Chapter 3

Warrior of Stealth

"Haaaa!" The curly-haired blonde boy cried out as he swung his shinai at his senior.

Chuki anticipated the strike, and easily countered, matching blow for blow as the two boys danced rhythmically around the dojo floor.

Gen stood off to the side, arms crossed as he watched quietly.

When the match had ended, the young blonde kid removed his men, exhaling a held breath. Chuki walked up to him, acknowledging his strength, with a laugh. "You're pretty strong, Haruto! Your Grandfather definitely doesn't go easy on you just because you're related."

As Gen came up to give a congratulatory remark as well, Haruto Kiirohachi turned to them both and gave a slight bow. With the bandages wrapped around his head covering his eyes a bit, it made him seem like he always looked indifferent to everything. When he stood straight again, the corners of his mouth turned up in a small satisfied smirk. "Thank you, Chuki-sempai, Gen-sempai."

However, Haruto was seemingly cut off from saying anything more by a low hum that came from Chuki's pocket. As the blonde Knight dug the yellow core brick out, he and Gen shared a dire look.

"Quarton?" Gen said, a bit exasperated, a clench of his fists holding in his anger knowing that he wouldn't be able to go.

Chuki nodded, his eyes reflecting the core brick. He was wondering the same thing as well. "Yeah," he looked back up. "We should meet up with everyone!"


The two seniors ran as fast as they could out of the 'Sting Like a Wasp' Dojo. Behind them, Haruto stared quietly after them, now alone in the empty dojo, his little smirk from earlier now having faded into a frown. Something he couldn't quite sense prickled at the back of his neck, sending a quick shiver down his spine.

Elsewhere, converging from three different directions was Guren, Seiran, Tokusa, Chuki, and Gen, as well as the new core holders of Braven and Dromus, with a new companion. They were all headed for the same place, the warehouse that hid and housed the portal to Quarton.

When they were all gathered within the warehouse, all of the seniors were astounded at the sudden appearance of Tenkie. "What is that?" Seiran yelped, exasperated, expressing the shock for all of them.

Both Daisuke and Akira were a bit confused. They shared a short glance to each other and then returned the gazes casually. "His name's Tenkie!" Akira bursted out enthusiastically, pointing down to the Dragon-thing. "And he's one of us now obviously!"

Daisuke shrugged, looking away from Akira and Tenkie. "It's some kind of afterlife-thing of a dragon, apparently," he murmured.

The five seniors were confused. Tenkie nodded, having since jumped down from Akira's head. "You five would best know me as the Tenkai Dragon, and as I have already told them, the source of the Knights' elemental abilities. I have been given this form, only on Earth, to watch over the new Knights - in part thanks to a few heroic sacrifices that ultimately ended the battle three years ago…"

The five seniors were all stricken with flashbacks of a few familiar faces. Beni, also credited as Venetta, as well as Beag and Mr. White. The atmosphere of the warehouse become sullen as they all remembered the events of three years prior, leaving Daisuke and Akira to ponder uncomfortably what could possibly have happened.

Tenkie eyed the two new Knights, then, with a sense of urgency once more. "You must hurry! Now is not the time to sit around." The little creature flicked its tail toward the portal, re-alerting them of the mission at hand.

With that, Akira and Daisuke hurried past their seniors and up into the portal. The core holders on their wrists seemed to pull towards the other, almost magnetically, and they were swept up in the energy that pulsed from the machine.

A short familiar figure was making its way towards the warehouse wear the senior Knights and Tenkie were grouped. It was Haruto. Briefly seeing a flash from the windows above, he continued inside, not knowing what all he'd find.

On Quarton, Braven and Dromus appeared back to back, on guard now with the memory of what had the first time they came fresh in the heads.

Akira looked left, while Daisuke turned right, trying to scan the surrounding area as carefully as they could. Daisuke raised his sword.

After a few moments, both boys - er, bots, let out a baited breath in exasperation and impatience. "I don't get it," Daisuke grumbles loudly, throwing his sword into the ground, "Why are we summoned here if nothing seems wrong! If it's just something like last time, I am not going to keep playing rodeo!" He marched a few steps away, leaving his sword sticking from the ground.

Akira watched him for a moment and then turned to gaze at the sun, in thought. He blinked. "Well, something has to be here," he began to walk forward before turning back to look at Daisuke/Dromus. "Maybe we just have to find it!"

Daisuke could swear he saw Akira grinning stupidly at that moment.

The two wolf Knights decided to search for whatever had called them to Quarton this time. A shadowed figure lurked somewhere behind them, seeming to follow them, slowly and quietly.

As the two went on, they didn't seem to think much about stealth that much at all, deciding to blast and slash at whatever they thought could be hiding something sinister behind it. Needless to say, Quarton wasn't nearly prepared for the sudden renovation.

Tenkai Energy now at fifty percent.

By the time two berserk warriors had calmed down, they were breathing heavily and exhausted. They were ready to collapse. Just as Akira plopped down, a sudden rumble came from beneath them, like a giant earthquake shaking the entire planet.

"What was that?" Daisuke staring at the ground now, the rumbling now quieter under their feet, but not completely gone.

Akira was looking around frantically now. "I thought it was my stomach at first…!"

Daisuke shot him a glare, raising his sword as if to hit his cousin, but was suddenly interrupted by something knocking them off of their feet by breaking through the ground.

Groaning audibly, the two Knights stood back up to inspect what had thrown them to the ground. A small robot with the top half of its mask shaped like a skull and glowing red eyes stood before them. It wielded a thick club and smirked at the now-bewildered Knights as it noticed they didn't seem to have any clue as to what was going on.

"Who are you?" Both boys said in unison, shooting each other with a quick glare before turning their attention back to the newcomer.

"I am the great Jyag!" It announced with a childish whine, loudly, brandishing its club like a microphone. "And you morons haven't seen what I'm capable of yet!"

Akira looked on in interest, now mulling over how cute it was that such a small robot could do them any harm. He was about half the size of either Akira or Daisuke in robot form. Akira even went as far as rocking Jyag by the head, laughing mockingly, as Daisuke stared where he was, thinking how horrible it was that it now seemed like there was two Akiras.

"This guys got a screw loose…" Daisuke murmured, uninterested.

Jyag looked irritated now. He smacked Akira's hand away with his club, and yelled, "You better watch it! I'm stronger than you think! You Knights sealed me away once, and I won't forget it!" He swung his club around, before jumping into the air and aiming his club right at Akira.

Akira was taken aback. He didn't have enough time to evade.

"Braven, you idiot, move already!" Daisuke growled, before flinging himself at the red Knight and knocking him to the side. Sword and club met in a tangle of weapons, each wielder vying to overpower the other.

Jyag seemed to remember something as the two continued to struggle with each other. "Dromus? Why are you fighting with a Knight?" Catching Daisuke off-guard momentarily, he swung his club into Dromus' chest. Daisuke groveled. "I thought the all-powerful Dromus was too prideful to side with anyone?" Again, the two met in a clash of weapons, as Jyag continued to mock the black knight.

Akira pushed himself up from the dirt, turning to Daisuke with the intent of chiding him for pushing him into the dirt until he saw the two currently weapon-locked. "Huh? What?"

As Daisuke was locked in combat with Jyag, Akira picked up his sword and tried to aim it at the shorter robot. He could feel the surge of fiery energy building within himself, but the two feuding ones were moving too much to be able to aim accurately.

Finally, he lowered his sword, gave up and shouted, "Can you guys please stop moving! I can't aim here!"

However, Akira's frustration seemed to go unheard, as neither Daisuke nor Jyag seemed to relent. In fact, it may even have gotten worse.

Suddenly, a whirring sound cut through the air as a projectile flew towards the fighting robots. Akira quickly noticed it, and jumped out of the way. Daisuke seemed to at the last minute, as well, as he spun around and pushed Jyag in its direction. The small robot was stunned for a moment, as a chain-weapon entangled itself around his club tightly. With a tug, the chain was pulled taut, and tugged from his hands.

"Hey - hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!" Jyag frenzied. "Get your own, buddy!"

All three turned to see a Knight clad in yellow armor, perched on a large rock, the other end of the chain-weapon in his hands.

Jyag recognized him instantly as the Tenkai Knight, the legendary Warrior of Stealth, Lydendor. He held up his hands, "Hey, no one ever said you could enter this fight, buddy!" He ran forward, trying to reclaim his weapon.

Daisuke and Akira stared, half curious, half suspicious.

"Who are you?" "Show off…"

The yellow Knight stayed quiet, making no action to speak, and simply dodged around Jyag when he came near. Using movements as if he was in a kendo match, he easily kept dodging around Jyag, until he was almost side-by-side the other two Knights, where then he just continued to hold it out of the small Quartonians' reach.

"Hellooo?" Akira butted in. "Who are you, Mr. Wise Guy?" He shoved Lydendor so hard that the club flew out of his grasp. Jyag chased after it, protectively.

When the yellow Knight regained his footing, he stared in Jyag's direction as he reclaimed his weapon. Then, he silently turned back towards the pair of wolf Knights. He still made no move to even comment, but did not make eye contact.

"You idiot!" Daisuke shoved Akira now. "At least he was holding off that guy! I matched blows with him! Who knows how much you doomed us because he has his weapon back now!"

Akira countered. "Well, its not my fault you guys kept moving so I couldn't aim!"

They kept pushing each other back and forth, bickering, now completely ignoring Jyag. The yellow Knight silently watched the feuding Knights, growing bored. "...Lydendor," He casually murmured his name as if introducing himself to the two, almost as if knowing the two would be too busy to hear him.

He turned back to Jyag, tuning them out as mere background noise.

"Ha!" the short bot brandished his club mock-heroically, but noticed two out three of his enemies weren't even paying attention. "And I thought my buddies were incompetent…" he muttered to himself. Then, again with the microphone-club, "Hey, Knights! I may not know what's made your group so out of sync, but get ready to see something spectacular!"

Jyag jumped up.

Lydendor braced himself, silently, staring up as Jyag began to transform into a much larger and more intimidating form. This finally broke Akira and Daisuke from their internal fight.

"...X Mode!" When the spritely bot had finished, he was much larger, about four or five times taller, more humanoid in form, and his weapon even became more staff-like, with a microphone-like appearance. "Hear my roar!"


"Oh, man! He got bigger!" Akira gasped, sounding almost like he was jealous, and Daisuke retorted by smacking him with his sword.

The three Knights braced themselves as Jyag stared down at them, hovering in the air with newfound flight. As he swung his mic-club down at them, the three Knights scurried quickly out of the way in three different directions, easily dodging the attack, but with no thought of teamwork whatsoever.

Akira landed, skidding backward, turning on his heel, and shouted, "Burning Meteor Shoot!" as he flung an enormous ball of flame at Jyag.

Jyag was wrapped in an inferno, but easily came out of it with a laugh, slicing it apart over-effectively with his staff. Immediately after Jyag emerged from the fire, Lydendor again threw his chain-weapon to once again attempt to ensnare and take away Jyag's own weapon. However, it didn't work. Instead, the blade merely bounced off, and Jyag grabbed it and flung the stealth warrior almost a perfect three-hundred-and-sixty degrees and into the dirt.

Daisuke held his sword and growled, determinedly. He watched as neither Akira's nor the yellow Knight's attempts at attack were completely useless. He gripped his sword in both hands and raised it above his head.

Jyag looked down at him, uninterested. "The Knights became weak! Is this really the group that managed to seal us away all that time away!" He yelled, towards Daisuke. "I may not know what's happened between you Knights in the time I've been locked up, but I don't see how it would make a wise guy like you, Dromus, decide to join their ranks!" Jyag didn't stop, his taunts working effectively to get under Daisuke's skin.

From opposite sides, Akira and Lydendor were pushing themselves up from the dirt. Akira was just dumb-founded, while Lydendor still didn't express any outward comments.

Daisuke was past the point of getting worked up now. He could feel it. His rage was feeding his strength, and he raised his sword even higher. The surge of energy, it was bubbling up deep within him. It warmed his core.

Finally, with a mighty yell, he swung his sword around.

"What's your mighty power, Dromus?" Jyag sneered, as if spitting into a storm. "Have you grown soft as well, hanging out with these Knights? C'mon, show it to me! Hit me with your best shot!" He taunted, ever stronger.

Daisuke's sword came full circle, the tip pointing right at Jyag.


Once again, Daisuke was left staring down the blade of his sword as all of his rage left him. Even that bubbly feeling in his gut. He felt nothing, his sword lowering a bit in shame.

Jyag noticed. "Huh? Is that it? The mighty Dromus?" He smirked victoriously. "Now, let me show you a real attack!" He swung his staff-microphone around stylishly before yelling into the end of it, "Jyag's War Break!" The bellow sent a concentrated cyclone of sound headed right toward Daisuke.

The black knight was too stricken with disbelief at his own shortcomings to move. It had him paralyzed.

Suddenly, thin random strands of electricity entered his vision. Lydendor's body was now surging with an electrical current, amassing like an aura around him. He was charging forward at a blinding speed, weapon charged as well, yelling determinedly, "They are my allies! Thunderbolt… Break!"

The amassing current warped itself into the clouds, darkening them like a coming storm, and releasing large bolts of lightning, striking down all around them. One bolt came down in front of Daisuke just as he wast about to get hit by the sonicboom, and then others locked their target onto Jyag.

Overwhelmed by the power, Jyag let out a painful screech as he was being zapped, changing back to his small form in the blink of an eye, and then back into powerless block form when the lightning spears finally ended. The three Knights watched in awe as the core brick flew to some place in the distance, and they all let out a breath of relief.

Daisuke slowly turned to Lydendor quietly, gazing at him steadily. He couldn't understand how it seemed to be so easy for everyone else, including his stupid cousin, to be able to use their power. It left him with a sick feeling in his belly.

Having returned to Earth, everyone was in a celebratory mood at the three younger Knights' first official victory on Quarton, saving the thought about just who Jyag was for another day.

They all turned to the short blonde boy.

"So, who are you?" Akira was beyond curious. "That lightning attack you did was awesome!"

The kid stared at him.

"He is Lydendor's Inheritor!" Tenkie stated matter-of-factly. "And I must say, he handled himself quite well for his first time, unless what you two did…" He directed the comment towards Akira and Daisuke, earning him a punch on the head from the latter.

"Yeah, that was pretty great," Guren admitted.

Chuki and Gen nodded at each other. "His family owns the very same dojo that Gen let us train at three years ago. Remember that?" Chuki informed, gesturing towards the boy.

Haruto gave a slight smile after turning toward the group of seniors. He bowed slightly. "My name is Haruto Kiirohachi. It's nice to meet you, Guren-semapi."

Tokusa pondered, "Hey, you're that little kid that hurt his head badly that time, right? It has to be better now, though?" He pointed to the bandages on Haruto's head.

Haruto shook his head simply. "It healed a long time ago. The bandages just sort of became a habit after that, though."

"You look like some Yakuza member," Akira poked him in the forehead jokingly, laughing.

Everyone shook their head in disappointment. Daisuke punched him in the face, retorting, "That's not something you joke about, idiot."

With that, everyone broke into laughter as Akira and Daisuke began to argue once more.

Haruto stood in front of them, watching quietly. A small smirk lightened up his expression at the sight, as he inwardly broke into a laugh as well.

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