Also - Human in this story I am using to describe the ANTHRO PEOPLE

I was now walking to my Form room, which has Kate in it. I sat down in my usual seat, Back left corner next to the windows which on the other side has the Jasper Park forest on the other side a little ways off. And Guess who sat next to me, Kate.

"Humphrey? Why do you have your eye covered up all the time? My sister Lilly sometimes wears her hair like that but not all the time."
"Kate, Stop before you say something you will regret!" I commanded, getting annoyed, I mean I'm not going to hurt her in anyway I love her!
"Oh, uh... ok"

I spent my time sitting down, looking out through the window, with a quick glance around the room often, I get that feeling when someone is watching me and found out it was Kate all the time and one or two others. And then about 10 minutes before the bell for my first lesson, that feeling again. I sigh and look around again and find a note on the desk in-front of me and a nervous looking Kate staring at it. I never even got a chance to read it when I noticed that everyone else had the same one aswell.

"Humphrey?" Kate said in a worried voice.

I look at Kate through my only working eye, well seeing wise anyway my blind one still moves with my right.

"We live right on the front door of the Forest." she Gasps, looking at where whatever it is talking about.

I looked at the Note thingy, It read:


It then included a picture of me in my wolf form, another Gasp from Kate.

"That looks like your dog!" Kate says turning to look at me.
"I told you! It's not a dog!"
"Th.. Then you H.. Have a pet wolf?!" Kate whispers and shouts at the same time.
"It's a WOLF, there DANGEROUS!" Kate shouts at me, drawing the attention of the class and teacher,

"KATE, why are you shouting?" The teacher demands.
"I've Seen this Wolf before, by my next door neighbors back door walking in and out of their house, I think he keeps it as a Pet." Kate responds.
"Do they go to our school?" Some people ask Kate.
"Yeah and in this Form now!" Kate says a little louder.
"AGHHH" Some people scream.

"Probably thinks I am some type of bad person" I thought to myself.

"Who Kate, Who is he?" The Teacher asks.
"HUMPHREY!" Kate Shouts, whilst pointing at me.

I instantly regain my focus looking around the class, just in time to see Garth, Rugby Tackle me to the ground, making my hair fling back showing my eye to Garth.

"YOU, YOU PUT US IN DANGER BY KEEPING A WOLF IN YOUR HOUSE!" Garth Screams in my Face, with out looking at me, he had his eyes closed.

I heard almost everyone gasp when they see my scar and Faded blue blind eye, When Garth opens his eyes I respond by pushing him off me and standing up, then saying.

"Yeah, so! He doesn't attack anyone! He is well trained!" I say back to Garth picking him up and putting him by a wall so he doesn't fall over.
"How long you had him?" some one else asked.
"Since I was ten, Sooo four years" I replied making sure Garth was ok from the Fall and me pushing him off.
"Can we see him?" another asked.
"*sign* I uh.. He is there every weekend all weekend, somewhere in the forest." I replied little bit nervous of what just happened with my words.
"Wait, Your eyes? Their different? How?" Garth asked regaining his Composure and walking up to me. Then reached up to my hair?

"Of course, wants to look at my eye again" I said to my self. I actually had to stop myself from growling at him. Did I also mention I still keep my enhanced wolf senses in this form there just a little weaker, but stronger than anyone else's.

"Just Stop OK?!" I half shouted making Garth retrieve his hand away from my face.
"Here." I said moving my hair out my eye with MY hand.

And as expected Gasps were heard around the room.

"Humphrey your eye?" Kate says.
"What about it?" I ask, I know what is wrong with it, do I care? Not much!
"It's It's"
"Different?" I finish.
"Yeah, How?" Kate asks.
"I'm Blind in that eye!" I say back.
"I.. I.. You" Kate stutters
"Arghh, I'm going home, School has always been annoying, Boring, and Hurtful to me anyway! And I don't need anyone start saying stuff about me, my eye, or my Wolf!"

I start to leave but get stopped by Garth.

"Where you going?!" He demands.
"Didn't I just say where?! You might be the Head teachers son but You have NO right to stop me! NOW Leave ME ALONE!" I shout in his face.

I walk out and are just about to shut the door when I say to the teacher,
"Tell the Headmaster I'll be back in for the Exams." And I shut the door and head home!

On the way home I get that feeling again. Like I'm being watched, or in this case Followed as well. So I Use my Enhanced Hearing and find out that it was Kate, She was muttering to her self and is Walking fairly close to me.

"Why are you following me?" I ask, apparently she did not know that I knew she was following me.
"I.. Uh.. I want to know more about you and your Wolf."
"Why not?"
"I am not telling anyone about me! And you can know more about my Wolf on the weekend with everyone else! Not go back to school or go home!"
"I Can't"
"Why not?" I say stopping, Kate walks up to me and responds,
"No one knew I left school, I sneaked out. And I can't go back because I'll get told off."
"So go home then!" I say walking towards the Forrest.
"Because, *sniffile* I am being hurt by my own parents!"


"Follow me" I say to Kate.
"*Sniff* Where we going?"
"My house"
"Ok, Thanks"
"thats fine, least i can do for someone being treated like that"

We both walk through a small path that I made ages ago as a short cut to my house, by now I'm usually in my wolf form running along the path. We get to my house a little later than I would of liked but, what can I do.

"Sit down in the front room if you like, or I have a Guest room if you want to go and sleep."
"Thanks, the guest room ok?"
"Yeah, I'll take you there"

I lead Kate upstairs to the guest room and instantly she is on the bed almost asleep already.

"I'll be in the room by there taking a nap, Knock if you need anything."

I walk into my room and undress then I Change into my wolf form walk over to my bed, my claws making the loudish scratch on the floor boards, Then I jump up and curl into a Fluffy Grey Ball, before falling asleep.

I am not asleep for long before I hear my door being Slammed open and someone calling my name desperately with a sense of urgency. I open my eyes to see Kate run into my bathroom.

I just uncurl from my ball and stand up on my bed before stretching. Then I watch as Kate comes Flying out and rush over to the Bed before she sees me and screams and falls on her back then using her hands to shuffle back into the corner of my room away from the door and me. Then Two unfamiliar faces appear at my door way looking very pissed, looking at them one was the same tan colour as Kate and the other Old looking and had a Grey coat on. I assumed they were her parents.

"KATE, GET HERE NOW!" The Tan one shouted.

Kate did not respond, she just broke down crying and whimpering my name!
The two people started to advance on Kate.

"Fuck it" I thought. Then I Leaped from the bed landing right in-front of Kate, facing the two and Snarling Very Loudly with my Hackles Raised and Bushy Tail just in-front of Kate's face.

"Come on Eve, Leave Kate for the Wolf to Eat" The Grey one said.
"Ok Winston, you were always a disappointment Kate, Have fun!" Eve said before both turned and ran out of my house.

After They were gone. I stopped Growling and turned around to face a crying Kate. She slowly stopped crying and looked at me.

"Thanks, you must be Humphreys Pet Wolf right?" Kate asked me. I just shook my head.


"No?" I thought. I then Looked more closely at this Wolf before me.
Grey fur, the same shade of Humphreys Hair, Same Eye Colour, A scar covering the left eye.
"Just like Humphrey! Wait a Minute, No Humphrey around, a Wolf that looks like him! No, it couldn't be! Could it?" I thought.

"Humphrey?" I asked. The Wolf Nodded, Before turning around picking up some cloths in his Jaws and walking in the Bathroom, two minutes later Humphrey walked out wearing the cloths the Wolf took in.

"Humphrey? You.. Your a.. a Wolf? and a Human?"
"Yes Kate, I am."

TA DAAAA! Watcha Think? Kate knows what Humphrey is?!
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