Authors notes: Since people are getting confused I'm going to write my tags here so you know what this story will contain, if you don't like don't read.

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Mike had been told about the new owner and that she'd done something to the animatronics but he wasn't sure he just knew the pizzeria was getting a total over all and make over. He had yet to see her and was impressed at the repairs he saw once he entered to start his shift. He tried not to look at the animatronics but even he had to stop and openly stare at them. They had been repaired and looked brand new with an upgrade on their clothes. They looked more human as well which made it more of a relief and yet creepier at the same time. He glanced over at pirate's cove and was surprised to see new curtains but it was still closed up and he wondered briefly if it would open again remembering it from when he had been little. Mike had been coming to Freddy's since he was about two. His older cousins had loved this place and he remembered his Mother talking about bringing him here. He started to pass to head to the office when he stopped and saw a announcement bored had been put up. On the board were pictures of current staff and pictures of them their at the restaurant as kids, a few were just school photos of staff who hadn't been there. So it was a shock when he saw a picture of his self at about two and reached out to touch it. It had him in Foxy's arms clearly holding the small toddler as if he was the most perfect and precious thing in the world. He touched the photo and small smile came to his lips.

"Things were simpler when the only thing I had to worry about was playing and making the bathroom on time." he said to his self with snort not noticing the animatronics were watching him their eyes focusing and unfocused on both Mike and the picture. Mike finally walked away and headed for the office unaware of the new programing now thrumming through them as the time finally hit 12.

Mike was surprised when the phone rang and it clicked on.

"Hullo? Hi this is a recording..well I'm sure you're smart boy to figure that out." A woman's voice said laughing on the line. "But hi, I'm the new owner, just wanted to let you on some new things. As you can tell the power has been fixed. Now I know all about that nasty business from before and I promise you, you will not have to worry about that now, everything has been taken care of. They've all been reprogrammed with a new software and updated. They know you are there and will take good care of you sweetie. I'm sure you saw the employee board set up. Also there is a reason that we have old kid photos of employees up. Foxy was your favorite I saw. I'm sure you'll be happy to see him as he will be to see you since you are such an important part of our family here. It's going to take a few hours for things to be set up at night where you won't have to be in the office but you'll find that out soon enough. So do us all a favor and just be a good boy. Now try to have fun! Bye bye Mikey."

Mike looked at the phone with a strange look. The woman sounded strange, she spoke as if talking to a young child and not a full grown adult male but the fact that she said the bots wouldn't kill him settled his nerves a little but he would wait and see. Of course as normal Bonnie and Chica were the first to move which was normal but wasn't normal is they weren't going to their normal spots. They headed into a new section of the restaurant. It looked like a nursery, he briefly remembered hearing one of the clean up crew talking about how part of the place was being turned into a day care. That the new owner was trying to erase the bad history and had a reputation of turning places into safe spots for children and parents alike. He went back to checking the camera and saw them putting things away as well as getting a few things out. He wondered if this was part of their new programing. He wasn't sure how long he watched them arranging things and setting something up. He nearly lost track of the time and realized he'd been watching them far to long and changed over looking for the rest.

Freddy hadn't moved...fuck the cove! He quickly flipped the camera over and started to panic slightly. Foxy was gone! Shit shit. He flipped through but still couldn't see anything. He barely noticed that Freddy had finally moved but only to join Chica and Bonnie. He missed hearing the foot steps in his panic before a heavy hand dropped making Mike jump and scream. He turned and shoved his self under neath his desk trying to get away from what he realized was Foxy. He couldn't stop the whimper that left his lips as he pressed his self as far away as he could. He was going die! He couldn't stop the tears from falling as the large pirate bent down to look at him. He didn't register at first that the other wasn't doing anything until a voice spoke up.

"Easy lad. Not going to hurt you. What are ye doing here?" Foxy said his eyes flicking for a moment before he reached under the desk causing Mike to scream and start to sob.

"Foxy what's going on?" A deeper voice said behind the fox.

"Little ankle bitter." Foxy said pulling back to look at Freddy who blinked in surprise before stepping further into the office and looking down.

"How'd he get in here?" Freddy said.

"Not sure, poor lad is scared. Must have fallen asleep. Wonder where his folks are?" Foxy said.

Mike didn't understand what was going on. They weren't trying to kill him but they weren't regonizing him either. They were talking about him as if he was a child. He managed to uncurl and run the moment they both seemed to distracted talking to themselves. He knew he wasn't safe in the office but he didn't expect to run into Chica and Bonnie who both looked at him with their own surprise. Mike refused to admit that he couldn't calm down and turned to try to find someplace to hide, only to find the other two had followed. He pressed his self up against the wall trying to stop from sobbing and failing as he slide down to the floor clearly having a panic attack and unable to control his breathing. He finally passed out as they stepped closer to him fearing his end.