After floating around for a bit, I decide to just make my way back to my house. I didn't really have anything else to do but I didn't want to be caught out in the sun. Slamming the door shut behind me, I lower myself onto the couch, stretching myself over it as I groan quietly, covering my eyes with my forearm. I knew Fionna was right, I was stupidly in love with Gumball. I knew that, and yet I was still acting like an idiot. I knew that Gummy would never believe that, he wouldn't accept that. Not after everything I had put him through. But here I was, being an idiot and wishing he would. I could feel my traitorous eyes beginning to burn with tears that were completely unwanted and unnecessary. Rubbing my arm across my face in an effort to dry the salty liquid that had begun to seep from my eyes, I let out a soft growl. "Stupid fucking Gumbutt, making me feel bad for this," I grumble, trying to drown out the heartbreak with anger like I always did. But this time… It felt different this time like I wouldn't be able to rid myself of this empty aching that felt so heavy in my chest.

This was what I hated the most about Gummy, he always, always managed to make me feel like it was my fault that I hurt and that was so unhealthy and I knew that, but I couldn't help wanting him. When I was happy it was always because of him. He was always the one who was able to draw out the strongest emotions from me, whether negative or positive. Even now, despite the ache, I knew I would find myself tormenting him again soon. I couldn't stay away from the stupid pink blob of cuteness. That was what annoyed me the most. That despite everything, I would always crawl back to him. I would always help him as best as I could. I shift, curling my legs up against my chest and wrapping my arms around my knees, resting my chin on top of my knees and sighing, biting my lower lip and giving up on holding back my tears.

Sometime in the early morning, I fell asleep without noticing and I wake up near sunset with an ache in my back and sharp sting in my eyes. I move off the couch, stretching as I float away from the hard surface and make my way towards the exit of the house. I felt like shit, but I didn't want to just sit around and do nothing tonight. I wanted to leave my place and find my bass, I wanted to see if I could fix it. That was probably the stupidest thing I had ever done, smashing my guitar without even thinking about it and leaving it out during the day.

I begin floating toward the clearing I had smashed it in, where I had just tossed it aside when I was talking to Fionna, I avoid looking toward the Candy Kingdom, not needing the reminder as to why I felt so heavy, why I was floating so close to the ground. It didn't take long to make it to the clearing and it was easy enough to pick out bits of my bass from the green grass. There weren't many pieces, though the neck had snapped and a bit had chipped off the body. This wasn't the greatest shape my baby had been in, but it could be fixed. Probably. Sighing, I pick up the guitar, the neck dangling from the body, the two pieces still attached by the strings that hadn't snapped and the only other piece that had broken off, holding it to my chest as I move away from the clearing. I steer myself without thinking, letting my body move wherever it likes.

My mind was blank when I suddenly found myself just outside the window to Gumball's room I hadn't meant to come here, hell I didn't even want to be here. And yet, here I was. I sigh again and pass the window frame into the disgustingly pink room that I was already way too familiar with. "Gumbutt..?" I ask looking around the sickeningly colored room, not seeing the damn prince. Was he still in his lab? This late? He only did that when he was upset. Huffing in exasperation, I set the pieces of my bass down in front of the window and begin floating my way through the castle towards where I knew the fluffy pink dude would be. I push open the door to the science lab, rolling my eyes a bit when I see him hunched over one of his projects. "Yo, Gumbutt. What you still working for?" I ask, forcing playfulness into my voice as I float over to the pink prince.

"Marshall Lee. It's a surprise to hear from you so early in the night." He replies, voice even as his eyes remain leveled on his experiment. I move around to the other side of the table to get a better look at him, hoping to get him to actually look at me rather than keeping his eyes averted.

"It's already late gummy, you're doing that thing where you get way too into your projects again," I say, a bit surprised when I finally get a good look at his face. The usual soft pink color of his skin was washed out, leaving him pale, his entire face looked tired like he hadn't slept the night before.

"Is it?" He asks, actually glancing up at me, his eyes glinting with shock for just a second before exhaustion overcame it. "Marshall… Are you alright..?" He asks, one hand lifting up, his warm fingers almost brushing against my cheek before he stops his movement and drops his hand again. "You look even more dead than usual… And your eyes are swollen..."

"Are not. You're seeing things, you're way too tired." I reply, brushing off the slight concern I hear in his voice and moving backward a bit, out of his reach. "Come on. You should sleep. Your sugar kingdom is gonna deteriorate or something if you don't get your royal sleep." I say, trying to keep my voice teasing as I move back toward the door I had come in through.

"Fine..." He almost whispers, his voice full of resignation and exhaustion as he sets aside whatever it was he had been working on and takes off his long white lab coat after washing his hands, hanging it before moving to the door that was still open from my entering the room. I was surprised he gave in so easily, he really must have been tired. I float along behind him as we make our way back to the grossly pink room and he shuts the door behind us as we walk in.

Hey! So, you guys have been asking for a continuation on this for a while… Since I posted it, really… So, here it is! I finally got around to doing it! I didn't really think I would ever do this, but I recently got a comment on this and was reminded of its existence and decided 'Well, why not?' So I am going to continue this. There's going to be at least one more chapter, so look forward to that! It probably won't take nearly this long to get it out, so at least there's that.