The smosh gang was at a dance club just to hang out for the night as friends. Jovan totally got down with his so called "Jovan"-style while Mari busted out a couple of her OWN dance moves. Ian and Anthony laughed as Jovan tripped over Lasercorn durign the solja boy, causing both of them to blush profusely.

Suddenly, all the gang members froze as they heard a slow song come on. Ian had been wanting to slow dance with Anthony for a long time now considering how HUGE a crush he had on him. He then noticed his friends partnering up. Yep. Jovan and Lasercorn wrapped their arms around each other, their heads pressed together and lost in a sexy gaze. Mari and Sohinki partnered up and smiled sweetly at each other as they swayed to the soft music. And then there were two. Ian and Anthony.

Gathering all his courage, he slowly went to anthony and took his hand, causing the black haired teen to look at him.

"So what d'ya say anthony...wanna dance?" Ian asked wincing, unsure what the response would be.

"Heck yeah I wanna dance" he said.

Ian looked up at anthony in shock and saw he had a serious look on his face. So, he wraped his arms around anthonys neck as Anthony;s went around his skinny waist. They seemed to feel comfortable with each other and also at the same time, they felt a want of need and desire.


"Yeah Ian?" he asked.

Ian gulped with fear because he never thought this moment would come. The moment where he would finally admit his feelings. Looking into his eyes, their lips so close, he gave a soft smile and whispered,

"I love you so much are like a prince charming" he said with full confidence.

"oh ian, I love you too...always have...but i dont think im a prince charming" he said looking down.

Ian then cupped his chin as he looked up, their lips close again.

"No matter what happens...or what they'll always be a prince to me" he said softly.

They then leaned in and kissed each other, not caring that their friends were cheering for them. All that mattered was that anthony was his and his alone.