It was Monday by the time Kurt finally arrived at Dalton. No one knew that he was coming on that day, some had assumed, but no one knew for sure.

Kurt strode through the doors of Dalton with an air of self-importance he learnt from his father. Ignoring everyone after a quick glace around the room, he walked straight into the Dean's office despite the protests of the PA. Students gazed after him with awe and slight terror, no one had ever interrupted the Dean without there being an emergency, and they certainly hadn't done it without knocking first.

The Dean looked up from his paperwork in surprise when his door opened without his PA alerting him to a visitor, or there being a knock on the door at least. When he saw who the intruder was, he knew instantly what had happened.
"Mr. Watson-Holmes, while I know your father acts like this frequently, I must ask for you to refrain from doing so on school grounds."
"But, Uncle Greg, I could tell the PA would be infuriating from just the smell of her perfume. It was disgraceful. Really, you should be thanking me for displaying her incompetency." Kurt replied.
"Kurt, everyone is incompetent to you and your father. Also, I'm sure we've had the conversation about you not calling me 'Uncle Greg' at school."
At this, Kurt slid onto Greg's desk, threw his head back, and rolled his eyes.
"These formalities are pointless. You are my Uncle be marriage, so why should I not be able to call you Uncle Greg?"
"You know, I sometimes wish you were more like your Dad."
"Doesn't everyone?"
"If they don't, they probably should."
Kurt bounced off the desk, spun around, and slammed his hands on the table.
"I came here because I need my timetable. This conversation grows tedious."
Greg looked through his desk draws and pulled out an envelope.
"This contains your timetable, a map of the school, and the catch up work you have to do. Your dorm number is on the top of the map and yes it's a single, like you asked for. Next time try saying please and thank you."
"Uncle Greg, you know Father taught me better than to say please and thank you to people" Kurt replied with a smirk. He then spun on his heel and strode out the door with his coat billowing out behind him, looking like his father chasing a clue.

Over the next few weeks, everyone became wary of the new boy. He was hot, British, and cared for no one. Everyone had learnt to avoid the young genius unless they wanted all of their faults listed at a high volume for the rest of the school to hear. This lead to everyone knowing everything that he did. They had learnt that unless he was directly bothered by someone, he would act as if no one else was in the same galaxy as him. After classes he immediately went back to his single dorm – which no one was sure how he got – and made weird noises (no one even tried to find out what he was doing). At the weekends he went home, so everyone decided to