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Chapter Eight

"Awkward Acquaintances"

Auggie and Morgan arrived at the hospital. Auggie impatiently waited for an elevator to come as he stood beside Derek Morgan. As the elevator doors opened, Auggie stepped forward; with his hand outstretched slightly to be sure he was indeed was entering the elevator.

"She looks pretty beat up," Morgan warned him as they stood together in the elevator, just as he realized what she looked like would not matter to him.

"Umm, the doctor said she'll be fine, no permanent physical damage. She'll be pretty sore for the next few days. Nothing is broken, but there are quite a few bruises and scratches. They had her eyes covered with duct tape and her hands and feet taped up as well. As a result, she has some raw skin patches on her ankles, wrists, and face that'll most likely be sensitive to the touch," he explained further.

"Just take me to her," Auggie said through gritted teeth, trying to be patient with him. He knew Morgan was trying to help him, but not immediately knowing about Auggie's blindness seemed to have thrown him off his game.

As they reached the eighth floor, Auggie swung his cane to make sure the path was clear as he exited the elevator. He stood still for a moment after he exited, unsure of which way to go from there. Derek, realizing Auggie needed help, offered him a lead, using the same method he had learned earlier to alert Auggie to where he was.

"We're going right, then through doors straight ahead and Annie's room is the second door after we take another left." Morgan explained where they were going, hoping he was telling Auggie the way he should.

"Thank you," Auggie said as they walked through the corridors of the unfamiliar hospital with a man he wasn't comfortable with at all.

"She's in room 826. I won't come in with you just now; it is a private room, so she should be the only one there. She was waiting on discharge paperwork last I heard, but I texted Reid on the way here and he said she hadn't left yet," Derek told Auggie.

"It takes forever for them to process paperwork in hospitals." Auggie grumbled as Derek stopped them. "Why has she been left alone?" Auggie asked as Derek placed his hand on a door handle.

"We've had other victims to speak with as well as Annie. We're just doing our job here. Annie is a lot stronger than the others and did not want us sitting around her," Derek answered. "I'll leave you to be with her."

As Auggie heard Derek's retreating footsteps he turned the knob. Auggie entered the unfamiliar room, hoping he didn't knock anything over.

"Annie?" He whispered, uncertain if she was awake or asleep.

When no answer came, he walked further into the room, gently swinging his cane as he went. As he discovered the location of the bed, he found Annie's leg. He wasn't sure where she might be injured; therefore he gently ghosted his hand along her body until he was closer to her head. Gently exploring the bed's surface, he reached her hand and simply held it until she moved her hand out of his.

"Auggie?" Annie's hoarse voice whispered as his blurry form came into view as she opened her eyes. "Oh Auggie!" She cried aloud, much stronger than before as realization came over her that she was not in fact dreaming as she thought at first.

"Annie," he stated simply, relieved to hear her voice at last.

"Auggie, thank you for coming. You know, you didn't have to come all the way to Texas to check up on me, I'll be back in D.C. soon." she said tapping his hand with hers to let him know it was okay to take it again.

"Of course, I had to come, Walker. You scared the hell out of me when I didn't hear from you. Than when the FBI called, well, I got here as fast as the CIA's jet could get me here. What on earth happened?" he asked as he took her offered hand.

"I don't want to talk about it right now," she said in a soft voice that made Auggie want to just hold her.

"Okay. I'm here when you're ready to talk about it," he told her still holding her hand, but making sure to do so gingerly as her hand felt weaker to him than usual.

"There's a chair about five paces to your left against the wall if you want to bring it over and sit down. You look tired." She told him, shocking him. Even after what she'd been through, she as still looking out for him and his needs.

"I'm fine, Annie. You're the one lying in a hospital bed and you're concerned about me?" he said with a smirk. But he followed her directions and carefully brought the chair over towards the bed. Folding his cane, he sat it behind him before he sat down and found her hand again.

"Auggie, it was awful," she began after several minutes of peaceful quiet between them. Auggie could hear the emotion behind her words. He continued to hold her hand for support, he felt the rough patches on her wrist that Derek had mentioned and he was careful not to put too much pressure on them. For now, he thought it best if he said nothing. She needed to do this in her own time.

"There's been more than one time I thought I might die in the field, but this was different. It felt like it all had nothing to do with me being CIA. I don't think they knew anything about me being CIA. At least they didn't give any indication of knowing I was if they did. I was kidnapped, attached, and almost raped because I'm a woman. I've never felt so vulnerable," She told him clearly holding back sods.

Annie immediately saw the concern on Auggie's face. He gently held her hand, barely moving his own hand in hers at all. She knew he was treating her differently now. Normally his whole hand would be covering hers, if not both hands around hers. By now, he could have put his hand on her shoulder. But now, he was treating her delicately. He'd never done that before.

"Annie, these men that took you, were they involved in the case the FBI was investigating?" Auggie asked seriously after sitting in thought for a few minutes.

"Yes, but I didn't know that for sure until after I was rescued. I suspected they might be, but I had no proof while I was there," Annie told him.

"Did they know?" He asked with an edge to his voice that Annie couldn't quite place.

"Did who know what?" Annie tilted her head to the side trying to figure out Auggie's meaning.

"Did the FBI know where they were? Did they use you as bait to catch these guys since you knew two of their previous victims?" He asked through gritted teeth.

Seeing Auggie's expression concerned Annie quite a bit. He was making huge assumptions that simply couldn't be true.

"God, no, Auggie," she said a little too quickly for Auggie's taste. The truth was she wasn't absolutely sure that wasn't the case. The thought had crossed her mind as she'd laid naked on the cold floor of the warehouse. However, she didn't think it was possible, especially since her twin brother was among the FBI agents in question. But she knew it was an awfully big coincidence if it weren't the case that they set her up.

"Are you sure? I'm just supposed to believe that one of the top operatives in the CIA is called down as a "witness" on one of their cases and then she just happens to find herself kidnapped by the very same criminals said FBI agents are trying to find?" he had been suspicious of the circumstances of Annie going missing the moment he realized she was gone.

"Auggie, I honestly don't know. I really don't think they work like that. I mean, maybe if they were going to prep me or something to go undercover. It had to be a coincidence. Auggie, my twin brother is a member of that team. We may not be the closest, but you didn't see his face when they found me. He was completely surprised to see me there. He was modified to see me in such a vulnerable position. There's no way he was part of planning that." Annie told him, although she was still uncertain herself. She didn't think he could be right, but at the same time, she had to admit, it seemed a little too coincidental to be accidental.

As if on cue, the door of Annie's hospital room opened.

Auggie tensed immediately and stood up, not releasing his gentle grip on Annie's hand. Not knowing who had come into the room and was now standing to his right, he felt unsure of himself. He hated being in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. Usually people who knew him announced their presence.

"Annie, how are you feeling?" An unfamiliar voice spoke to Annie, seemingly ignoring Auggie altogether.

"Well, Bro, I've definitely seen better days," she said quietly, discreetly letting Auggie know who had spoken. "Any word on when I'm getting out of here? The doctors said they were working on my paperwork hours ago."

"Oh, they didn't tell you? They want to keep you over night, just to make sure there are no internal injuries. You took quite a beating, Annie," Reid told her, speaking from Auggie's right.

"Yeah, I know what type of beating I took. I was kinda there. I guess I fell asleep, while I was waiting. Did you get any information from the guys you arrested?" she asked someone to the left of the bed.

Auggie was annoyed as he was trying to follow the conversation between the undisclosed number of people in the room. He now knew Annie's brother was in the room, but who else might be present? He'd thought he only heard one set of footsteps come into the room, but he must have been mistaken.

"Reid and I haven't been able to speak with the rest of the team yet. After picking up Auggie, I came straight here with him and haven't left. You're safe now Annie. You don't have to worry about that," Morgan told her. Auggie was briefly relieved to at least recognize the voice of at least one of the people who had come into the room. He hoped there weren't any other surprise visitors that hadn't spoken yet. Annie's brother and Morgan were enough.

Auggie stood awkwardly still holding Annie's hand. He wasn't sure if the other people in the room had sat down or anything. Right now, he just wanted as many details about the FBI's case as possible and more importantly he wanted to know Annie's involvement in it.

"Annie, we know you've been through a lot today, but do you think you might be up for some questions about what happened? If you're tired we can do it tomorrow," Morgan asked.

"Trust me guys, I can handle your little questions," Annie said smugly with a smile on her lips.

Morgan and Reid looked at one another a bit confused by her confidence. Annie looked at them, then to Auggie.

"Should we tell them?" Auggie asked Annie knowingly.

"Tell us what?" Morgan asked curious.

"You guys are the FBI, you really don't know that she doesn't just work for the Smithsonian?" He asked no one in particular, but already could tell they didn't know she worked for the CIA. "I thought you guys were good at reading people or something. I can't believe you guys haven't figured it out. Perhaps we should just leave you to profile it or whatever you call it," He said in a mocking tone.

"Well, you've built it up now, and I had already planned on telling Reid over dinner last night," Annie replied.

"I guess we could just tell them," Auggie faux whispered in her general direction with a grin on his face, releasing her hand for the first time since he arrived.

"We're CIA." Auggie said still looking in Annie's direction.

"No, you're not." Reid stated more as a shocked statement than a denial.

"Sorry, bro. Afraid it's true. I've been with the CIA for two years. I'm one of their linguists as well as a field operative. Auggie is my handler and head of tech ops," Annie chimed in, answering his statement.

"Annie, I didn't see that coming. How are you a linguist for the CIA? Don't they require you to be fluent in at least four languages for that?" Reid asked more than a bit stunned.

"Little bro, you're not the only genius in the family. I know seven languages fluently and six others enough to get by. With all that travelling around with dad in the army as a kid, languages just came naturally to me, I guess," She told him confidently.

"Wow, I had no idea." Reid said "I guess there's a lot we don't know about each other after so many years apart," He added.

"So, in answer to your previous question, I'm trained to be able to withstand torture and I know the details you need to know. I'll do my best to answer any and all question you have. I'll admit though, this felt a lot different than what I've been through for the CIA." She told them taking a breath to collect her thoughts.

"Take all the time you need." Reid told her.

"The man who first got my attention saying he needed help had black hair, dark brown eyes, and a scar under his left eye. He was a little taller than me, but not quite six foot. I never saw any of the men at the warehouse, so I don't know if he was among those you arrested. The woman looked like she was eight or nine months pregnant, with long brown hair and hazel eyes. She was about 5'3" tall. But the whole pregnancy thing would probably have been a ruse, I don't know for sure. As I was helping the women into the back seat, the man pushed me into a white minivan. It had four doors. I don't remember seeing a make or model or any specific unique qualities about it. The man held a rag over my mouth for several minutes so I'm assuming they used chloroform to knock me out and then used another drug to keep me sedated while they bound me. I remember the needle going in my arm as the rag was over my mouth. I fought pretty hard before I went under, so there might be some DNA evidence under my fingernails. When I woke up, my hands and feet were each taped together with some very tape and there was also a rather thick layer of tape covering my mouth and eyes as well. I don't know for sure how, but when I came to, I seemed to be covered by a large wooden box, like a toy box a child might have. I only know for sure that I couldn't move more than a few inches in any direction without meeting the barrier. I don't know how long I was awake under the box, once it was removed, one of the men said something about me being under it for six hours, let me tell you, based on how sore I am, it seemed like days." She stopped then and looked at Auggie. She didn't know how he lived life in the dark day after day. She'd only been unable to see a few hours; he lived that way every day. As she looked at him now, with his head tilted slightly to the side as he listened to her, she could tell her was deep in thought, taking in every word she said.

She took a deep breath and continued, "After the box was removed from above us, myself and the other victims, we were commanded to stand up. I stood up the best I could as soon as they told me to, but others didn't. It was hard to keep my balance bound as I was, but I seemed to have a better go at it than others did. They were hit and kicked until they submitted to whatever our captors wanted us to do. I only ever heard two of them clearly, but I think there were others telling the other victims what to do. I was somehow special to them. I don't know why. But I was singled out and taken to another room for one of the "customers" to try. He was going to rape me. He would have if these guys hadn't got there when they did. I had tried to fight them off, but I was limited to what I could do with my hands bound and my eyes covered. You guys know the rest. Once you got there they tried to flee, but the older man promised to come back for me," at this last sentence, Annie was surprised when she noticed her cheeks wet from tears that had been falling as she told her story. As she wiped the tears, she winced as the salty moisture grazed a sensitive area on her face.

"Annie, no one is coming back for you," Morgan said firmly.

"I know." She said uncharacteristically quiet. Auggie reached for the bed then and found her hand, squeezing it gently.

"Annie, you've helped out a lot. We weren't sure if we were able to catch all of the front runners for the operation or not. The two who were with you are in custody with several others we believe to be in on it, but we need an idea of how many more there might be. Is there anything else you can tell us about who was there?" Reid asked.

"I didn't see anything guys. I wish I could help more, but I just don't know what else I can tell you." Annie told them trying to be strong for them.

"Annie, we can help you remember if you want. You may not have seen anything, but I'm sure you know that seeing isn't everything." Reid told her. She knew he was eluding to Auggie then. Of course, she knew a person could tell a lot about their surroundings even if they couldn't see. Auggie was amazing her constantly with his skills of perceptions, despite his blindness. But hadn't she told them everything? Wasn't it enough?

"We can help you remember if you'd like us to try to help," Morgan told her.

"I think she's told you enough," Auggie said, sensing Annie's frustration.

"It's okay Auggie. Sure, I'll give it a try. What do you need me to do?" Annie asked.

"First," Reid began "lay back and relax. Now just close your eyes and take us back to when you first got out of the cab at the hotel." Reid continued in a soft calm tone. He continued with the same monotones taking Annie back through the experience again. Auggie thought it was ridiculous making her go through the ordeal yet again, but he stayed quiet. Continuing to hold her hand, he took in the details of Annie's story once again.

There were very few additional details added to Annie's story this second go around that had not been in the first, but Auggie had to admit, Reid's methods did work. Annie had been much calmer the second go around than it had been the first time. He could only hope that time would heal her emotional wounds as well as it would heal her physical wounds.