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I heard everything and I knew what Kate was going to do. Some part of me hated her for what she was about to do but most felt happy.
My door swung open and Kate, with a huge smile, came rushing in and hugging me.

"Oh Humphrey. I'm so Happy" Kate said.
"I know. Just so you know I'm happy for you too. You should grow up with parents. Better then being alone." I replied.

On the outside I showed I was happy, smiling, looking joyful just being happy. On the inside I was dead. Inside was filled with loneliness. nothing but loneliness. There was me thinking I had someone in my life again. someone to talk with. Someone to be happy with until I found my girl. But fate had other planes it looks like. The loneliness started to fade a little and anger replaced it. Little by little, bit... by... bit!

"I think you should go home and spend time with your parents Kate." I told Kate.
"Ok. Thanks for letting me stay here Humphrey." Kate replied whilst walking to my bedroom door, exiting my bedroom then closing my bedroom door behind her.

It was only seconds after that I heard my front door being closed. I was alone. I walked over to my bed and sat down. I started to play with my claws thinking over what happened.

"Kate just walked out after her parents say sorry for everything and blah blah blah! I'm sitting here with rage building up. I can't take it!"

I stand up about to start my rampage across my house but as I stand I hear a crunch. The sound of glass breaking under pressure. I look down and under my foot I see a picture a frame. I remove my foot and all anger and rage disappear instantly filled with sorrow and sadness. I pick it up and look at the framed photo not crinkled from me stepping on it. I pull the photo out and look at it. It was the last taken photo of my parents about 3 days before they died.

Looking at the photo made me feel extremely sad. To a point where I was sure I wouldn't come out of it. I remembered a song I have on my phone that matches how I feel. It may be mostly music but the lyrics fit perfectly. I decided to play it and instantly I was singing along with it. (Make up a good singing voice for him) (/watch%3FvrSzLG2cNGS)

"Why might... the one..."
"Who has to be so alone"
"Why should I go on?"
"When your already gone"
"It doesn't have to be this hard"
"It never meant to fall apart"
"How can we try to save this love when your already gooooooonnnnneeee"

"We can try... to save this love"
"We can try... to save this love"
"It doesn't have to this hard"
"We never meant to fall apart"
"And we can try to save this love when your already gooooooonnnnneeee"

"When your already gooooooonnnnneeee"

It ended with me with a tear running down my cheek. Whilst I was singing I changed back into my human self. I was thinking about all sorts of things. From my parents and me to their death and me finding them like that. From school to kate. From kate to Everything in my life.
I dont know what happened but I must of thought too much and with my current emotions I am sure I fainted as the last thing I saw was a wooden floor rapidly meeting my face.


I was talking with my parents in our living room. When I told them I was going to check on Humphrey.
I left my house and went straight into Humphreys house. I went up to his room and I saw Humphrey out cold on his floor. I picked him up and put him in his bed and tucked him in (AWWWW) I saw a photo fall out of his hand and I looked at it. It looked like Humphreys parents so I put it on his bed side table. I looked around his room and decided to do a quick clean. In 20 minutes everything was back to where it was and the room looked like nothing had happened. I also left a note for humphrey for when he wakes up. It read,

"I put you in bed and cleaned up for you.
You were out cold on the floor.
I put the photo on your bedside table.

Your friend,

I left that on his table aswell and I left. I locked his door with the hidden key and placed it back. I went home and me and my parents talked some more before we all went to bed. I changed and was asleep before I even touched the bed. I was almost out cold like humphrey but landed on my bed. Before I was fully out I grabbed my blanket and put it ovre me. I fell asleep instantly.

I wont be able to update much for the next 7 maybe more MONTHS due to family problems