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There was a commotion at Dalton today. This was a regular occurrence at the private school. Yes, they were rich kids but they were still boys and if you add the craziness of the Warblers to a school already full of teenaged boys there were going to be many commotions. The disturbance in the school was different today though, there was a new boy coming to Dalton later on. Now, normally this would only be a small thing but this transfer was a bit odd and mysterious. It was already halfway through the second semester of the year so it was an odd time for a transfer but that wasn't what made this odd, Dalton's zero tolerance no bullying policy had kids transferring at odd times quite often, no, what made this odd was that there was almost no information about this boy except that he was foreign. Now, this caused everyone to be gossiping and trading rumours about who this kid was. Most of the gossiping was between the Warblers and the Gay/Bisexual population of the school. The Warblers needed a new member as three Warblers had moved away and the rest of the school weren't overly good at singing. The gay/bisexual population were wondering if this transfer was one of them, if he was hot, and where he was from. They were hoping he came from somewhere with a hot accent as you didn't get many foreign people in Ohio, especially rich ones.

Blaine was a part of both groups: he was a gay warbler, which had him at a good standpoint to hear most of the rumours going around the school. So far the only information he'd found that seemed even slightly plausible was that this kid was a genius. A senior had broken into the file system and found the little information on the boy. Most of it was generic: his name was Kurt Watson-Holmes; he was in the same year as Blaine; his birthday. There were only two abnormalities in his record: he seemed to have skipped several years as he was three years younger than Blaine; and that on all of the admissions tests he had a perfect score that would normally be accused as cheating because no one had ever got 100% on the test but there was no plausible way that he could have cheated.

Dalton creates its own exams for admission purposes, which are never published, so he couldn't have found a copy of the test anywhere except the school system. Even if he had been able to find the tests, there would have been no way that he could have known which ones he would have gotten because the tests are randomly selected immediately before the exam to stop cheating. There was nowhere he could have hidden all of the answers as the tests are huge and all technology is confiscated. So Kurt must be a certifiable genius.

All of the other rumours were all probably wrong. They were all things like that Kurt was a foreign prince. It was quite unlikely that was the truth. Dalton was a prestigious school, despite being in Ohio. It was not a ridiculous idea that royalty may go there as several famous people's children already did because it was out of the eye of the media.