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Chapter 1 : King of Bijuu meets King of Heroes.

Pipes protruding from the walls in a dark corridor with flickering lights highlighting tarnished walls.

As the freshly summoned Gilgamesh looked around in a critical eye his expression changed to one of intense distaste. From the pungent odor to the mud on the floor - not to say waste - or the sheer humidity in the air his to be master seemed to have summoned one such as HIMSELF in a sewer of all things. The Golden Haired King looked around taking in his surroundings, trying to find said Magus to instruct him of proper etiquette when in front of their betters.

Such a slight would not go unpunished.

To his increasing displeasure his foolish... Master seemed to be nowhere in sight. That is until a slight groan attracted his attention... From below ?

He found himself starting at a young boy whose cheeks were adorned with three whisker marks, sun-kissed blond hair and a pair of cerulean eyes matching his ruby ones in intensity... Surely this brat was not his summoner ? He was drawn out of his musing by a yell of happiness.

"YEAH ! I did it ! I did it, I did it, I dit it !" The little brat was yelling while making strange faces and poses. "My summoning was perfect !" he beamed. Finally Naruto thought looking up at his summon.

His servant had the same hair colour - Ha, Blond is the true hair colour of Badasses he knew it ! Take that, Uchiha Sasuke ! - Adorned with Golden Armor trimmed with blue exotic markings which had a deep feeling of "Not belonging in this world" not that he was capable of situating it the man towered over him. The strangest earrings dangled from his ears and only seemed to highlight his Ruby Red eyes. This however was only the the beginning, his outside appearance flawless as it was didn't even being to describe the sheer feeling he got from the man in front of him. Naruto had experience with authority figures, especially the Hokage. No matter how much he lacked proper etiquette with the laid back man he had seen how his character could change when needing to deal with important matter. How he seemed to radiate this feeling of "You do not want to cross me".

Multiply this feeling tenfold and you could feel what Naruto was feeling. "The thought of crossing me is already a death wish".

His words died in his mouth, he stared at the King. The King stared in return.

And then, the King of Heroes laughed. The King was... Amused.

The brat has the three blood red telltales marks on the back of his right hand, he was his master ?! There was no denying the fact that there was three marks tracing the image of an ornate bow with an arrow cocked inside of it on the back of Naruto's hand.

More... Formal servant would have used the usual 'I'm servant Archer, are you my Master' as the first sentence uttered to their summoner. Others less formal would have asked if they were to be allies... Gilgamesh wasn't an ordinary servant though. Interrupting the kid from his yell of joy he said with a regal voice "Brat, are you the one who dared summon me in a sewer ?" Depending on the answer, the brat's joy might be short lived.

It seemed the servant finally speaking brought the kid out of his musings. Once more, Uzumaki Naruto, hyperactive child that he was would not have minded, he might even have ignored it in favor of gloating of his awesome summoning.

Again though the man's very presence, call if aura, some would call it charisma others privilege asked... No, demanded his attention and respect.

With all the innocence of a child he answered : "What do you mean a sewer ?" then he looked around.

He was not in his apartment anymore. And yet... He felt as if he should know this place. There was a feeling of... Belonging.

Gilgamesh was a lot of things. Patient was not one of those things. Sneering he looked, no glared down at the child with nearly all the disdain he was capable off. The thought of annihilating him where he stood would have been tempting. Yet the boy was too young for one. Needless to say he was not one of those mongrels who would kill a child in cold blood. Punishing him harshly ? Enslaving him ? Maybe. But not killing.

Leave that to the ilk of that caster from the Fourth War.

A phantom pain almost made him wince as he thought of killing a child. Why ?...

Also, the kid was his master. Or at least his new Prana battery - Speaking of which said prana was thin in himself at the moment. Another man may have felt thankful for pulling them out of the Hell he was damned in but Gilgamesh was King. Being helped by his subjects was something that was owned to him. A King was never in debt. Others were indebted to live under his successful rule, to be in his mere presence.

Truly. This child was lucky to bask in the presence of one such as himself.

Another thing that bothered him was that he never gained any knowledge from his summoning. Normally summoning a servant was something outside the realm of possibility for most accomplished mages without the support of a mystical artifact doing the Summoning - The Holy Grail - Even if said Grail was only holy in name. Sustaining one would strain all but the most promising or powerful of magus.

This child couldn't be ten yet - And he had summoned him. No, not only summoned.

He had ripped him off the Tainted Grail's influence. Cracked the realm he was trapped in.

Maybe this kid wasn't as worthless as he seemed to be... At the very least it seemed that no Grail War was ongoing. This kid... He had summoned him and was sustaining him without showing any strain. Still this didn't answer one question.

"Speak, boy ! For my being has no place being in this sewer. Where are we and why did you summon me here ?!" An irate Golden King was never a good thing as Naruto would learn.

As Naruto was once again going to voice out his protest, another deep, guttural voice answered from behind Gilgamesh, in the shadows...

"...Why if this isn't my dear Jailer paying me a visit..." Malice, Sarcasm. This voice was literally dripping of it "He even brought out a spirit...Dabbling in complex magics, are we now ? So literally pathetic though that the end result is so...Worthless..." It paused smiling sinisterly at the look of rage upon the one he was speaking about "You couldn't even summon at the very least a lower demon, could you Uzumaki Naruto ?" Impossibly prideful, the Unchallenged Demon Lord had looked down on the invoked spirit thus breaking the meeting between the Master and the Servant. If anything, the Vulpine demon was nothing but wise. However, he was beyond what others would call prideful. That much made him dismiss the spirit as a credible threat. What could threaten him ? The King of the Kitsune spirits ? A Demon Lord.

Behind Gilgamesh stood, impossibly tall a figure with menacing, demonic slitted red eyes... A maw of sharp teeth that seemed to drip with the blood of a countless victims. Red fur adorned the strong body of the Vulpine demon from which Nine Tails of untold power sprouted. Countless legends were told about Kitsune spirits. Millenias old beings whose age was shown by their number of tails...

In all his sinister glory, the Kyuubi No Kitsune, the Ninth Youko, or Demon Lord. The Bane of Humanity for several Millenias stood leaking monstrous amounts of killing intent beyond what any human could produce or withstand.

How pleased was he to see his jailer recoil in abject realization... He didn't know, even if he could guessed how the Jailer came to see him for the first time... How he would enjoy breaking him !

As for the spirit..

An absurd amount of Killer Intent of untold proportions slammed into Kyuubi's whose smirk faded before widening.

The end result of the clashing Killing intent would have made any man slit their own throat to escape this feeling of utter powerlessness, of assured defeat. Such was the clash of Killer Intent. Clashing in ways that it melded, fused, and repelled each other at the same time. Neither giving in nor giving his all for it would be admitting weakness.

"Know your place... Mongrel. Those words you just spoke were your lasts !" He was livid. The embodiment of the Legend of The ONE King of the Unified World. Arguably the Strongest Heroic Spirit. The Son of a God and an Half Goddess. He who transcended Sky and Earth. He whose birthright was to surpass the Gods that sired him and humans alike !

Gilgamesh the King of Heroes was just spoken to as if he was mere trash.

Such a sin was unforgivable.

Slowly walking towards the Cage of the Kyuubii he did what no one ever dared to in the past.

Gilgamesh stepped into the Demon's Domain. Jewel-like Red eyes glared into Demonic Red Slits bearing the anger of the Greatest King of Old. One trapped for a timeless time within a Curse, the other sealed within an human, robbed of his freedom. Both begging for an outlet for their considerable annoyance, their rage.

The first clash of this new Epic was about to begin.

=== Chapter End ===

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