Hugo created his own world. The Queen was discipline and authority, Dedan was fun, Japhet was security, Enoch was sweetness and Pablo (the judge) was common sense (what's correct and what's not). The five of them represent Hugo's mother, and they created the colorful zones 0 to 3. Then, people started to populate the zones. In zone 1 everything was fun, in zone 2 they were secure and in zone 3 they could eat all the sugar they wanted. But nothing was interesting about zone 0, right?

With the time, three of the guardians got corrupted by their power: Dedan became fury, Japhet represents ignorance because his people were unaware of who was the one that kept them alive, and Enoch became vice because now his people couldn't live without sugar, plus they had to kill each other to obtain it.

The people of the zones represent the people of real life: They are dominated by fury, ignorance and vice, and they are always so tired and depressed and unfunny, and always smoking (yes, cigars) and they can only think of work and their payment, and doing everything beyond the routine may be risky and dangerous. When they are scared, they become monsters, just like in real life, because fear is the one and only real cause of the pain that humanity causes to itself.

Finally, Hugo created his father and the demon who possessed him: the puppeteer. The child needed some excuse to understand why did his father do something so horrible. He was wearing a baseball player outfit and a bat because of the evil ballman of the comic that he gifted to him. At first, the judge thought that his mission was good.

The batter was created on zone 0, because Hugo was still scared of him and zone 0 was the farthest place from his room. But, eventually, the batter opened his way to the room along with his add-ons Alpha, Omega and Epsilon, also known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He moved from one zone to another, destroying the corrupted guardians and everything they have created, including pain.

When he finally reached the room, the nightmare became confusing. Hugo didn't want the batter to hurt him or the queen, so he tried to guide him back to the exit multiple times, but the batter insisted. The end was coming.

The queen, represented also by beautiful but dead flies, was waiting at her throne for the batter to arrive. It was happening again. Why? Why has it to be like this? Common sense arrived too late, and Hugo forever stayed in his coma.

Zacharie, Mortis Ghost, The Puppeteer, The Devil, God.