aiming at Martin.

"Dean made his choice. Let's go do our job," Martin says as he ties Dean to the heater and grabs a bag. He opens the door and exits the room. Sam sighs and follows after him. Gracilynn grimaces and looks over at her dad before looking towards the door where Martin and Sam have disappeared through. Walking over to her bag, Gracilynn pulls out a bobby pin and sets it on the floor next to her dad before running out the door after her uncle.
She doesn't believe this is what they should be doing but she can't leave her uncle alone with Martin. The guy is nuts. Gracilynn looks up at a thump and sees her uncle shove Martin against the wall, his hand grabbing the front of Martin's shirt.

"You listen to me. I brought you into this. I can bring you out just as easy. So, the only thing you're gonna be inclined to do is shut up and follow my lead," Sam growls out and snatches the keys from Martin's hand.

"Okay. You say so," Martin replies and holds his hands up in surrender.
Gracilynn catches up to them just as Sam lets go of Martin and begins walking out of the building. Gracilynn gives Martin a look before rushing after her uncle. The three hunters exit the building and walk past the Impala with Gracilynn giving it a sympathetic look.

"Just saying… brother chooses a vampire over a brother? Father chooses a vampire over a daughter? I know how I'd feel," Martin says with a shake of his head and walks past the two youngest Winchesters. Gracilynn scowls and looks over at Sam.

"I don't trust him. He's not stable. He's planning something and I don't like it," Gracilynn whispers harshly to her uncle. Sam purses his lips but doesn't say anything. He's not sure he can trust Martin but he knows he can't trust a vampire.


Gracilynn stands in the middle of a campsite. She looks over to her uncle who is looking at clothing line with clothes hanging on it. Martin is nearby with a machete in his hand.

"Something spooked him," Martin says aloud as he bends down to look at something on the ground. There is a buzzing noise and Gracilynn looks over at Sam to see him looking down at his phone. Wide, fear-filled eyes look over at her and Gracilynn furrows her brow. Sam walks over to her determinedly as he puts his phone back in his pocket.

"We have to go. I have something personal to do," Sam whispers and quickly begins to walk back to Martin's car. Gracilynn scowls but rushes after her uncle. She is so sick and tired of everyone else taking off because they have 'something personal' to do. Hello, they're family; what's so personal they can't share it with each other.


Gracilynn bites her bottom lip as she looks out the windshield. The trees and fields fly by the windows but she keeps her eyes on the road. Her uncle had dropped her off back at Martin's before taking off and when Gracilynn went up to Martin's room she found her dad was gone. Not that she could say she was surprised. So, Gracilynn went out into the parking lot and 'borrowed' a car. Now, she is driving away towards… well, she isn't quite sure where. She just needs to get out of there; needs to go somewhere where the secrets aren't burying her. She loves her family but she can't keep watching them as they destroy each other. So, instead you're running away, Bobby's voice echoes in her head. Gracilynn grimaces. She's clearing her head; she isn't running away. She isn't.

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