Santana yawned as she unlocked the door to her house and walked in, kicking her shoes to the side, setting her keys in the bright blue bowl on the table while straining to keep her eyes open. She heard giggling from the kitchen and couldn't contain the smile that spread across her face, a smile that only her family could give her after a twelve hour third shift night. She hung her coat up in the closet and rolled her neck around before heading towards the source of laughter.

After the trip to Hawaii Brittany and Santana continued to date for another nine months, grower closer and falling more in love everyday, after celebrating their nine month anniversary with small, romantic getaway, Brittany asked Santana to move back in the house, which she did the following weekend. Taylor was estatic to have her moms back together and living under one roof again, they still had their struggles and small arguments over work related issues, but they did a better job communicating and working through the issues, agreeing that they were both doing better and acknowledging how hard the other was trying. On their one year anniversary, Santana woke up early and made Brittany breakfast in bed, they laughed and talked, enjoying the simplicity of the morning. They conversation took a more serious turn when they talked more about their future together and ended with them standing at the courthouse that afternoon, waiting to get married. They didn't want a big wedding, since they already had one, they opted for a simple declaration of their love, they knew they weren't marrying for anyone but themselves, they were more in love than they ever were. they were more mature and both had grown tremendously and felt they were ready for a second chance at marriage. Only Mercedes, her husband, and her daughter. along with Taylor were present.

They dressed casual as well, Santana wearing a white linen pants, with a white sheer top, yellow peep toe stilettos, her hair in deep waves and swept to the side. Brittany wore a white sundress, she had her hair pinned up, and even though she had on minimal makeup, Santana couldn't stop staring at her, admiring her natural beauty. Taylor wore a pair of white shorts, a yellow tank top, and a thin white cardigan sweater, a pair of white converse on her feet. Santana had her hair in a curly ponytail, with a white head band. They each put on their former wedding rings, which neither had gotten rid of, and said their I dos, confidently and proudly. They went to dinner with Mercedes family afterwards, Brittany then treated Santana to a night in a hotel, Taylor spending the night with Mercedes, where they made love and celebrated once again being married, this time hyphenating their name to Lopez-Pierce, to match Taylor's.

They decided to expand their family, and six months later Santana started the process of getting pregnant, thus the end results being Skylar Reese Lopez-Pierce graced their lives. Taylor was immediately smitten by her little sister, and vowed to be the best big sister she could. Brittany took close care of Santana, who ended up having a semi rough pregnancy with Skylar early on, her morning sickness was way worse than it was with Taylor, leaving her with a shortened almost non existent work schedule until her second trimester. Brittany used her lunch breaks to go to the hospital and check on Santana, even though she knew she was in good hands there. By the time her second trimester hit, she was back in full stride, she still worked shorter shifts but was back to work completely, and continued to work until the last two weeks of her pregnancy. She took three months off of work for her maternity leave, then went right back to the hospital, working third shift so they didn't have to find a day care or nanny. So she worked twelve hour shifts at night, to take care of Skylar during the day, leaving Brittany to take care of the girls at night.

"Tay!" A small voice screeched before a small giggle followed.

Santana leaned against the kitchen door frame and watched Taylor, now at 9 years old dressed in a pair of dark jeans, chocolate brown Uggs, a white and prink striped tshirt, with a bright pink Hollister cardigan over, her hair in a big curly ponytal, stand with a bowl of mashed bananas, smiling at her little sister, Skylar. "Come on Sky, here's some more." Taylor smiled and held up the spoon again, successfully getting it in the one year old's mouth, who in turn clapped excitedly, while she shook her head.

"Mami!" Skylar then suddenly yelled.

"Hola babies." Santana smiled, walking into the kitchen. She hugged Taylor, who ran into her arms immediately, and walked over to the tiny Latina, a splitting image of her, down to her dimples, and kissed her on the forehead, laughing when she scrunched her nose and shook her head again, her big black curls bouncing. "Eat your breakfast Tay." Santana told her daughter. "I'll finish feeding Skylar."

"Okay." Taylor handed Santana the bowl and climbed the step stool in the kitchen to grab a bowl for herself and a box of cereal from the cabinet.

"How did you sleep?" Santana asked, trying to conceal her yawn again and pulling a stool in front of the high chair. Skylar stuck her hand in the bowl and grabbed a handful of bananas, stuffing it in her mouth, smiling at her mother, as most of it dripped down her yellow footed pajamas.

"You want to feed yourself today?" Santana laughed.

"Good." Taylor shrugged. "Momma let me help with Skylar's bath, then I read her a story."

"That's good, Tay. You are so helpful." Santana smiled. "We appreciate it baby girl."

"Morning, San." Brittany smiled as she walked in the kitchen, dressed in a dark grey pantsuit, white blouse with red pin stripes, her hair in loose curls down her back. "How was work, baby?"

"Good." Santana smiled, her eyes never leaving Skylar's face, which was now covered in bananas. "How did you sleep?" She finally asked Brittany, when the blonde kissed her on the temple.

"Bad, since you weren't in bed with me." Brittany winked at her when Santana finally looked up and kissed her on the lips, she then rubbed her back as Skylar continued to attempt to eat her bananas herself. "You're doing good, Sky." She winked at the baby, who scrunched up her nose, mimicking Santana before laughing with her.

"I hate third shift." Santana rolled her eyes and glanced up at Brittany. "But it's the best way for us with Skylar."

"I know." Brittany sighed. "I just miss you at night, but you're off this weekend right?"

Santana yawed again and wiped the baby's mouth. "Yes." She picked up the spoon and fed her so the food would end up in her mouth this time, and not just in her hair and on her face.

"Can we go to the toy store?" Taylor asked with a smile.

"Maybe." Brittany replied. "Hurry up baby, so we can get going to school." She told Taylor, looking over her outfit to make sure she was matching, neatly pressed, and didn't have any of Skylar's breakfast on her.

"Are you going to nap for mami?" Santana asked Skylar, hoping the tiny Latina would take an early nap so she could get some sleep. Skylar shook her head with a big smile and reached for her mother's face. "I didn't think you would." Santana sighed with a smile and kissed her fingers, she then licked the mashed bananas off her own mouth and cringed.

Brittany heard the fatigue in her wife's voice and glanced down at her, she put her bagel in the toaster, and went to stand behind Santana, as she continued to feed Skylar. She slipped in Santana's scrub top and rubbed her back slowly, noticing how tight her back muscles where. Santana leaned into Brittany's touch and sighed in relief, resting her head on her wife's hip. Brittany slipped her hand out and began to run it through Santana's hair. "Take a bath and relax, you're tense." Brittany whispered, Santana nodded an okay against her hip and lifted the spoon to Skylar's waiting mouth again.

"Did you finish your book report, Tay?" Santana asked after yawning again.

"Yeah." Taylor nodded. "Momma helped me, it's not due until Monday, so momma said to have you look at this weekend too, to make sure we didn't miss any misspelled words or anything." She then stuffed another spoonful of Fruit Loops in her mouth and winked at Skylar, who was staring at her with a smile.

"Okay." Santana nodded and accepted the bottle Brittany handed her for their daughter. Santana, out of habit checked the bottle, and handed it Skylar, who quickly began to drink it.

"She did a good job." Brittany stated, setting her mug of coffee down, and sliding half of her bagel in front of Santana, who was propping her head up on the table, staring at Skylar. "Eat something."

"Thanks." Santana smiled and patted Brittany's thigh under the table. "How late are you working tonight?"

"6 at the latest." Brittany told her. "I can leave and get Taylor from school if you need me to."

"I'll pick her up, just be waiting outside Tay, please baby, I don't want to have to get Skylar unbuckled and everything to come in and find you." Santana told her, taking a bite of her bagel.

Skylar bounced in her highchair and screeched before laughing to herself. "She's been hyper all morning, sorry." Brittany smiled at Santana. "When I woke up she was already wide awake in her crib, standing and waiting with open arms. I made her bananas for breakfast because it usually makes her sleepy, but it's not working today."

"It's okay." Santana smiled. "Tay, put your bowl in the sink, sweetheart, and grab your backpack please. It's a little cooler out today, so put on your warmer jacket, you don't need your big coat, maybe your black Northface, with the hood."

"Okay." Taylor nodded and carried her bowl to the sink, she kissed Skylar on the cheek, tickling her feet before she ran out of the kitchen.

Brittany had her eyes fixed on her emails on her phone, only looking up when Santana sighed. "Can you put your phone up at breakfast at the very least." She requested. "We barely see each other when I work third shift and ..."

"You're right, I'm sorry." Brittany replied and turned her screen off. "How about a date night this weekend, if you aren't too tired. I'm sure Mercedes wouldn't mind watching the girls, if she's off."

"I think she works this weekend actually." Santana replied through a yawn.

"I know you and Quinn still don't see eye to eye, but maybe she can watch the girls." Brittany asked carefully. Since Brittany and Santana got back together, Santana has avoided Quinn at all costs.

"Try Rachel first, if she can't then Quinn is fine." Santana nodded. "You look great today." She added, staring at Brittany.

"You always look stunning to me." Brittany winked at her and moved to kiss her, she felt Santana lazily deepen the kiss, and knew that if her wife was too tired to kiss her, she had a rough day ahead of her with Skylar.

"You better get going." Santana told her when the kiss broke.


Skylar was wide awake, babbling happily to herself while playing with the pile of soft blocks in front of her. Santana was lying on the air mattress she kept in the nursery for mornings like this, in and out of sleep, trying her hardest to stay awake. She had the air mattress in the corner of the room, where she would lie down and take extremely short naps, while Skylar played in her room, which was more than baby proofed. Santana set a bottle with water in it on the floor for her, and pulled out a number of toys to keep her busy. Skylar played happily, and pretty quietly, only getting loud when she wanted Santana's attention. Santana drifted to sleep almost ten minutes ago after watching Skylar build towers with her blocks and knock them over, entertaining herself.

"Mami!" Skylar screeched loudly and wobbly made her way over to Santana, a block in her hand.

Santana's drooping eyes popped open quickly when she heard her name. "Yes Sky."


"Taylor's at school sweetheart, mami will play with you instead." Santana yawned and sat up slowly. She accepted the block from Skylar and crawled over to the other toys and began to stack them with her slowly.

Skylar happily sat down and watched as Santana built a tower for her, smiling when she leaned forward and knocked it over. She then crawled over to Santana's lap and sat in while they built a tower together, Santana yawning every couple minutes, her eyes getting heavier and heavier. She kissed Skylar on the top of the head and placed her hands on her daughter's thighs as the tiny Latina picked up more blocks and shuffled them around. Santana glanced at her and saw Skylar finally yawn; she did a happy dance inwardly and began to soothingly rub her thighs and rock them side to side slowly, which she knew would make her sleepier.

A few minutes later Skylar leaned back into Santana's embrace, forgetting about the blocks. Santana turned her so she would cuddling her close and rubbed her back while humming to her. Skylar looked up at her with her big brown eyes and stuck her hand in her mouth; Santana smiled at daughter and locked eyes with her.

"Go to sleep mi amorcito." Santana whispered and kissed her forehead, looking deep in her daughter's eyes until her little eye lids finally closed. "Thank you Jesus." Santana carefully got up and carried Skylar to her crib, laying her in slowly, so she didn't wake her up. She rubbed her back a few more times before making sure the baby monitor was on and finally leaving the room.

She went to the master bedroom and stripped out of her scrubs, tossing them in the hamper and took a long hot shower. She jumped straight in bed after, only wearing a tshirt and her boy shorts and started to fall asleep when her cell phone rang. She groaned softly and reached for the phone, she saw it was Brittany and answered right away.

Hey baby

Hey San, did you get a chance to sleep yet?

No, Sky has been up this entire time, was there sugar in the bananas or something? She asked with a smile.

No. Brittany replied through a small laugh. Is she still up now?

I just got her down for a nap, so I took a quick shower, and fell in bed right before you called.

Oh, I'm sorry, I'll let you go, get some rest. I just wanted to tell you that I have a business dinner with some clients tonight, I was going to ask you to join me.

Santana closed her eyes tightly, not in the mood to go, but knew a lot of times Brittany needed to have her there. Is it a dinner you need me for?

No, these are are repeat clients. I'll leave it up to you, I can tell your tired from this week, so if you want to skip it, it's okay.

Santana bit her bottom lip, knowing it could very be a set up and Brittany really wanted her there. Let me get a little sleep B, and I'll let you know baby.

Sounds good. I'll call you at 1:30 to make sure you are awake in a enough time to pick up Taylor from school, and to feed Skylar before you go.

Thanks, love you.

Love you more. Brittany replied. Sleep tight.

Santana hung up her phone and made sure her afternoon alarm was on. Skylar usually slept for at least three hours when she napped during the day so Santana knew she would be able to get a good nap in before picking up Taylor, fixing her a snack, and going back to sleep for at least another hour or two while her daughters played.


Brittany quickly jumped out of her car and ran to the house, her heels clicking quickly on the cobblestone walkway. She unlocked the door and smiled when she smelled dinner wafting through the house, and saw Taylor and Skylar, cuddled on the couch watching TV; Taylor explaining everything happening on the screen to her little sister, who was staring up at her with a smile.

"Hey girls." Brittany smiled as she walked over and kissed them each on the forehead.

"Hi momma." Taylor replied as Skylar reached out her hands to her mother.

"How was school?" Brittany asked Taylor while cuddling Skylar to her chest, kissing all over her face while the baby giggled.

"Good." Taylor smiled. "We are going on a field trip, but you have to sign first. I gave the slip to mami."

"Okay, we'll look it over." Brittany told her as she carried Skylar to the kitchen. "Did you nap for mami today?" She asked her. She walked in the kitchen and saw Santana putting chicken on the girls plates, cutting Skylar's into chunks for her to pick up and eat herself. She was wearing sweats and a tshirt, but her hair and make up were both done.

"Hey Brit." She smiled when she noticed her walk in the kitchen. She walked over and kissed Brittany deeply, winking at Skylar afterwards. "I'm not wearing this, don't worry." She motioned down her body. "I just wanted to cook the girls dinner before Rachel gets here to babysit."

"You're coming tonight?" Brittany asked with a smile, setting Skylar in her high chair.

"Yes, I could tell it was important when I talked to you before I went to get Tay from school." Santana replied.

Brittany walked over to Santana and grabbed her by the waist, resting her forehead on her wifes. "I can tell you're still exhausted."

"I am, but I have a second chance with you, we have a second chance at the amazing thing called marriage, and I want it to work. I have concealer to hide the bags under my eyes too." Santana replied, resting her arms on Brittany's shoulders. "I love you, so much." She pressed their lips together briefly. "I'm off for the next couple days, so I can sleep in late tomorrow and catch up on sleep."

"I'll make sure you are very well rested." Brittany winked at her and kissed her again, hugging her tightly. "I'll change quickly, then you can change."

"Great," Santana smiled and watched Brittany jog out of the kitchen. "Taylor, come eat dinner sweetheart." She yelled which turned into a yawn. "Shit, I gotta wake up, and quickly." She sighed as Skylar screeched happily as Santana placed food on her highchair table for her. "That's one way to too." She laughed.