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The Trickster

Posted: January 23, 2016


5 years later

"I still can't believe out of all of the things you could've gotten a degree in, you chose Creative Writing and English," Leah smirked as she watched her girlfriend pull off her graduation cap and gown.

"I still can't believe you're expressing your disbelief on my graduation day," Bella laughed as she took off her purple gown and folded it on her bed. "Don't you think you should've gotten over this by now?"

"Mhm, possibly, though by the time I finally get over it, you'll be going back to school for something else, probably something drastically different from creative writing."

Bella rolled her eyes and wrapped her hands around her girlfriend's waist, "Just remember me deciding on a creative writing degree led me to NYU, which allowed for you to get a psychology degree to combine with your criminology degree. Criminal profiling is a lot more fun than just going into law enforcement right?"

"Pretty sure Charlie was disappointed though."

"Dad can get over it, we have the rest of our lives to change careers on a whim, plenty of time to chase fantasies that most only ever dream of, so do what we want, when we want."

"And I'm sure that moving to the east coast as nothing to do with the fact that Jessica got into Duke University and Angela decided to go to the University of Southern Florida?" Renee asked, walking in on the two.

Bella rolled her eyes in annoyance at her mother, "Must you barge in all the time, why are you here anyway? I thought I said I'd see you later when I saw you at graduation?"

"It is later," the blonde woman defended.

"That was only an hour ago, Leah and I just got back to our apartment."

"It's still technically your father and mine's apartment that we let you use while you're living in New York," Renee corrected.

Bella rolled her eyes, "Why are you here Mom?"

"Your graduation party is tonight," the older woman said, "I'm here to get the place ready."

"I already had my graduation party a few nights ago," the brunette replied, confused. "Remember? I went down to North Carolina and Angie came up from Florida so we partied with Jess at Duke? And then Leah and I went to a party last night some of my friends threw so…"

"Those were parties with your friends, I'm talking about the graduation party for the family," Renee explained. "Everyone is coming over, your father, Tanya, Kate, Irina and Victoria, Dora and Caius, Didyme and Marcus, Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper… I think that's everyone."

"That's why Seth called me and apologized he couldn't get out here due to finishing up stuff for this semester and starting his summer courses," Leah murmured thoughtfully. "Truthfully part of me is glad that he isn't coming because I still get freaked out if he's near Tanya or Kate, I'm constantly petrified that he's going to imprint on them or that they're going to seduced my little brother…"

"He's not their type Leah," Bella scolded her, swatting her arm, "and he's met the both of them so you can calm down on the imprinting thing. Just be glad he didn't shift until after Dad went down and had a talk with the elders. He became a wolf for a pack under new management and new rules, it was really funny though, seeing a giant coyote barking orders at a bunch of giant wolves."

"Your dad makes us look small in comparison," Leah pointed out.

"Ladies, can we cut this chit chat short please?" Renee asked impatiently, "We have to get the place ready!"

Bella and Leah glanced at each other before sighing and exiting the room, following Renee to the living room. "Mom, why do we even need to have more time to decorate the place?" Bella asked, snapping her fingers. Magic flung around the room, cleaning the space and leaving tasteful decorations in its wake. "I really love having three tails now, magic is so much easier."

Renee placed her hands on her hips and gave her daughter an unimpressed look, "Oh, go ahead, live it up, the last six tails will be harder to earn. Earning 3 out of 9 tails in only 22 years, ridiculous, kids these days."

The brunette chuckled and pushed her girlfriend into the kitchen to get food out for everyone. While her mother could use magic to make the food taste good to vampires, she couldn't help them breakdown the food in their bodies so even if they did eat, they would have to throw it up later anyway.

A few hours later, everyone started trickling in, with Kate barging in first, snatching Bella out of Leah's arms and carting her off to cuddle on the couch. Tanya, Irina and Victoria followed after their sister and looked on in bemusement as Leah half-heartedly tried to extract her girlfriend from the vampire's grasp. She gave up quickly though, instead greeting the other guests. Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice showed up, but Kate still had a tight grip on her niece on the couch. The brunette finally managed to extract herself by the time Dora and Caius showed up, the blonde woman sporting a barely noticeable baby bump.

"Hi Aunt Dora, Uncle Caius," the brunette greeted, hugging the two. She saw Marcus and Didyme behind them and she waved the two in, "Sulpicia and Aro drew the short straw again? I'm surprised Sulpicia didn't just come without him like she did the last time he lost a bet and had to stay behind when you guys were coming to visit me."

"She was," Marcus chuckled. "But Aro pouted, and whined so she caved, agreeing to stay with him so long as they could come see you as soon as we got back and that he take her on a vacation."

"Happy wife, happy life then," Bella laughed. She noticed a petulant expression on Caius's face and the small distance Athenodora put between him and her and she raised an eyebrow at her uncle. "Something wrong Uncle Caius?"

"She won't let me touch her," the blonde haired man sighed, a slight bit of whine in his voice though Bella would never tell her uncle that.

Bella snorted, "Is that all? Don't worry about it Uncle, from what Mom's told me about her pregnancy, she wouldn't let dad near her when she was pregnant with me until a few months after she gave birth. Pretty sure it's a kitsune thing, especially since she's doing it again so…"

Something dropped behind her and Bella whirled around to see her mother with tears in her eyes. "You know?" The woman whispered.

The brunette rolled her eyes and sighed, "I'm not stupid Mom, you told me all about when you were pregnant with me, and you're doing the same thing. Plus, she introduced herself to me when you barged in on me and Leah earlier."

"Introduced?" Both Dora and Renee voiced out in confusion.

"Oh yeah, yours did too just now, little tiny voices in my head, just saying hi," Bella pointed to her mother's stomach. "That one was like 'hi big sis' and that one," she pointed at Dora, "was like 'hi cousin.' It was a little freaky, but whatever."

"Just whatever? Our unborn children speak to you and you just go whatever?" Dora commented, mystified.

"Stranger things have happened Aunt Dora," Bella shrugged. "They don't have names yet, and said they're anxiously waiting for them and they can't wait to meet everyone."

"Why'd they speak to you though?" Renee asked.

"I don't know…" Bella paused for a moment before crossing her eyes. "That one," she pointed at Renee, "said they thought it would be funny for one thing, they can't talk to you guys since they're in you, and they can't talk to non-kitsunes, so that leaves me."

"And they're okay?"

"Chill out guys, your buns are toasting nicely in there," Bella rolled her eyes again. "Come in Aunt Dora, grab some food, the small one told me she likes fried pickles."

"Do you have any, I've been eating them like crazy," the blonde moaned.

"Come on little sis, there's some pickles in the fridge, they won't take long to fry," Renee said, pulling her younger sister into the kitchen.

Bella looked at her uncle with sympathy, "Sorry Uncle Caius, looks like you're going to be 'taking things in hand' for a while at least."

"Wouldn't be the first time," Caius sighed, "Like every time she gets pissed off at me. You should've seen her when I went on that rampage against the werewolves, she was furious."

"Hmm, I can imagine," Bella muttered as she walked away. She headed over towards where Rosalie and Alice were standing while Emmett and Jasper were challenging each other on a habanero pepper eating. "They do know that those will have to come out sooner or later right?" Bella asked, approaching her friends.

"Hey Bells," Rosalie greeted her friend, briefly hugging her. "This is the only time those two can act like two normal guys, acting stupid, so I say let them now and have them face the consequences later."

"They're going to have such bad breath," Bella scrunched her nose, watching them.

"They will, it'll be gross," Alice agreed before turning to her friend. "So how are Angela and Jessica doing, you saw them a few days ago?"

"Yeah, you know Jess got a cheerleading scholarship to Duke, she's graduating but she's staying in their school of nursing for her masters, maybe even her doctorate. She really likes it there," Bella smiled. "Angie is going to University of Southern Florida for their marine biology program, studying oceanography. She really liked that summer seminar she did in Alaska, but not quite the cold. She's also staying in Florida, and she going to continue her education part time while working at one of the labs used to track weather patterns through the ocean, something like that. She likes the weather, finds the hurricanes and random weather patterns delightful."

"Sounds like they're do well for themselves, any romantic prospects in their future?" Rose asked.

"I think Jessica said maybe having a date with of the pre-med guys, but I'm not sure," Bella shrugged. "Nursing school is hard, plus being a cheerleader, she didn't really have time for dating, not as much as she wanted to anyway. I'm not sure about Angela… She had been dating one of the guys in her program, but he got kicked out and she went on a few dates with this surfer chick. I don't think that was serious though."

Alice froze and her eyes glazed over as she lost herself in a vision. When she came out, she smiled, "I wouldn't worry about those two, they'll have a tough road but will end up happy in the end."

"What did you see?" Bella asked suspiciously, looking at her future-seeing friend.

"I'll tell you later," Alice winked chuckling.

Bella narrowed her eyes but decided to wait her out, for a while anyway. "So what's happened with Edward?" She asked, looking between the two of them. "Whenever we get together, none of you mention him, and Carlisle and Esme of course."

"Carlisle and Esme are still trying to help Edward cope with his ridiculous mate. Once they managed to separate Bree from Jacob and move away from Forks, she pretty much goes after whatever attractive guy strikes her fancy, she is nuts. And Edward has no idea how to woo her to keep her attention. He does romantic stuff, which seems to work for a while, but then she gets distracted," Rosalie smirked. "I almost feel bad for the guy, since he can hear all of her thoughts, but it's too funny."

"Bree will come around eventually," Alice put in, "I mean, Edward will figure it out, but in the mean time it is really funny for us to watch, but also she is super annoying, so we stay away as much as we can." The pixie crossed her eyes, "I never thought I would get tired of shopping, but I was proven wrong. She doesn't know when to stop."

Bella cackled, "I knew you would get your just desserts on that eventually Allie."

A glass clinking disrupted her cackling, drawing her attention to her girlfriend in the center of the room. "So friends, slightly weird family," Leah greeted, holding her champagne glass. "We're all here to celebrate Bella's accomplishments, graduating from New York University in the top ten percent of her class is really impressive, despite her tendencies to cause mischief wherever she goes." At Leah's words, everyone in the room chuckled and Bella just smirked, knowing it was true. "So, to Bella," Leah raised her glass, "her successes and mischief, and all the books she's going to trick people into reading."

"I'm not going to trick people into reading, Leah," Bella scolded her girlfriend, rolling her eyes.

"To Bella," Leah said, smiling at the brunette. Everyone in the room toasted the girl. The She-wolf downed her entire glass in a gulp, nerves starting to set in.

"Leah, you okay?" Bella asked, looking at her with concerned eyes.

"I had planned to do this, but now that the time is here, I'm a little nervous," the woman replied honestly, searching Bella's eyes.

"Well, most of our family is here," Leah started nervously, fiddling with her pockets before pulling out a small box, "and I wanted to ask you, here, while with family and friends…" She opened the box and Bella gasped, drawing the attention of those in the room once more. Nestled inside the velvet box was the most beautiful ring Bella had ever seen: a thin silver band with tiny gems embedded all around the circle, three larger gemstones sitting at the top.

With shaking hands, Bella picked up the ring to get a better look at it, noticing that the gemstones changed colors from red, yellow to green depending on how she moved it. "It's titanium," Leah answered Bella's unasked question. "Titanium and the gems are Alexanderite gemstones. They change color with the light."

Leah took the ring out of Bella's hands, took a deep breath and looked straight in her eyes. "I know this isn't traditional, but we're not exactly traditional. I did ask your parents for permission, but I'm not knelling on bended knee to ask you. I'm standing here, in front of you, in front of our friends and weird family, to ask you to stand with me, for the rest of our lives. I'm presenting to you not a token of my affection or a bribe but a physical symbol of our love as this ring will never fade, never tarnish. I'm standing here asking you as an equal, not a prize to be won or a lady to win but a lover to be treasured and a love to share. So will you, Isabella Swan, will you marry me?"

Tears flooded Bella's vision at Leah's words, at how much thought and care the older girl had put into not only the ring, but also how she would propose. For a split second, Bella flashed back to that first meeting years ago, Leah coming to her house, stuttering, blushing. Her mind shifted image after image of dates, moments, memories, fights, everything moment that warmed her heart, broke it, mended it, scarred it, everything that she and Leah had been through. Their friends, the fights, the drama, they were all just small parts of the real plot: them, together, their love. Integral parts they were, those moments helped to build something so great, so strong that it had to be shared between two people, something that would last.

With tears and a choking breath, Bella choked out one word,


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