Once upon a time, there was a little child whose name was Hugo. Even if he often got sick, he lived happily in his room with his good mother, who teached him religion and discipline, played with him, was gentle to him and took care of him. He only knew about the outside world thanks to his mother and to television. His father visited him once in a while, but he didn't like him. He was so serious and scary. One day, his father gifted him a comic book about a boxer who had to fight an evil baseball player to save the city.

After some time, when Hugo's birthday was coming soon, he was in his room watching a movie, when he heard his father entering the house, and his mother and he talking. Then they started to arge and scream. They were talking about Hugo. Then, he heard hard thumps, next nothing. He opened the door to peep out. His mother was at the floor, and there was blood around her, while his father was standing up, looking at her, serious as always. His mother noticed her son was watching. "Look... he has your eyes..." she said. And the father looked at him "They are full of fear."

Quickly, Hugo shut the door closed. He was as scared as he never has been. He desperately wanted his mother to be with him, but what could he do? His father opened the door with a kick and entered without a problem. "For the father, the son, and the holy spirit. You will never again be afraid of the dark, son."