When spring arrived, Eren turned two, and right after that, his parents died.

As a toddler is not an independant being, custody of the child was given to his elder brother, Levi, who as an adult had been living on his own at the time.

Though his lifestyle was anything but healthy, Levi still accepted the child. Despite his hard and icy exterior, the child was still near and dear to his heart and he could not forsake him.

Naturally, Levi was uncertain of his abilities to raise a child on his own, but in ways, felt relief in knowing that his late parents no longer had the power to corrupt the baby. He attributed his own warped 'quirks' to them, and thus hoped that he could make a different future for Eren.

But it wasn't that easy.

They lived together in an apartment situated above the brothel that Levi worked at. He wasn't particularly fond of his job, but he made decent enough money that he had no room to complain about it.

Levi was convinced that his clientele consisted only of the nastiest scum on the earth, but occasionally he'd receive a decent looking John or two. Of course, their appearances didn't matter much at the end of the night. It wasn't the sex he was interested in, it was the work, the money, the promise of a brighter future for Eren. Those three contributing factors were enough to keep his motivation running for an entire night.

His job didn't end there, either. He slept few hours of the night, and awoke with Eren in the early morning. The rest of the day was spent caring for and watching after the baby. Not exactly the most exciting life, but regardless it was the life he lived.

The end of spring was drawing near, but the rainy season stubbornly persisted with no signs of stopping any time soon. Such poor weather always made the baby fussy, making it difficult to get him to bed on time. But once Levi succeeded in doing so, his night job would begin.

Shortly after that, he would make his way to the downstairs workplace where his regular customer, a well built-man with neatly combed blond hair and an undercut, was often already waiting for him.

Levi didn't know much about the man aside from his name. Erwin. And he knew that simply because the man had only one request when they had sex; that Levi says his name when he comes.

Aside from that, the man was a very simple one. He would shower without complaint, unlike many other guests who found the implication that they needed a shower to be an insult.

But there were other odd things about the man that were clear upon first sight. He had a gentle but firm look to him, with high protruding cheekbones, and smooth evenly toned skin. It was clear, even through his clothing, that he had an incredibly muscular build.

As far as regular customers went, there really wasn't any reason to complain about Erwin, and that's what was so confusing to Levi. If a man was that good looking, humble, and well-endowed, then what was he visiting a brothel for?

Well, it's not like Levi particularly cared for his reasoning, but he did grow curious each time that Erwin returned as a guest.

There was a 'pay before you stay' rule at the brothel to ensure that clients didn't harm the workers, or run out on them. Surprisingly few people had complaints about doing so, and it was a rule that needed to be put in place for safety of the staff. Charged on a half-an-hour basis, clients would only need to pay more afterwards if they went over their allotted time.

It was on one particular night that Erwin was handing over his wad of cash to the secretary, Petra, when a small pair of bare feet could be heard toddling down the stairs toward the back of the main hall.

Looking up, Levi had his greatest worry confirmed. Eren had somehow escaped his room up the stairs and was now toddling his way toward him.

Levi excused himself from Erwin and Petra's company, though they were already aware of what was happening. Hurrying over to the baby, Levi arrived just as Eren raised a set of grabby hand towards him.

"Beebee..." Eren whimpered, the affectionate nickname he'd given his older brother. His soft cheeks were stained with tears, and he was growing impatient as Levi bent over to pick him up.

Wrapping his tiny arms around Levis neck, Eren mumbled, "Beebee hug."

"I know." Levi sighed, as he held Eren up with one arm under his bottom, and the other firmly rested on his back. "Eren, you should be sleeping."

"No." Eren retorted with a stubborn pout. He clutched tightly onto the back of Levi's shirt, refusing to let go any time soon. "No Beebee no!"

"Eren, you know I have to work." Levi commented, as he glanced back at Petra and Erwin.

Giving him a sympathetic smile, Petra brushed her hair behind her ears as she suggested, "I could keep an eye on him for you. Your John only has a half-hour reserved for tonight, so it shouldn't be too much trouble."

Levi considered the offer for a second. Normally, he would decline and simply put Eren back to bed himself, but regular customers shouldn't be left waiting for too long. Not that he had a favourite customer, but if he did, then it would certainly be Erwin.

"Sure." he finally answered. "Eren, stay here with Petra while I work, okay? I'll be back soon."

Eren, already fond of the kind lady, enthusiastically nodded his head. "Okay! Bye bye Beebee bye bye!"

Handing off Eren to Petra went smoothly, and he sat on her lap without any struggle. He waved his hand in the air as Levi led Erwin to their private room, and briefly, Levi waved his hand in return.

While Erwin showered, Levi made small preparations to himself. He wore a thin and silky robe over his petite black shorts and garter-less thigh high stockings. He found that less lingerie was often more arousing to his clients, and it was easier to remove in the long run.

Erwin was quick in his showers, but he did a good job of washing himself and always had a pleasant scent surrounding him.

As Erwin made his way to the bed, he took a seat closely beside Levi and gave him a suave grin. Levi took this as his invitation to begin, and thus began to leave a hot trail of kisses down Erwin's neck.

He responded in low and deep groaning, but quickly cut himself off. "That boy," he took a small breath "Is he your child?"

Taken aback by the sudden question, Levi halted and glanced up at Erwin with furrowed brows. "My brother." he corrected him, and then continued to pepper Erwin's neck with firmer kisses.

"You two live here together?" Erwin continued to ask. "You don't look old enough to raise a child on your own."

Pulling away, Levi placed both of his hands on Erwin's shoulder and pushed him back onto the bed. He slid a leg around Erwin's waist, and sat atop his pelvis as he began to remove his robe. "Let's not talk."

Erwin ran his hands along Levis hips before firmly placing them at his waist. "Come closer." he murmured.

Leaning his face in towards the other man's, Levis lips hovered only inches above Erwin's, close enough that he could feel his hot breath against his own.

Raising his hand, Erwin cupped Levi's pale cheek and stared deeply into his eyes. "Just how young are you?" he asked.

"Don't ask me personal questions." Levi retorted, in a harsher tone than he usually used on the job.

It was the first time he'd ever heard Erwin talk so much during one session. During other times, they'd be well into the sex at that point, and the only words to be spoken, would be Erwin's name as Levi came. Things would end at that point.

So why was Erwin suddenly talkative?

Levi pondered as he began to rub his hips against Erwin's erection. He kept preoccupied with the act for a moment as Erwin let out quiet moans of satisfaction.

All at once, without warning, Erwin grabbed hold of Levi and flipped around so that he now lay on top. He removed his bathrobe, exposing his bare body beneath.

"I have an idea, would you hear me out?" Erwin asked.

Levi grabbed a condom from the night stand and ripped the package open with his teeth. As he pulled it out of the package and began to help Erwin get it on, he asked, "What is it?" Fully expecting that it would be the moment when Erwin finally revealed some strange kink that he wanted to perform.

But he was wrong.

"What do you think of marriage?" Erwin asked, as he tugged on Levis shorts and began to pull them down.

Levi was quiet for a moment, as he tossed his shorts to the side. "Like roleplay? Sure."

Erwin smiled in amusement, running his hands along Levis body until he reached his hips, where he held on firmly. "Not quite." he responded.

"What then?" Levi asked. He laid back down and spread his legs open across Erwin's hips. "Are you trying to say you're a married man? Frankly, it doesn't matter to me."

"No." Erwin responded. He gripped onto Levis thigh, and just as he was about to enter him, added, "You and I getting married for real. What would you think of something like that?"

"Excuse me?" Levis expression dropped slightly. He sat up, and gave Erwin a stern glare. "Listen. I said it before. Don't talk to me about personal stuff. If you want to roleplay then that's fine but don't go asking me about this 'for real' crap."

"Just, hear me out, won't you?" Erwin persisted, as he cocked his head. "You've been raising the baby on your own, right? I can tell just by looking at you. Your clothing is designer, but worn out. Your hands are rough, but you've got a habit of keeping everything tidy. I suppose you could say that profiling people is a hobby of mine."

Levi stared blankly at Erwin. He blinked his eyes twice before uttering, "What the fuck?"

"I know it's sudden to suggest such a thing, and we hardly know each other but I think that marriage would be beneficial for the both of us. I have a nice place, it's clean and safe for a baby. A brothel is no place for a baby. And in my case-"

Levi placed his hand over Erwin's lip, immediately seizing his words. "Shut up. You've nearly talked your entire session away."

"Money isn't of great concern to me."


Erwin smiled with the slightest curl of his lip, and leaned in toward Levi. "Think about it, won't you?"

"You're being creepy." said Levi. He grabbed his shorts from the end of the bed and stood, with his back to Erwin, as he shuffled back into them. "I'm calling this off. Get your money back from Petra on your way out."

Quietly, Erwin observed as Levi wrapped himself in his silky robe once more and tied it around his waist. As soon as it was firmly in place, he turned back to face Erwin and raised an eyebrow. "Don't test me next time."

Levi left after that point. He shut the door loudly behind him, to give Erwin privacy to change. He was then greeted enthusiastically by Eren's screeching voice.

"Beebee! Hello! Beebee!" cried Eren, as he squirmed his way out of Petra's arms. Running over to Levi, he immediately threw his hands up in demand to be held.

"You're like an annoying parrot." Levi commented quietly, as he bent over and grabbed hold of the baby.

Petra held a sheet of paper up, with black ink scribbled all across it. "Eren drew this while waiting for you."

"What is it?" Levi asked, pressing his cheek against Erens as he glanced in his direction.

Eren fidgeted for a second, and then hid his small face in Levis shoulders as he wrapped his arms around his neck. "A doggy."

"Oh, what a nice doggy." Levi stated in a rather monotone voice. He was lacking the energy to pretend that he cared, and it seemed like Eren was losing his energetic edge as well. "Are you sleepy?"

"Nu-uh." Eren replied, as he yawned.

"I think you're sleepy."

"Nu-uh... You'we sweepy..."

The echoed clinking of the door sliding behind Erwin as he exited the private room halted all conversation. He was once again fully dressed in the outfit that he'd arrived in, and his hair was neatly adjusted.

"Petra, give him his money back." Levi stated coldly, without so much as glancing at Erwin.

With a look of confusion, Petra nodded her head. "Alright, sure."

"Oh no, don't bother." Erwin quickly cut in, as Petra was reaching for the money. "I won't be needing it back. We didn't do anything necessarily, but I still used up your time so that money is yours."

"Hm." Levi hummed quietly. He was surprised by the gesture, but couldn't complain about gaining money.

"One more thing..." Erwin began. He reached into the inner pocket of his blazer and pulled a card out. He handed it off to Levi casually, before adding, "if you reconsider my offer, then you can contact me here."

Levi only glanced at the card briefly before he tossed it over his shoulder. It landed silently on the ground behind him as he said, "You can come back as my client, but that's all. Nothing personal."

"I understand." Erwin chuckled quietly. He gave a brief smile to both Levi and Petra before exiting. "Goodbye now."

The room was silent as Erwin turned his back and walked towards the front door. As he extended his hand, ready to turn the doorknob, there was small noise that stopped him.

It was quiet, but in a muffled, sleepy tone, Eren uttered, "Bye bye."

Erwin turned his head back briefly and gave a small smile to the infant. "Bye bye." he responded, giving a small wave, and then silently, he disappeared beyond the door.

It was early afternoon the next day when Levi arrived home, carrying a sulking Eren in his arms. They were just coming back from an unexpected visit to the doctor's office, due to a small fever that Eren woke up with.

Levi opened the front doors to the brothel and set Eren on a waiting chair at the front of the room. Immediately, Levi began to examine every corner of the room, in search of something. When he realized the small object in question was probably in the trash can, he hesitantly reached his hand inside and moved the trash around.

"Beebee..." Eren was whining from his chair. He looked like he was trying to get off of it, but lacked the energy to do so.

"I know, Eren. Be quiet." Levi sighed, as he continued to look through the trash.

Eventually, he found the card he'd been looking for. He really didn't want to- but he knew that he was going to need to call Erwin for assistance.

It wouldn't be for long, though. He had convinced himself. He was really only in need of Erwin's help at the moment, that was all. And then he would be done with him.

Picking Eren back up, Levi made his way to their upstairs apartment. By the time they reached the door, he had already dialled Erwin's number on his cell phone and was listening to the ringing.

"Hello?" An answer came from the other end after about three rings.

Levi closed his apartment door behind him and began to walk Eren to his bed.

"Erwin?" he asked. He realized that it was his first time he'd said his name in a non-sexual manner.

"Yes, who is this?"

"It's Levi."


He could hear the amusement in his voice and it pissed him off.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" Erwin asked.

Levi was hesitant for a second. "That thing you were talking about last night, tell me more about it."

"You mean, the marriage proposal?"


"Why the change of heart?"

Levi was quiet for another second before he answered, "You might be right. A brothel is no place for a baby."

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