Hi guys and girls. Bad news and a little good in this.

So it has been way to long overdue for updates.
Im writing this to explain why.

Im not mentally healthy. Im battling myself over a lot of things. I get very sudden mood changes. One moment happy. next angry.
I also have bad anxiety when it comes to people i really care for (not family) If someone who said would tell me they got home safely for example and fail to do so when I know they should be home... I get bad. I dont show it on the outside but I am worrying a lot. "What if something happened?!" "Where are those sirens going!?" I tell myself its all okay but with what is going on in the world right now its only a matter of time till my city is hit by a certain stupid terrorist thing. Capital of wales. Surprised it hasnt been hit already.

I had a close friends get a boyfriend at the start of the year too and she just decided not to message me anymore. I got thrown away. We had been friends since we were born. 18 years. Then one day Im chucked aside. Made me realize how... disposable? i am.

I've cut myself a couple times. Which i really hate doing and dont want to do again. Said that last time i did it too and for some reason i couldnt stop myself. I knew full well what i was doing but my body would not stop.

I've tried killing myself 1 time and am not doing again for sure. I was really sad for a week and me having no friends i can openly talk to about it made it worse. so one day I deiced it was enough and took a walk. It let me to a trail along a motorway. Needles to say what I almost did...

If i am to be honest. Im scared of what I am doing to myself. I don't want strangers people sympthy as that in my opinion is stupid and not why i am writing this at all.

I have had many people over the year, or years i forget, messaging me on here asking for updates. Good news. I'm currently writing a new chapter to my Genetic Hybrids story. Dont get overly hyped or whatever because it is unlikely to be done for another week atlest. I'm slowy getting back into this and I did almost finish the chapter... Till Fanfic crashed on my browser and this site doesnt have autosave so lost every... single... word... I got so angry... I actually was thinking of leaving for good. Then I read over my stories again and looked at how many people liked them, faved and followed and that made me happy that I am making you happy with them.
Altho i think your probs a bit annoyed that what you see as a "good" stories are left unfinished and not updated in ages.

So yeah... I am sorry for it all. Im getting better slowly.
Expect a update to Genetic Hybrids shortly.