Hey I'm back with chapter 2 for this story. I hope you enjoy it even though it's going to be a small chapter. It just a side chapter that tells you how Seera's training went.


She couldn't wait to train. She had dreamt of this day every since she was a little girl. She even waited in the little village waiting for the day to come. She was planning on leaving the day the he came into the village. She's glad that she had the stayed a little bit longer.

And now she was walking down the dirt path to the center of the village where she met Rei. She smiled brightly when she saw him standing there with his team behind him. They were a weird group that consisted of the leader, the jokester, the planer, and the quiet one. But you can tell that they support each other no matter what.

As Seera approached them, Rei handed her a sword in a white scabbard. She looked down at it weirdly. "What's this for?" She asked taking it.

"As an Angel Slayer, you first need to learn how to use a sword and how to use your magic at the same time." Rei said. "Go ahead, take it out."

Seera did as she was told and pulled the sword out of the scabbard. It was a doubled blade sword with a purple handle that twisted around a black orb. The blade itself was midnight black and every time you moved it into the sun, it glistened.

"Wow, its so beautiful." She said taking a swing. "I love it. I love the heaviness it makes it well balanced for me."

"Glad you like it because it's yours now," Rei said. Her eyes lit up and she smiled big. "Now come on, we got training to do." He said leading them to the forest that was on the edge of town.

They stopped once they reached a large clearing with tall trees that almost hid the sky and yellow flowers. The sight was beautiful indeed, but you could always find the darkness that lurked in between the trees.

"Chambi, I want you to fight Seera and don't go easy either." Rei said to the black haired boy.

Seera strapped the sword to her black skirt and walked to the other side of the clearing. Chambi was across from her on the other side of the clearing. He watched as she pulled the sword out and held it out in front of her with both hands.

"Master, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean we don't know how skilled she is and you know Chambi is the strongest out of the three of us." Yoki asked.

"Yes, I can see how much potential she has." Rei said. He studied the way she held the sword with both hands; like she knew how to handle it, the way she positioned, and the way she had a determined look on her face.

"This will be easy. You don't know what type of magic I use and I know already know yours." Chambi said looking at her.

Seera smiled. "Sorry to burst you bubble, but I know more than want you think." She said giving him the 'I know more than you' look.

"Begin!" Rei shouted and that was all Seera needed. She sent a blast pf purple ray towards Chambi.

"It's no use," He said deflecting the ray. "What!" He yelled looking around. He lost her and couldn't find her anywhere. Where the hell did she go. He thought still looking around wide eyed.

She came up behind kicking him in the back. He fell to the ground hitting his chin on the hard ground underneath him. He went to get up, but weight was placed on this back. A hand pulled his head up by his hair and it wasn't gentle at all. Ow, this girl is strong. Chambi thought. A slick black blade was placed under his chin touching his neck.

"I win." Seer whispered in his ear. She then got up and smiled. "Good job, but I can analyze people really well. Like how strong they are, what type of magic they use, and their fighting skills." She said.

She helped Chambi up and they walked over to Rei. "What's next?" She asked. She wanted fight. She wanted to train.

"Next we're going to see how well you do when handling with more than one enemy at once. Yoki, Jackson your turn." Rei said.

Yoki and Jackson swallowed down the fear as they faced the brown haired girl. As soon as Rei said 'begin' both were down on the ground moaning. Seers crouched down in between them and smiled. "I win."

"Good, now it's time for you to start training. With that much experience training won't take as long as it would have." Rei said.

Three years has past since that day and Seera has gotten stronger. It was time for her to take his place as an Angel Slayer. Rei lead Seera to a clearing in the woods the same clearing she trained for three years. He made her get down on her knees, once that was done he slipped off his necklace and placed it around her neck.

"You are now the Ray Angel Slayer. Use what I taught you to protect others." He said. She got up and stared at him. Her features looked more womanly that childish, she grew older and taller.

"The ones that you told me about?" Seera asked. She remember when Rei had told her about the ones he hurt. He told her that she needed to go find them and protect them. He said something about an evil darkness coming to haunt them.

"Yes, you leave tonight," He said, "get whatever you need and head out."

She nodded and ran off. Rei smiled as he watched her disappeared through the trees. It has been a long time since he had been this happy.

"Natsu, Lucy I'll do whatever it takes to protect you." He said to himself. He looked up to the sky the sun was shinning brightly. He inhaled deeply as a cloud passed over the sun creating a shadow across his face. "I'll do whatever it takes."