Three years after the defeat of Vilius...

It was early summer. The first week of June. Everything seemed to be full of calm as a gust of wind softly stirred over Benham City.


A cheery red-haired boy dressed in a crisp middle-school uniform that still seemed too big on him was hurrying up to a group of kids waiting on him. When he reached them, he doubled over on his knees, breathing heavily. "Sorry... I'm... late..." He breathed through gasps of air.

A blue-haired boy with goggles around his neck smirked playfully. "Took ya long enough, Guren. I thought I was going to fall asleep."

Guren straightened with a smile. "Dia wouldn't let me go," he laughed.

"Your cat?" A green-haired kid spoke up, looking to be about a year younger than the others. "You should have brought him. He's like the official Tenkai Cat!"

"You can't take a cat to Quarton, Tokusa," the blonde-haired kid beside him retorted coolly, patting him on the shoulder.

"Oh yeah..." Tokusa rubbed the back of his head. "Guess not."

A brown-haired kid smirked quietly at the bickering of his friends. He looked up, catching everyone's attention. "Hey, if we don't hurry up, we're not gonna hear the end of it, guys."

"Right, sorry, Gen," Guren apologized before gesturing for the others to follow him.

The boys raced down the hill to a group of warehouses, competing with each other to get there first. When they finally stopped, nearly all of them had collapsed on the ground out of breath. They now stood in front of one warehouse with an identification number 'TK5FILEW.' It took the combined strength of all five of the boys to pull open the heavy rusty doors.

Inside, it was pretty much barren except for a large familiar machine near the back. The Transdimensional Portal.

"There it is," Guren gasped, memories flooding back to him of using the portal and fighting on Quarton. It had been awhile since any of them had seen it.

After the ultimate final battle three years ago, it had been unanimously decided that the portal should then be moved to an abandoned warehouse for safe-keeping. The warehouse itself was well-hidden, as hardly anyone ever went there anymore.

"I can't wait to see Beag's face when we show up after so long," Tokusa bursted out laughing to himself, as they all made their way inside.

Suddenly, a shrill whistle began to emit around them, startling them all. Guren dug into his pocket, recognizing the sound quickly, and one by one all of them followed suit. It was a surprising turn of events. The core bricks began to glow, Quarton calling for help, once more.

"It's Quarton!" Chuuki gasped.

Gen flipped his core brick in the air and caught it in his fist coolly, stepping toward the portal. "Let's go!"

It was a unanimous decision as they all ran up into the machine, prepared to fight.

The similar hum of the machine as it started to life around them, it zapped them in a wave of brickified energy.

"Burning… Braven!" Guren shouted heroically, striking a fighting pose.

"...huh?" a collected gasp echoed through the empty warehouse.

Guren stood in the middle of the group, still his human self, as beads of sweat collected on the back of his head and neck. He straightened after a moment and looked at his hands in disbelief. "Why am I not Braven?" He muttered.

"It didn't work," Chuuki shook his head.

Seiran looked at the top of the machine. "Stupid thing. Maybe it's rusty or something…" His gazed held firm, trying to figure out what was wrong.

All the while, the core bricks called for their assistance.

"This stinks!" Tokusa yelled, breaking the silence, "How does it expect us to help if it won't turn us into the Knights!"

An awkward moment of silence fell on their shoulders. Guren gripped his core brick tightly. "We have to do something…" he kept muttering.

Suddenly, they heard voices, faint but growing nearer.

"Idiot. How'd I let you talk me into this?" The voice grumbled unhappily.

A much more optimistic voice spoke up. "Hey, you lost the bet fair and square, remember! It's not my fault you have such bad luck!"

"Shut up."

The voices continued to bicker back and forth until they were right outside the warehouse. The five middle-schoolers could only hold their breath tensely as they waited uncomfortably for the next few moments.

The screech of the warehouse doors echoed throughout the building as they were pushed apart.