NEW STORY! i keep of coming up with random things around my day
ALSO "The Kid at School" is still continuing but i need a idea of where to go for the next chapter :(

I am Humphrey Wilson, a 14 Year old Teen who lives in Jasper, Canada after moving from Idaho also in Canada. I have a, well..., Ability if you call it, I have the ability to change into a strong full grown wolf. Now and then I would go a day or up to a week out in the local forest near my house and *sigh* Kate Evens's house, I am in love with Kate, and I'm sure she has seen me in my wolf form but does not know it is me. I am not a social person any more, all because my Parents were murdered by someone claiming to be a police officer shot them both. I was only 11 at the time and over a friends house. I only found out when I was taken home to see two bodies covered over in a plastic sheet and blood, A LOT of blood.

It was the start of a new year in West Jasper High, I was going into Year 11 and hoping for a quiet one.

"ughhh" I groggily said, attempting to get off my bed.
I slept in my wolf form last night.
I soon got off my bed and walked over to my mirror and I saw my Wolf body, Rugged Grey and White fur around my body, a nice bushy tail, a scar that went over my left eye from the top of my forehead to the bottom of my nose. fortunately I am not blinded In that eye, In my wolf form at least, in my other form I was Blinded and no knew it, that is one thing I am used to, not being able to see a full 180 degree vision.

My sensitive ears picked up the sound of my knocking on my door, so I changed back into my human form and got dressed quickly into my cloths for the day, dark grey jeans, black boots, a short sleeve black top and a darkish hoodie, I always had my dark grey hair covering my left eye with the scar and useless eye, i then put the hood on my hoodie on and put on a long black trench-coat which i made sure covered up my small pocket knife . I then proceeded to open my door, and the person there shocked me, it was kate!

"Hey, Humphrey right?" Kate asked,

"..." i just remained silent. I dont speak to anyone, and will only talk if i am on my own or if i am singing, again on my own.

"Ok? Anyway, i was wondering, what type of dog do you have?"

I flinched a little when kate said that, but i still was not talking.

"Can i come in and see?" Kate asked.

"Grrr"She was getting too cloe into my life.

"DI-did you just growl at m-me? " kate stuttered,

Al i did was walk out, close and lock my door. But before i could walk down my front steep on my porch a hand was placed on my right shoulder.

"Get off!" I snarled at kate, in a low almost whispering, commanding voice.

"NO, I want to know what dog you have. It fascinates me, i like dogs." Was Kate's reply,

"Its not a dog." Was all I said back and shook off Kate's hand off, I then started walking towards the school.

"Humphrey? Why do you never speak?" Kate asked, again to my annoyance.

I just ignored her and carried on walking, and Kate started following me to school.
It was only about 7 minutes before I walked in to the school, getting the usual odd looks from people and some times the random gasp when the wind blows my hair out of my eye for a second or two until it got covered up again, yet, no one would notice my eye.

Hope you liked